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run time 43 minutes

 Catburglar JJ is caught on the job. The man has been waiting for her. He hogcuffs her for a bit with a big white ballgag before returning with two pairs of pantyhose for her plus a maids costume. She changes into the outfit and he tells her to tie her big boobs up and crotch rope herself and put a ring gag in. Next he escorts her  to a creepy basement where he puts a harness gag  on her and puts her into a strappado with a spreader bar on her  pantyhose clad feet. After that event they go back upstairs where he puts her into an elbows together hogtie on the floor. She is definitely rethinking her burglarizing career.

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run time 5 minutes and 44 seconds

Just a short struggling clip in a very big harness gag, posey straitjacket, denim leggings and ballet boots from Spain many moons ago.

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run time 36 minutes

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less tying, starts with the stuffing gag

A very casually dressed JJ in leggings and thick socks wants some bondage. She gets to work tying up her legs and gagging herself and then her friend Frank appears to get her arms tied up really well. He stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her head with microfoam tape. He hogties her on the floor and she rolls around enjoying her situation. There is nothing like having a good friend that knows the ropes!!

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run time 1 hour and 7 minutes

JJ is bored at her office and falls asleep wishing that there was a beautiful woman around to gag her and tape her up. Someone (Cherry Busom) gently wakes her and it is just what she has been dreaming off!  A redhead in leather and black hosiery starts wrapping clear tape around her body to start things off and then a pair of patterned satin panties go into her mouth and layers and layers of pink stetchy fabric goes around her face. JJ tells the woman to gag herself and she stuffs her mouth and wraps more pink stretchy fabric around her face. JJ gets a moment to enjoy the tape and gag and then gets to the floor and Cherry takes the gag off and opens up her blouse a bit and feels her up and then re-stuffs her mouth and wraps pink vetwrap around her head and then microfoam tape. Cherry then gags herself and wraps her head up.  Then she gets to work adding duct tape over all of the clear tape. JJ struggles for a bit and then gets to the floor and her gag is changed. Her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with duct tape over and over and over again. Cherry gags herself and then tapes up her legs. Magically she disappears and rolls back into the scene all taped up and still gagged. The two mmmph about on the floor and gag kiss. After a while they both appear hogtaped with pink fabric over the duct tape gags. They struggle on the floor and gag kiss. How will all of this end…

A custom video for Nyxon and I, posted earlier to Nyxons Bondage Files

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56 minutes

Nyxon is working alone at her office when she grabs what she thinks is her cell phone & checks her messages. She realizes that she accidentally grabbed her roommate JJ’s phone when she left the house, but continues to read the messages anyway. She sees one that says something about JJ making sure that she doesn’t forget to sever ties with her roommate Nyxon so that she can have a better option on future business deals that require extreme secrecy. At that very instant, JJ’s boss arrives & catches Nyxon on JJ’s phone. Not wanting to take any chances, the boss tells her to put the phone down, place a chair in front of the desk & have a seat. Not wanting any trouble, Nyxon does as she as told but assures JJ’s boss that she really didn’t see anything on the phone & that it was a total accident that she even had it in the first place. The boss ties Nyxon nice & tightly to the chair & places a cleave gag in her mouth. As soon as he’s finished with the gag, he leaves. A few minutes later, JJ walks in & sees Nyxon all tied up. She walks over & pulls down her gag & Nyxon tells her everything that just happened. JJ puts Nyxon’s gag back in her mouth & tells her that it’s best just to do what she’s told. Then JJ’s boss comes back & tells JJ to sit in a chair. He ties her the exact same way as Nyxon & also places a cleave gag in her mouth. He then leaves again, telling them that he has to take care of some business. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle as hard as they can & end up moving their chairs closer together. JJ manages to get herself untied & tells Nyxon that she’s going to go see what’s going on.

The second scene starts out with JJ Plush hogtied & struggling on the floor while Nyxon is marched into the room by JJ’s boss. He has her get down next to JJ & proceeds to put her into a tight hogtie. He cleave gags both women, and then leaves them there to struggle. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle hard, furiously trying to get out of their binds. The struggle to get themselves back to back & JJ helps Nyxon loosen her knots. Finally, Nyxon gets herself free & leaves JJ, telling her to let this be a lesson not to get involved with the wrong kind of people.

The final scene starts out with Nyxon ungagged & tied to a chair. As she’s struggling, JJ is marched into the room by her boss & sat down in a chair facing Nyxon. The boss ties up JJ onscreen & then places cleave gags into each of the girls’ mouths. He leaves them there to struggle. What will happen next?

A self gag custom. I’ll be spending A LOT of time alone in December. Feel free to keep me busy with these types of customs 😉

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run time over 10 minutes

I’m a criminal and preparing to rob a home, two pairs of panties go into my mouth to assure I stay quiet, a stocking over the head to hide my identity and tight fighting gloves to not leave any trace of myself behind. I return and show off some jewelry I took. I gag myself with a bandana and wrap more microfoam around my head and then add the gloves and stocking cap to finish it all off.

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full clip over 40 minutes

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much less tying over 20 minutes

I just found some before Corona footage. Here I am outdoors in Spain at sunset and bondage loving Mario gets to work tying me up very, very tightly. I like hosiery and he likes bare feet so my feet are out of the pantyhose. It is a win, win in my eyes! My elbows are welded together. My thighs are so so tight so I can’t bend back more. A tight cleave goes on. He ties some ropes off above so I can no longer wriggle around in the hogtie. Some footage at the end coming undone.

This clip made possible by the good man over at  supertightbondage

This clip idea came from Cesar who is kind enough to run all of the BTBB fan social media accounts for me, since I am not so good at promoting myself, to put it mildly. It was really fun to shoot!

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run time 30 minutes

JJ and Ophelia are both equally qualified for a big promotion so the only way to settle it is to see who can escape from rope bondage faster…Both women are tied in a similar fashion, first with red ballgags. They struggle while seated on a couch to check out their bindings and then they are both gagged with silk scarves and clear tape. Then they are hogtied. They are left to escape as quickly as possible. JJ manages to get out faster but tries to prevent Ophelia from getting anywhere at all…. so a competitive but friendly little game ensues, with the older more seasoned woman winning the promotion 😉

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run time 24 minutes

JJ is sitting in a cell when an officer comes in and hands her heels. He searches her and they go off to a bedroom….He hogcuffs her with hinged cuffs and straps a little ballgag into her mouth and leaves her to struggle before returning only to change those cuffs into ropes (not much tying shown). He hogties her with elbows bound on the floor with a crotch rope and the same ballgag and she stays there barefoot waiting to see what will happen next.

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over 32 minutes, almost all struggling

A man has a business suit clad woman all tied up, he stuffs her mouth and leaves her to struggle before returning to add more rope and make the gag tighter. After a while he comes back again to hogtie her. She eventually spits the gag out again and starts yelling so he decides to do something a bit more drastic, a stuffing gag with tape. He also tapes her up, basic at first and then into a little ball. She struggles about and finally breaks some of the tape but she can’t get herself all the way out.

bad guy Frank ILRB