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run time over 22 minutes

JJ went to a lesbian bar for happy hour after work. She was going through a bad breakup and didn’t want to deal with any men trying to talk to her. A pretty blond bought her a few drinks and they had a nice conversation that didn’t revolved around men. Not being interested in women when she was ready to go she thanked the girl (Adara Jordin) and headed off to her car, but, the very unstable Adara was annoyed that the woman had been such a tease accepting the cockails and she forces her (JJ) home with her with back up from her friend Geneveive. Adara manhandles JJ and crotch ropes her and talks a lot of nonsense. JJ struggles to get rid of the ropes and gag which just irritate Adara and Gen even more. She is gagged with Adara’s panties and vet wrap but manages to spit them out. When Adara runs off to find something sticky to secure them ino her mouth JJ pleads with Genevieve to untie her. Adara returns with clear tape and then they leave JJ hogtied with her elbows tied. She struggles hard to get free. She is almost out of the arm ropes, perhaps with less than half a minute left to wriggle out of those ropes wrapped around her wrists but the two come back in, annoyed at the mess she has made they just decide it is time to force JJ into Adara’s spread legs…

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run time 14 minutes

JJ won $500 in a hair show just wearing a $30 wig. Two other women recognized that the winner was just wearing a wig and not an actual hairdo. They are super mad and want to rob and humiliate her. They invite her to an afterparty. JJ is on the phone explaining that she entered on a whim for a joke but she won. When she gets off the phone the jealous girls approach. They have rope, they get to work tying her up and making fun of her for wearing a wig and calling her a cheater. JJ tries to explain that she entered as a joke and was surprised to win but Amanda Marie and Adara Jordin didn’t think it was funny. Now JJ is tied at the elbows, wrists, ankles and knees and slinks to the floor where Adara pulls off her panties to use as a gag. She shoves them in JJs mouth and then they pull the wig off of her! Next they wrap her head with vetwrap and then microfoam tape. The veins in her forehead are popping out from the strain. Next they hogtie her and take off with her things…

1st clip of the week

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 full clip, 35 minutes

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most strappado over 5 minutes

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 most chair tie, 24 minutes

Sahrye says she didn’t know her man was a pillhead and in debt to these two girls (Adara & JJ Plush). They want to torture her a bit for his lack of respect for them. We will see how much he loves her when he sees photos of her all bound up….hopefully enough to pay off his debt and prevent her from being sold off to some really bad guys. Sahrye is manhandled and put into a strappado, tied to a chair, gagged over and over again, nipple clamped and humiliated….

1st update of the week

Thanks for the very high heels  @alfrego1963!

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run time 20 minutes

A detective is investigating a crime, but the criminals (Adara Jordin & Tony) know she is there. They decide to tie her up while they make a get away. She gets a ballgag with chin strap, elbows tied, wrists tied, a crotch rope, some leg ropes and then they shove panties in her mouth and use vetgwrap to keep them in. After some manhandling they get her to the floor and eventually hogtie her before making a run for it. Only she manages to escape. She works her shoulders so that rope falls off, making the hogtie rope useless. She kicks her platform heels off, wearing black pantyhose under her jeans.  She manages to rock herself up to her knees and then the bench. She tries to spit the panties out but they get stuck in the wrapping and now the sides of her mouth are being dug into by the wrapping. She hops over to a door to try it, no luck so she hops back out the way she came in.

We didn’t plan on this being an escape clip. I was just able to get the ropes off so we went with it….

2nd update of the week

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run time 19 minutes

 Scarlet is dressed in satin pjs, nylons and satin gloves. She is waiting for her young lover to come home from work. He calls and tells her he won’t be there for a while. She takes her gloves off and sits down on the bed when two women barge in. The younger woman is his girlfriend, the older woman is his sister. They aren’t happy with the 25 year old taking on a milfy cougar as a lover. They want to scare her away. They have her at gunpoint. Amanda removes her scarf and they tie Scarlet to the bed post with it. They tie her up, stuff one of her long gloves in her mouth and wrap her head in. She was spewing things like Amanda must not be a good lover, they aren’t in love they are just using one another and the women had heard enough. They leave her for a bit, slipping and sliding in satin. They come back and hogtie her, they leave her again and once they come back they notice that she has been picking at the knots so they tape up her pretty little hands.  Then they take her other glove and tie it tightly around her eyes so she can’t see anymore. They tell her once her lover comes home and finds her she needs to end it immediately…