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run time 25 minutes

JJ is having a bondage sessions with Dakkota. She is simply strapped into a bondage chair in a very unlady like way. Dakkota leaves to get some supplies and JJ gets out and props herself up on the spanking bench. Dakkota enters the room and JJ explains that it is Dakkotas turn to experience what it is like to be bound. She is strapped to the chair, put into a simple hogcuffing and then into the 4 limbs in one metal restraint which makes her very vulnerable JJ also decided to put on Dakkotas sky high heels and makes sure that Dakkotas purple satin panties are on display.

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run time 24 minutes

 Dakkota owns some cabins in the woods and rents them out. A desperate woman heard that Dakkota was alone out there and kept a lot of cash on hand in a hidden safe in one of the cabins. She thinks Dakkota will scare easily and give up the money but she is a tough cookie and refuses to give in. Dakkota has been hogcuffed and ballgagged and struggles around until the woman comes in and lets her up. She wraps fabric tightly over the ballgag and puts a hat on her. She remains handcuffed and a rope is wrapped around one ankle to be used as a leash to lead her over to the cabin with the cash. The two venture off through the woods but Dakkota refuses to talk. The sun is going down and it is quickly getting very cold. Dakkota is tied with her arms over the back of the chair making her shoulders very uncomfortable. Her wrists are still cuffed and tied. The woman removes the gag but Dakkota still isn’t talking so her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped in tight black vinyl tape. She can’t escape the situation. Her captor puts the hat back on her and tells her she is going to go into town for a little while. Perhaps she will be ready to talk when it gets below freezing.

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run time almost 40 minutes

Dakkota is having the worst day ever and has gotten into trouble with two men that claim to be cops (clip soon to be on gotcuffs if it is not now). They are done with her for a while and leave her for their lady friend JJ. JJ has Dakkota change into an outfit more to her liking. She uses layers of vetwrap and then tape to secure the womans upper body. She cleave gags her with a bandana and then vetwrap. She has her pace around in her new outfit and high heels. She sits her down on the couch and then frogtapes her so she is helpless. She removes the gag, stuffs her mouth and then puts tape on her face before adding a harness muzzle gag. She struggles on the ground and then she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her face in more tape and then puts a stocking cap on her face and hogtapes her with a nylon hood on her head. She rolls around helplessly on the floor before JJ asks her which cop she would like to come back to continue her punishment…

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26 minutes

Gifted to me by Tony and also available at

 Dakkota is wearing a workout outfit and tied at the wrists and ankles on the floor.  After awhile a man comes in and adds more rope to her and eventually another gag. Then she gets hogtied, blindfolded, and has her hands wrapped up so she can’t pick at the knots.  In the end you see it was all just a fun role play she wanted to do with her boyfriend.

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run time 10 minutes and 37 seconds

Dakkota is taken into the room with her wrists already tied. She gets a crop rope pulling up her tight dress showing off her beautiful legs. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and her head is wrapped in clear tape. She gets to the floor and is hogtied. The woman leaves her there helpless and wanders away in her high heels.

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run time 41 minutes and 24 seconds

Dakkota has taken a woman, she wants to get her all taped up. She has her take off her jacket, she reluctantly agrees because she isn’t wearing a bra. Dakkota gets to work taping her up and then stuffs her mouth with panties. After she is entirely taped up she cuts the tshirt away from JJs boobs. After a while she comes in with a man who wants her to be put in a hood with a ballgag and then also a body bag. He wants to buy JJ. JJ just thought the woman was some pervy lady, she had no idea what she was in store for. They get her to the ground after the hood goes on, then they slide  her into the body bag and zip her up before the wander off and leave her.

New model to this site Kajira. I only got one other clip but she will return in the spring and I can’t wait to do more

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33 minutes

Dakkota and Kajira are strung up and ballgagged. They struggle in their short skirts, high heels and pantyhose until the crazy woman that bound them up returns and tapes them up. They are attorneys who are due in court to put  her son a way for a long time. The mad woman convinces herself that if they don’t show up he gets off.  They both get their mouths stuffed with panties and vetwrap around their heads while seated in chairs. Then they are moved to the floor and packing tape goes around their heads. After a moment on their bellies they are taped back to back together for a while before the woman comes back and tips them over onto their sides where she tapes their legs together so they are now back to back on their sides. She leaves them there like that telling them that someone will soon appear when they don’t show up in court…

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49 minutes

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struggling scenes only

Boss lady comes in and sees her worker not complying with the mask mandate. Dakkota reluctantly puts it on but when boss lady leaves she removes the pointless mask. Boss lady returns very upset that Dakkota is not obeying the rules. She decides to punish her for not obeying. Dakkota strips to her pantyhose and gets another pair as a top paired with a little ballgag which goes under another facemask. Dakkota is eventually entire covered in packing tape while standing in her sling back heels with a crotch rope tied off above to keep her from tipping over. Once entirely covered in tape she struggles for a bit thinking that this must be the end to the ordeal but it isn’t. Boss lady cuts the ropes that helped her stand tall and lays her down on the ground. Her mouth now stuffed with nylon and her head covered with nylon. Boss lady tapes up her face and then uses another nylon to cover her eyes. She mmmphss about entirely helpless on the floor with just her pantyhose covered hands and feet exposed.

This was a custom and I loved it, but more importantly the client did as well 😉

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run time over 30 minutes

Dakkota is bored at her desk and drifts off holding the duct tape wishing someone was there to tape her up. When she comes to her wrists have been bound a women is asking to escort her to the sofa in front of her desk. Confused but delighted Dakkota complies. The woman removes her panties and stuffs them into her mouth. They are a tight fit. A purple cleave goes on, then a light blue over the mouth gag and then another light blue over the mouth gag. She is very quiet now…The woman the stuffs her own mouth and follows the same routine, cleave, otm, otm. Dakkota is all taped up with packing tape. She struggles on the sofa and standing and then the woman returns and removes the gag and stuffs Dakkotas mouth with a smaller pair of panties after Dakkota requests a tight tape gag and an entire roll of blenderm tape. The woman, JJ repeats the process on herself and tapes up her legs and wraps layers and layers of silver tape around both of their heads and then POOF JJ appears all taped up with Dakkota. The two writhe around and do gag kisses and then after some time both close their eyes to rest.



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24 minutes

Dakkota wants revenge against the woman that robbed her and made her miss a yacht party. She finds out where she works and brings a strong man to overpower her. They do so easily and drag her around front of the desk and get her tied up. Dakkota stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with vet wrap and later electrical tape. Eric picks her up and hogties her with her arms welded to her body while she rests her head on Dakkota. Later he comes back and ties her tits up like a roast. They leave her hogtied and helpless mmphing on her desk.