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run time 4 minutes and 50 seconds

Just a little quickie thing I did after that leather clip I posted not too long ago. I’m hooded and in a gray puffer with leather boots and leather gloves wearing Hiatt hinged cuffs. I pose walking around and then on the couch before I appear on the ground with ASP ankle shackles on and then after a bit I appear hogcuffed and struggle around on the ground.

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run time over 31 minutes

A woman (JJ Plush) is laying on her bed minding her own business when two angry men barge in (Eric Cain and Tony). They don’t like the city folk buying up property in the country and using them as airbnbs. They want her out of town. They grab her and ziptie her arms and her boobs. They put a ball covered in leather in her mouth. They drag her across the yard in her tight jeans and heels with her tits out and ziptied and they put her in the back of their suv, hogtie her and drive off as she cries from the pain the dirt road is causing to her ziptied body. They get to their destination and cut off the ankle zipties and remove the gag and drag her out of the car and walk her while still bound to their cabin. They make her get to the ground. They put the same ball covered in leather back into her mouth and they put more zipties on her. They watch her writhe around for a while before one of them gets a leather sleep sack and starts to tie her up into it with her elbows still ziptied behind her back. The zipper on the sack pops angering the man who is tying her into it. He blindfolds her with a bandana and they leave her there.

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run time 20 minutes and 29 seconds

JJ is sitting on her bed when her boyfriend comes in. She wants to go see her friend Michelle but the boyfriend  is controlling and doesn’t want her to go there. She pouts a bit but that doesn’t work. He wants to keep her at home. He doesn’t like to share. He gets some rope and puts her into a boxtie OFF SCREEN. She moves around on the bed for a while and then she grabs her phone to try to notify her friend that she won’t be making it. She gets up and heads out of the room and down the steps. That is when he decides to tie up her legs. Her mouth is stuffed with a sock and the gray fabric from an old pair of sweatpants is used to keep the sock in her mouth. After a bit it is time to hogtie her to be sure she won’t be getting out the door.

 So for a normal human being that is accustomed to being restrained, this would probably be very easy bondage but my arms have never ever wanted to do a box style tie, so even though this looks to be very comfortable I was truly struggling. Sad but true.

I’ll be up north in these woods over NYE, there will probably be lots of snow.

We can shoot outdoors, in cabins and in vehicles on that trip 🙂

I’ll be with Karin, Ryan from Downstudios, Eric Cain from Futilestruggles, Tony from Gotcuffs and a beautiful friend of Karin’s who doesn’t do gags

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run time 28 minutes

Karin Sin ties me up in the woods. My heels are falling off so she wraps vetwrap around them to keep them on. She plays with me a little and ties me to a tree. We venture off with a rope attached to my heel to a wooden deck where she ballgags me and hogties me and rubs her pantyhose clad feet and long legs all over me.

 I was pretty sickly and she went very easy on me this time around

I LOVE 6ft tall goddess Karin Sin in real life.

She hasn’t been comfy in heavy gags and bondage for a while now but she can top me! If you’d like a custom starring her as my top or of her in some basic bondage send me an email.

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run time over 34 minutes

Karin Sin has just scored a new job. She waits anxiously to meet her new boss and things become pretty strange relatively quickly. Boss lady who refers to herself as Toni, immediately begins to compliment the lovely Karin. She also starts to pet her pantyhose clad legs and wants to compare their size 6 and size 10 feet…. She is extremely unprofessional but Karin is not angry about it, she finds this woman to be attractive and is enjoying the compliments, just not sure exactly what is going on here.

A man comes in and explains that HE is the boss, Tony and that this woman is her coworker JJ and faking it. He said she needs to be disciplined for being inappropriate and gives Karin a bag of ropes to begin tying the woman up that she thought was her boss. She doesn’t know what to thinks but begins tying the flirtatious woman up. The man said she needed to if she wanted to keep her job. He also claims that HE is her boss.

