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run time 49 minutes and 20 seconds

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some struggling in each tie

Dakkota, the blond wife of a rival mobster,  is ushered into a room by two thugs that tie her spread eagle while she is standing in heels, a mini skirt, satin blouse and pantyhose. The man takes off and the woman fires hurtful words at Dakkota while she suffers. Eventually she is led out of the room and then shown on a boat, stripped down to her bra and panties. She is tied up and hogtied with her mouth stuffed and a tight cleave in her mouth. The man starts up the boat and off they go… Next Dakkota is shown with a hood over her head being walked into a cinder block room. The hood comes off and she is told to change her bra and panties. A blue set goes on and the used green panty soon go into her mouth and tight tape is wrapped around her head.  Her arms are tied to the chair and her barefeet are tied off to the sides.  She has been crotch roped and there is absolutely no way she can escape. The woman turns down the lights and peeks at her through an observation window and leaves her there wondering what her fate will be.

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run time 37 minutes


Adara is caught outside by JJ smoking in sheer lingerie on her deck, two things that Adara was told not to do.  JJ tells her not only does she smell cigarettes but she knows better than to be outside in lingerie, there are neighbors around. She has her pick up her  smoke butt and then they head inside, time for Adara to be punished for not listening …  Adara is now hog cuffed in her room, ball gagged and struggling on her bed.  JJ comes in to reiterate the rules, add some rope to Adara’s predicament, and some clamps for her nipples.  Adara continues to struggle on the bed in her lingerie and stockings.    JJ tickles Adara’s feet as Adara tries not to lay on her clamped nipples unsuccessfully. Then she leaves Adara there while she goes and gets herself a beverage.  Adara can barely move from the bondage predicament she is in. JJ unties Adara, only to make her strip off her lingerie and stockings.  Adara does so reluctantly.  JJ makes Adara ball up her lingerie and stuff it in her mouth, she then secures it wrapping tape around Adara’s head.  She hands her a hitachi (magic wand) and instructs her to tape it to her thigh in the correct place then ties her spread to the bed.  She moans though her gag as she can barely struggle while she inches closer to orgasm.  JJ tickles her feet and entire body.  Adara has no choice but to cum in her bondage predicament.

behind the scenes footage at end.