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This is clearly a style video but I thought some of you might enjoy it here. No worries I’m posting another bondage clip shortly.

This was a custom. I’m now shooting gotcuffs customs as a cop or a criminal in case you are interested

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run time over 33 minutes

 JJ is an escort who has been stealing her clients wallets and using their credit cards. A cop, Officer Cherry Busom comes to arrest her. She is cuffed and leg ironed, photos taken, she changes into under clothes for a bit and then an orange jumpsuit with a waist chain and lock box.

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run time 49 minutes

Reporter Riley Jane appears to congratulate top selling realtor JJ.  Once she gets there though she tells JJ she knows about her other top secret job from their buddy Stefan. JJ agrees to give Riley the scoop on her side business if she doesn’t mention JJ and just interviews some of her clients. She also says she should experience what JJs clients experience. Riley agrees and JJ gets to work with some ropes and ripping newspaper bits up to stuff into her enormous mouth and wraps clear tape around her head. After some struggling JJ removes the gag and starts to read some headlines to Riley before proceeding to stuff  her own mouth with the paper and then Rileys again. She straddles the leggy reporter while they are both gagged. JJs boyfriend comes in and recognizes the reporter and gets made at JJ for telling her secret. He ties her up on he knees next to Riley and regags  them both and leaves them to struggle for a while before saying to Riley,I will untie you if you sign this nondisclosure agreement. Riley agrees.

The end.

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15 minutes and 55 seconds

JJs man is mad that she went to the ski lodge with only a big red puffy jacket on over skimpy red lingerie. He thinks it was totally inappropriate so he decides to tie her up as a punishment. She gets her elbows bound and a huge red ballgag. It isn’t enough for him since she can wander away like that so he ties her arms to the back of the big old heavy sofa after he removes the ballgag and stuffs her mouth with a big scarf and wraps it with red vet wrap and he adds a blindfold. Once he leaves she struggles on her knees and then with legs out in front. She soon realizes that the boots are so big around her ankles that she can slip her feet out. She stands up in stocking clad feet and tries to pick at the knots on the couch but her hands are dead and she can’t see how to free herself so she keeps wriggling around.

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run time over 17 minutes

This man has been showing up at JJs aerobics class and banging women behind his wifes back. JJ runs into her in town and gives her the heads up. He is not happy about it and wants to get her to shut up and mind her own business. He does this in an unconventional way, getting her all taped up and stuffing her mouth with a big fluffy sock and wrapping her head in tape. She makes things harder on herself by trying to get away so he eventually gets her into a tightly hogtaped package. Maybe, just maybe she will shut her mouth now.

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run time 17 minutes and 51 seconds

I had been packing up the building for days in these pants, winter 2021. I owned the place for over 10 years and the next am I was going to be handing the keys over to the new owner.  I took off my sweatshirt to make this video but that is about it. No hair extensions or shiny blouses, just an emotionally and physically wiped out human being giving a little goodbye tour of the place. I wanted that memory. I wasn’t sure if I would share it or not at the time…

I stuff my mouth with rope (not many supplies left) and wrap my head with vetwrap. I put my elbows behind my back and then POOF I’m all tied up and start the tour before being hogtied simply. At the end I ungag myself and wave goodbye.

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run time 23 minutes

This man named Jack fantasies about being a woman and wearing beautiful vintage lingerie and satin clothing. He falls asleep fantasizing about being a woman. When he wakes up he is a woman, dressed in a satin blouse and shorts, fully fashioned stockings, a long leg panty girdle and strapless bustier. A man barges in demanding to know here Jack is. Jack, now a woman has to say that he isn’t there…so the bad guys decides to get Jacks lady friend all tied up until he returns.  She likes it a lot more than she should…

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19 minutes and 44 seconds

JJ walks into the room in a sports bra and biker shorts only to find a client of hers ( Eric Cain, futilestruggles) wearing her other jobs t-shirt and holding rope… She pleads with him not to tie her up, says she hasn’t played that part in years but he is not buying it and says she deserves it. A few smacks and rough grabs, a big old hanky in her mouth and stretchy vinyl tape used to seal it in. Breasts are bound, crotch is roped and he hogties her there leaving her humiliated and mmphing in distress.

Eric is my bestie and the first person to ever tie me up. Although I am not comfortable doing his normal style content we work well together for this type of work should you like to have a custom from us. I have still been away from emails but back soon. This was shot recently and how I currently look, although botox happens tomorrow. lol.

Also I’m attending Fetishcon last minute. I will be at the meet and greet Thursday and booking shoots and sessions once I’m there and meeting people in person 🙂

Coming tomorrow Riley Jane is back and looking better than ever and later in the week the timeless Dakkota


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run time 20 minutes

 A man (Steve Villa) is very angry at JJ for telling his wife what they once had together. She continues to deny it but he doesn’t care. He decides he wants to get her tied up like old times since she has been blabbing her mouth. JJ proclaims that she is much older now and her body can’t take these games anymore. He removes her scarf and seals her lips closed with stretchy tape. He unzips her silk skirt and makes her wriggle out of it in 5″ heels. He pulls her natural boobs out from her long line girdle and makes her bounce in humiliation. He has her hop around. She gets to the floor and he hogties her even tying up her stocking clad feet.

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run time almost 33 minutes

Rachel Adam keeps a little secret from her good friend JJ Plush. She loves to be tied up. JJ has agreed to hang out with Rachel that night but Rachel also has her dom over. JJ shows up dressed in pvc and thigh high boots and is delighted to see her  friend in skimpy fetish attire all tied up. She was hoping that Rachel would attend a fetish party downtown that night and it sure looks like she will! JJ watches Rachel get her collar attached to the bedpost. She removes her dress and the play partner gets to work tying JJ up too. They sit on the chairs and kiss and giggle before being ballgagged, gagged kissing, walking around the room bound and then finally they get hogtied on the floor next to each other, Rachel still in a reverse prayer tie and JJ with elbows bound. After a while they are let out of the hogties and Rachels dom tells her she can remain at home and clean up the messes while he takes JJ out to the fetish party.

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run time 41 minutes and 24 seconds

Dakkota has taken a woman, she wants to get her all taped up. She has her take off her jacket, she reluctantly agrees because she isn’t wearing a bra. Dakkota gets to work taping her up and then stuffs her mouth with panties. After she is entirely taped up she cuts the tshirt away from JJs boobs. After a while she comes in with a man who wants her to be put in a hood with a ballgag and then also a body bag. He wants to buy JJ. JJ just thought the woman was some pervy lady, she had no idea what she was in store for. They get her to the ground after the hood goes on, then they slide  her into the body bag and zip her up before the wander off and leave her.