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run time 14 minutes

JJ won $500 in a hair show just wearing a $30 wig. Two other women recognized that the winner was just wearing a wig and not an actual hairdo. They are super mad and want to rob and humiliate her. They invite her to an afterparty. JJ is on the phone explaining that she entered on a whim for a joke but she won. When she gets off the phone the jealous girls approach. They have rope, they get to work tying her up and making fun of her for wearing a wig and calling her a cheater. JJ tries to explain that she entered as a joke and was surprised to win but Amanda Marie and Adara Jordin didn’t think it was funny. Now JJ is tied at the elbows, wrists, ankles and knees and slinks to the floor where Adara pulls off her panties to use as a gag. She shoves them in JJs mouth and then they pull the wig off of her! Next they wrap her head with vetwrap and then microfoam tape. The veins in her forehead are popping out from the strain. Next they hogtie her and take off with her things…

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