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run time 41 minutes and 24 seconds

Dakkota has taken a woman, she wants to get her all taped up. She has her take off her jacket, she reluctantly agrees because she isn’t wearing a bra. Dakkota gets to work taping her up and then stuffs her mouth with panties. After she is entirely taped up she cuts the tshirt away from JJs boobs. After a while she comes in with a man who wants her to be put in a hood with a ballgag and then also a body bag. He wants to buy JJ. JJ just thought the woman was some pervy lady, she had no idea what she was in store for. They get her to the ground after the hood goes on, then they slide  her into the body bag and zip her up before the wander off and leave her.

New model to this site Kajira. I only got one other clip but she will return in the spring and I can’t wait to do more

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33 minutes

Dakkota and Kajira are strung up and ballgagged. They struggle in their short skirts, high heels and pantyhose until the crazy woman that bound them up returns and tapes them up. They are attorneys who are due in court to put  her son a way for a long time. The mad woman convinces herself that if they don’t show up he gets off.  They both get their mouths stuffed with panties and vetwrap around their heads while seated in chairs. Then they are moved to the floor and packing tape goes around their heads. After a moment on their bellies they are taped back to back together for a while before the woman comes back and tips them over onto their sides where she tapes their legs together so they are now back to back on their sides. She leaves them there like that telling them that someone will soon appear when they don’t show up in court…

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49 minutes

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struggling scenes only

Boss lady comes in and sees her worker not complying with the mask mandate. Dakkota reluctantly puts it on but when boss lady leaves she removes the pointless mask. Boss lady returns very upset that Dakkota is not obeying the rules. She decides to punish her for not obeying. Dakkota strips to her pantyhose and gets another pair as a top paired with a little ballgag which goes under another facemask. Dakkota is eventually entire covered in packing tape while standing in her sling back heels with a crotch rope tied off above to keep her from tipping over. Once entirely covered in tape she struggles for a bit thinking that this must be the end to the ordeal but it isn’t. Boss lady cuts the ropes that helped her stand tall and lays her down on the ground. Her mouth now stuffed with nylon and her head covered with nylon. Boss lady tapes up her face and then uses another nylon to cover her eyes. She mmmphss about entirely helpless on the floor with just her pantyhose covered hands and feet exposed.

This was a custom and I loved it, but more importantly the client did as well 😉

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run time over 30 minutes

Dakkota is bored at her desk and drifts off holding the duct tape wishing someone was there to tape her up. When she comes to her wrists have been bound a women is asking to escort her to the sofa in front of her desk. Confused but delighted Dakkota complies. The woman removes her panties and stuffs them into her mouth. They are a tight fit. A purple cleave goes on, then a light blue over the mouth gag and then another light blue over the mouth gag. She is very quiet now…The woman the stuffs her own mouth and follows the same routine, cleave, otm, otm. Dakkota is all taped up with packing tape. She struggles on the sofa and standing and then the woman returns and removes the gag and stuffs Dakkotas mouth with a smaller pair of panties after Dakkota requests a tight tape gag and an entire roll of blenderm tape. The woman, JJ repeats the process on herself and tapes up her legs and wraps layers and layers of silver tape around both of their heads and then POOF JJ appears all taped up with Dakkota. The two writhe around and do gag kisses and then after some time both close their eyes to rest.



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24 minutes

Dakkota wants revenge against the woman that robbed her and made her miss a yacht party. She finds out where she works and brings a strong man to overpower her. They do so easily and drag her around front of the desk and get her tied up. Dakkota stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with vet wrap and later electrical tape. Eric picks her up and hogties her with her arms welded to her body while she rests her head on Dakkota. Later he comes back and ties her tits up like a roast. They leave her hogtied and helpless mmphing on her desk.

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run time almost  37 minutes

Dakkota has some information that JJ needs terribly so she decides to try to get her to talk with some cruel gags and bondage while scaring her with a weapon. Dakkota gets a ballgag and scarf gag before part of a sweatshirt is stuffed into her mouth, red vetwrap around her head, duct tape after that and then black tape. It is removed and she gets a shop rag, microfoam tape, black tape and rope tied around it. She is now kneeling while hogtied and in a bit of a predicament. The gag is removed as well as the kneeling hogtie rope and she still refuses to speak but this time a big pair of panties is stuffed in her mouth, black vetwrap goes all around her face and then some red vinyl tape. After a bit a black stocking goes over her head. She has already been hogtied for a bit when the stocking cap goes on. The bad woman leaves poor Dakkota on the floor and says she will be back in a few hours, surely she will talk by then.

