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run time almost 30 minutes

Officer Dakkota comes in with her weapon drawn, shiny mini skirt, sky high pumps and silk soft blouse. The heels are a bit of a hang up though and our bad lady wrestles the pretty blond to the floor and disarms her. Tables turned now-

I’ll be up north in these woods over NYE, there will probably be lots of snow.

We can shoot outdoors, in cabins and in vehicles on that trip 🙂

I’ll be with Karin, Ryan from Downstudios, Eric Cain from Futilestruggles, Tony from Gotcuffs and a beautiful friend of Karin’s who doesn’t do gags

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run time 28 minutes

Karin Sin ties me up in the woods. My heels are falling off so she wraps vetwrap around them to keep them on. She plays with me a little and ties me to a tree. We venture off with a rope attached to my heel to a wooden deck where she ballgags me and hogties me and rubs her pantyhose clad feet and long legs all over me.

 I was pretty sickly and she went very easy on me this time around

This was a fun custom for Rachel 🙂

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run time 50 minutes

Neighborhood sleuth Rachel Adams decides to sneak around at a neighbors house that she suspects is a thief. She finds herself in a bind when the woman sees her on camera. Rachel endures a strappado with a ballgag, the womans panties stuffed in her mouth with a cleave gag and then vetwrap, a bandana stuffed in her mouth with it wrapped in tape. She is frogtied and struggles on the floor but the homeowner doesn’t like how much she is moving around so she attaches a rope from the ceiling and purple stretch fabric has been wrapped around the tape gag. What will happen next?

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run time 44 minutes

Cherry Busom loathes her not much older step monster JJ Plush. Cherry and her daddy have always had issues but this broad isn’t going to get the money that is rightfully hers. She summons JJ over to call a truce, the dumb broad falls for it and is happy to come over and bond with the step daughter who is just a few years younger than she is. Cherry isn’t there for chit chat or making up for lost time. Cherry is determined to get JJ out of her life forever. A chloro rag comes out, some cruel shit talking, lots of duct tape bondage on a chair with a ballgag, then on the floor frogtaped with a satin scarf stuffed in her mouth and microfoam around her head. The ordeal is not over yet and JJ finds herself on a daybed taped up with Cherry’s pantyhose clad feet and a dildo in her face. More humiliation, more being knocked out and some nipple clamps. Cherry leaves JJ there and JJ frantically goes about getting out of there. She knows her life depends on it. What will happen next??

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run time 15 minutes and 25 seconds

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partial clip, starts with her her struggling on the floor, then the hogtie

Natalie Charm is a beautiful bored housewife and wants to spice up her upper middle class boring suburban life so she invites a woman over from the internet that is supposed to tie her up. Natalie does as she is told and is wearing exactly what was requested of her. Things seem to be going really well. Natalie can do the big ballgag and doesn’t complain about the tight arm bondage. The two chat and giggle and get to know one another. Her silk scarf comes off of her neck and goes right into her mouth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She paces around the room and then gets to the floor while she struggles for a bit before it is time for some black tape around the gag and a hogtie.  JJ then tells the leggy housewife that she shouldn’t invite strangers over from the internet and she is going to take all of her jewelry and cash and that she should be just fine until her husband makes it back home. She explains to Natalie that she is a a great person and that they could be great friends under different circumstances.

New model to this site Natalie Charm 🙂

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run time over 17 minutes

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struggling only 6 minutes

Busty and leggy lovelies Slyy and Natalie look incredible struggling in ballgags and basic hogties in satin blouses, short skirts, pantyhose and heels until I come in and snip the  hogtie rope and place them back to back, securing them to one another, stuffing their mouths and wrapping their heads with tape and then pulling their ankles up to make them slightly more uncomfortable. After a bit I return and lay them down on their sides. They struggle around tied together and then suddenly start bucking and slapping each others butts while all tied up laying their on the rug with their beautiful busts exposed.

some footage at the end of their sticky tape gags coming off

New local, tall and lovely Sky

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run time over 30 minutes

Getting to know leggy and lovely spanking lover Sky. Sky is sooo shy and quiet, at least right now in the getting to know her phase. She ballgags herself and gets tied up and crotch roped while standing in 5″ heels. She never ever wears heels so this may have been the most challenging part for her….so next visit expect some high heel training to happen.

