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35 minutes

Rachel Adams had been under a great deal of stress and she needed to get out of her house for a while to clear her head. Her trusted neighbor JJ thought it would be helpful for her to spend some time bound and in her care. Submissive Rachel agrees to it. She is cuffed in front and on her ankles while still in the jean skirt, tank top and platform heels she showed up in. After some time like that she is let out and escorted to a wall where she spreads her legs and puts her arms up high and is subjected to a search. She is cuffed up again and waits for JJ to return with her new outfit, orange leggings and crop top that say inmate and sky high ankle breaker clear heels. She is pushed and pulled around  by JJ  in those heels before a posture collar goes on her neck and cuffs above the knee, at the ankles around her waist, a ballgag in her mouth that can barely open with that posture collar on and a blindfold, her wrists have been cuffed in front and her biceps are bound. She is helped to the floor. Her collar is attached to her thigh cuffs and her ankles are pulled up with a chain from behind. She surrenders to the situation and remains in bondage on the floor for a while.

To be continued with a rope clip-


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run time 28 minutes

Izzie wearing a tight pvc dress and sky high heels. She comes to JJ looking for her missing partner. Izzie is a cop. JJ tells her she will have to go through what her partner went through. Izzie is hesitant and excited at the same time. She submits and is placed on the ground where her lovely body is stretched into a hogtie position and balltie without any bindings. Then she is manhandled and led while blindfold in sky high heels around the room.  Izzie is spun in circles to disorient her and to see just how willing she is to submit. Now it is time for the real deal, her wrists are tied and then she is shown in many leg ropes on the sofa (leg tying not shown). A crotch rope is added, rope around the heels is added. Her arms are tied up with lots or rope and she struggles while seated on the sofa and then on the floor. Next pink lips go into her mouth for a humiliating little gag and she is hogtied. She talks to herself trying to remain optimistic that she will make it out of this.

1st update of the week

Thanks for the very high heels  @alfrego1963!

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run time 20 minutes

A detective is investigating a crime, but the criminals (Adara Jordin & Tony) know she is there. They decide to tie her up while they make a get away. She gets a ballgag with chin strap, elbows tied, wrists tied, a crotch rope, some leg ropes and then they shove panties in her mouth and use vetgwrap to keep them in. After some manhandling they get her to the floor and eventually hogtie her before making a run for it. Only she manages to escape. She works her shoulders so that rope falls off, making the hogtie rope useless. She kicks her platform heels off, wearing black pantyhose under her jeans.  She manages to rock herself up to her knees and then the bench. She tries to spit the panties out but they get stuck in the wrapping and now the sides of her mouth are being dug into by the wrapping. She hops over to a door to try it, no luck so she hops back out the way she came in.

We didn’t plan on this being an escape clip. I was just able to get the ropes off so we went with it….