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run time 24 minutes

Reporter Dakkota Gray is getting some revenge on a woman that tortured her some time ago. She has been hogtied and gagged on the bed in a sweater, sweater skirt, glossy hose and boots. Dakkota comes back and stands her up against the post, she tries to hop away but it is a futile struggle…Dakkota tapes her body to the post, wraps her hands in tape and removes her gag, just to stuff her mouth again. Her head is covered with pantyhose and duct tape goes over her eyes and mouth. What does she have in mind next??

This was mind fuckery for me. Hands taped and eyes covered are just tough for me…way harder than elbow ties. lol



Many thanks to I Love Rope Bondage/Frank for organizing this shoot for me. Many of you know my husband and I are separating and there is a lot of very, very bad (for me) that goes along with it.  Plus such generosity from everyone that drove to the middle of nowhere and donated their precious time to me on their day off on that buggy muggy day. I am so grateful!!  I’ll be sending copies of the clip to everyone involved tomorrow.

Frank, Je C, T, Dakkota, Adara, Cinched and Secured (who filmed this clip) and Fenrex who donated the space for us

and yes the ladies were really going for a drive in the trunk and using a phone to film themselves

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full clip, run time 33 minutes and 45 seconds

A car backs into a long driveway and two men emerge. They are transporting 3 bound and gagged women in the trunk (Je C, Dakkota & Adara Jordin). One of them has her phone on and she is making a video of them all yelling for help. The men pop the trunk and a woman appears to peer in, she plucks the phone from blonde making sure she hasn’t placed any calls or texts.  Then one by one all 3 women are pulled out of the trunk and placed into a wagon for further humiliation and then taken to the garage. The crew decides to take the women to the sweltering attic stuffed full with bdsm torture devices. The scene opens with all of the woman caged, of the the female captor ties a piece of each of their hair to the top of the cage just to make them all even more uncomfortable. They are pulled out and all tied standing and hunched over, two of them nipple clamped and miserable. The three still have a lot of fight in them up their in the 105F room so the bad guys decide to get them hogtied on the floor. Each of them get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped, blondie that was caught with the phone gets her panties cut off and her shaved puss is exposed, sweaty panties stuffed into her mouth stuffed. Her tan bare skin glistening in the heat while the other two endure the hellish heat hogtied in their pantyhose. The crew takes off for a break, but what will happen to the helpless women??


3rd update of last week


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run time 38 minutes

Dakkota is an inmate and guard JJ should be looking over her but she feels Dakkota is safe in her cell so she removes her police belt and heads outside for a smoke. She returns to see her belt missing. Dakkota has freed herself with a bobby pin and come after her to humiliate her. Dakkota is yielding her weapon and cuffs her behind the back. Dakkota tease her and tapes up her big breasts. JJ kicks at her which gives Dakkota a great idea, use all that wrap on the guards body. Dakkota is hot from all he activity and strips down to her bra and panties and JJ is wrapped from ankles to neck in the wrap while ballgagged. Her hands have been freed from the cuffs. Once all bound up with her boobs still out she hops across the room and around some more to confuse Dakkota and the she goes for her weapon but Dakkota gets there in time and pins her to the post with black duct tape. She wont be going anywhere now. Now only that a hood is placed over her head and then even her head is pin back to the post while still wearing the red ballgag. Now it is time for Dakkota to make her escape but not before she ties to nipple clamp the JJs boobs with clothes pins that keep popping off.

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run time 17 minutes

Dakkota spends most of her work days with her feet up on the desk filing her nails and shopping on Amazon. She even answers the phone pretending to be a recording saying they are busy helping other customers and to call back later. One of these customers knows that this is not a recording and she storms in and grabs the pretty blond and brings her to the front of the desk where she starts to tape her up with duct tape and then knots her scarf and shoves it in her mouth. Dakkota is taped while standing in tight blue jeans and very fuzzy soft sweater with coordinating heels. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles around before her mouth is stuffed and clear tape wrapped around that. She is then hogtaped with layers of duct tape. He face is distorted and her moans change. Eventually she kicks off her heels as if somehow that will help to free her. The woman is long gone with her nail file and the company phone.