After the ballgag, nipple clamps and crotch rope sky gets to the floor and her shoes are removed. She is tied frog style and then struggles before I put 2 socks in her mouth and use microfoam tape over those. Her legs are tied together and her long arms are moving all around so I pull them over to the side to get them out of her way. A pair of panties goes over her head and then she struggles around on the carpet.

At the end I show her unwrapping her gag

New model to this site Kendra Lynn

don’t panic, I didn’t chop my hair it has always been extensions or wigs

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run time over 43 minutes

Curvy blond Kendra Lynn is sleeping her way to the top and her older coworker is disgusted and decides to take action. Poor Kendra is all taped up at her desk, ballgagged, then gagged with a scarf and knocked out numerous times as the woman makes her read the label on the bottle.  She even struggles frantically on top of her desk but it is time to get her to another location so the camera fades to her being dragged into a room.

She is told to put on a fresh pair of run free pantyhose, her open toed heels are left off, she gets some cute little nipple clamps and her own soaking wet panties stuffed into her mouth after some time in a big white ballgag. After some struggling in the chair and while hogtaped it is time to knock her out again. What will happen next…

Gorgeous new model to this site Sly

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run time 17 minutes

Leggy and busty beauty Sly is on the phone as she approaches a clients home bragging about stealing from her. She has been caught though so the homeowner confronts her as she comes in the door. She ties  up Sly up to take some photos and videos of her to sell. She is wearing the most perfect outfit for such a situation! First she is ballgagged and then pantygagged with layers of vinyl and tape. she is frogtied and left squirming around on the floor for a while before the woman comes back and ties her legs together because she is moving a little too much.

A custom video for Nyxon and I, posted earlier to Nyxons Bondage Files

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56 minutes

Nyxon is working alone at her office when she grabs what she thinks is her cell phone & checks her messages. She realizes that she accidentally grabbed her roommate JJ’s phone when she left the house, but continues to read the messages anyway. She sees one that says something about JJ making sure that she doesn’t forget to sever ties with her roommate Nyxon so that she can have a better option on future business deals that require extreme secrecy. At that very instant, JJ’s boss arrives & catches Nyxon on JJ’s phone. Not wanting to take any chances, the boss tells her to put the phone down, place a chair in front of the desk & have a seat. Not wanting any trouble, Nyxon does as she as told but assures JJ’s boss that she really didn’t see anything on the phone & that it was a total accident that she even had it in the first place. The boss ties Nyxon nice & tightly to the chair & places a cleave gag in her mouth. As soon as he’s finished with the gag, he leaves. A few minutes later, JJ walks in & sees Nyxon all tied up. She walks over & pulls down her gag & Nyxon tells her everything that just happened. JJ puts Nyxon’s gag back in her mouth & tells her that it’s best just to do what she’s told. Then JJ’s boss comes back & tells JJ to sit in a chair. He ties her the exact same way as Nyxon & also places a cleave gag in her mouth. He then leaves again, telling them that he has to take care of some business. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle as hard as they can & end up moving their chairs closer together. JJ manages to get herself untied & tells Nyxon that she’s going to go see what’s going on.

The second scene starts out with JJ Plush hogtied & struggling on the floor while Nyxon is marched into the room by JJ’s boss. He has her get down next to JJ & proceeds to put her into a tight hogtie. He cleave gags both women, and then leaves them there to struggle. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle hard, furiously trying to get out of their binds. The struggle to get themselves back to back & JJ helps Nyxon loosen her knots. Finally, Nyxon gets herself free & leaves JJ, telling her to let this be a lesson not to get involved with the wrong kind of people.

The final scene starts out with Nyxon ungagged & tied to a chair. As she’s struggling, JJ is marched into the room by her boss & sat down in a chair facing Nyxon. The boss ties up JJ onscreen & then places cleave gags into each of the girls’ mouths. He leaves them there to struggle. What will happen next?