She starts with the elbows. She removes her own satin scarf and uses some tape to keep the scarf in. She pinches her nipples, covers her mouth and nose with her hands, has her compare feet again. She crotch ropes her and finally hogties her.

The boss lady or coworker not sure who she really is just yet starts to ask for scissors to cut herself out. Karin didn’t want to hand them over because the boss was coming to check her work. He appears but then tells her for a team building assignment he is going to hogcuff her and that the two women can try to get each other out. Karin gets hogcuffed and the pair are given a key and a pair of the dullest scissors on the planet. Toni or JJ grabs the key and gets to work helping Karin out of a leg iron and then she tries to cut her ropes but mostly just has to saw since the scissors are worthless.

Teamwork makes the dream work and the mature pantyhose clad duo get out of their bindings. The man returns and introduces himself as JJ and says the woman is actually Toni and their real boss. Toni hugs on Karin and the two decide that working together will be great and Toni declares that JJ is going to be written up for providing her with the dull scissors because she didn’t actually want to work that hard and get all disheveled getting out of those ropes.

*** Lots of gag talk and conversation between the two women, if you like a lot of uninterrupted struggling this clip is NOT for you****

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run time 5 minutes

A few days ago I went boating with Payton to make some foot clips for the store she plans to open but while a storm was passing by I decided to make a self gag video and here we have it!! The wind sure picks up and I am absolutely soaked. A huge ballgag, some microfoam and some purple stretch material go on and come off.

This is clearly a style video but I thought some of you might enjoy it here. No worries I’m posting another bondage clip shortly.

This was a custom. I’m now shooting gotcuffs customs as a cop or a criminal in case you are interested

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run time over 33 minutes

 JJ is an escort who has been stealing her clients wallets and using their credit cards. A cop, Officer Cherry Busom comes to arrest her. She is cuffed and leg ironed, photos taken, she changes into under clothes for a bit and then an orange jumpsuit with a waist chain and lock box.

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run time 49 minutes

Reporter Riley Jane appears to congratulate top selling realtor JJ.  Once she gets there though she tells JJ she knows about her other top secret job from their buddy Stefan. JJ agrees to give Riley the scoop on her side business if she doesn’t mention JJ and just interviews some of her clients. She also says she should experience what JJs clients experience. Riley agrees and JJ gets to work with some ropes and ripping newspaper bits up to stuff into her enormous mouth and wraps clear tape around her head. After some struggling JJ removes the gag and starts to read some headlines to Riley before proceeding to stuff  her own mouth with the paper and then Rileys again. She straddles the leggy reporter while they are both gagged. JJs boyfriend comes in and recognizes the reporter and gets made at JJ for telling her secret. He ties her up on he knees next to Riley and regags  them both and leaves them to struggle for a while before saying to Riley,I will untie you if you sign this nondisclosure agreement. Riley agrees.

The end.

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15 minutes and 55 seconds

JJs man is mad that she went to the ski lodge with only a big red puffy jacket on over skimpy red lingerie. He thinks it was totally inappropriate so he decides to tie her up as a punishment. She gets her elbows bound and a huge red ballgag. It isn’t enough for him since she can wander away like that so he ties her arms to the back of the big old heavy sofa after he removes the ballgag and stuffs her mouth with a big scarf and wraps it with red vet wrap and he adds a blindfold. Once he leaves she struggles on her knees and then with legs out in front. She soon realizes that the boots are so big around her ankles that she can slip her feet out. She stands up in stocking clad feet and tries to pick at the knots on the couch but her hands are dead and she can’t see how to free herself so she keeps wriggling around.

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run time over 17 minutes

This man has been showing up at JJs aerobics class and banging women behind his wifes back. JJ runs into her in town and gives her the heads up. He is not happy about it and wants to get her to shut up and mind her own business. He does this in an unconventional way, getting her all taped up and stuffing her mouth with a big fluffy sock and wrapping her head in tape. She makes things harder on herself by trying to get away so he eventually gets her into a tightly hogtaped package. Maybe, just maybe she will shut her mouth now.