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especially for my dear friend Jochen

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run time is over an hour

A new resale shop just opened and Red Diamond comes in to do some shopping but since the shop keeper excuses herself into the back room Red sees it as a free shopping spree for herself. She puts on some garter belts and a bra and even tries to steal a coat. There are cameras however and the womans lets call him security guard stops Red from leaving. He punishes her with a few metal things in the basement and then makes her sit in a cell for a bit before bringing her back up to the shop keeper who has some ideas of her own. She has her change into a white outfit and shiny pantyhose and sky high heels. She brings her back over to the office area after releasing her collar from a metal rack. She gets a huge ballgag, a spiderweb tie, is told to walk and put herself on display before being sat down in the chair and tied with her legs spread and skirt removed. Her mouth is stuffed with two pairs of panties and her head wrapped with vetwrap, squashing her face and making her miserable. She struggles before the woman removes the gag and stuffs her mouth again and wraps it with purple tape. She gets to the floor and is frogtied and hogtied with her shiny toes tied. A stocking goes over her head. Who knows what will happen to this selfish thief next.



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30 minutes and 24 seconds

Red Diamond has a nasty habit of borrowing her roommates clothes without permission and usually leaving them balled up on the floor someplace. JJ returns from  work and finds Red in her room putting on one of her favorite slutty dresses.  Red has promised JJ that the next time she does this JJ can practice her rope skills. Red doesn’t like rope so she was hoping to never be caught…. JJ plays nice, or so she claims and ties Reds arms to the front of her body with a spiderweb tie, but first she has to stick an enormous ballgag in her mouth….After a bit Red seems too comfortable for JJs liking so she removes that drooly ballgag and stuffs a scarf in her mouth and full roll of vetwrap and then a lot of microfoam. Red soon finds herself struggling to breathe so her roomy  takes that gag off and gives her a break before putting the absolute most enormous ball in her mouth nice and tight after her hair has already been tied back so she is in some kind of half balltie half hogtie position. JJ can see Reds misery so she removes the big pink ball but leaves her there in that weird head pulled back way to think about how rude she is.