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run time over 36 minutes

Ophelia comes home and removes her skirt after a long day of work. Her long pantyhose clad legs on display. She sees something behind the curtains and heads in that direction. Soon she is somewhat hypnotized and finds herself on the floor unable to move. Cut to her all tied up in a spider web and a ballgag going between her lips. She then struggles and struggles but it just tightens up. Then she is put into a balltie and next her mouth is stuffed, a stocking cap goes on and a blindfold. She finds herself hogtied and unable to see….

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run time 30 minutes

Adara has become my real life friend and right hand woman. She lives 4hrs away but she stays up here days at a time. She has been helping me scrape paint, clean sludge, paint and move things around at the new house. She has seen me cry and heard me bitch more than anyone else this year. I’m letting her pick a spare bedroom color because she is around so often. A few weeks back after the webcam clip we weren’t sure if we would make another clip or unwind with some drinks because it was late. She suggested we do chat roulette online and record it since the computer was already set up for it.  I had never done this before. We had to go through about 30 people to start out with someone that didn’t have his penis out already and someone that actually had a microphone. We found a nice vanilla guy from Belgium and that is when the clip begins. He was being polite in a bathrobe with just his upper body showing at first- you guys never see him. He didn’t know much if anything about bondage but we start to play around and flirt with him and each other. I ask him to guess her bra color, if she has nipple rings etc. I tie her up, ballgag her and spank her. He makes requests most of which we do not do. I gag her with panties and tape and pull her chest down to her crossed legs. She starts to complain about some kind of pain so I ungag her and take off the ropes that were bothering her. She ends up with her pantyhose and panties off and in her mouth. She shakes her booty at the camera and gropes me a little. He requests that she put something into her tight butthole and we don’t give him that but she puts the ball from the ballgag in her vagina which may have been my idea and oops her vagina swallowed it up…She gets a neck rope and the hitachi for a bit in hopes of pushing it out, lol and then the clip ends. After the credits we show her getting the ball out with tongs, lol. There was a lot of laughter and it was really fun. This one was more for me than you guys I’d say and no it wasn’t exactly a responsible clip to make however we had a sober Tony as a chaperone/ camera man and he had no complaints recording it with the real camera! I don’t think the guy we were talking to knew there was a man around recording 😉

1st update of the week

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run time 16 minutes

Gigis perspective: I am closing up the bar for the night when a female and a male come in. I think they’re here for last call, but the big guy comes behind the bar and grabs a bottle of tequila and starts guzzling it. You can’t be back here hun. Suddenly he grabs me in a choke hold and pulls me around the bar. He bends me over the bar and his busty brunette partner JJ Plush begins tying my elbows together behind me back. The rope is very tight and I cry out but Tony Gotcuffs grabs my bound body and gropes my tits.  JJ adds a chest harness and I tell them the police will be here soon to check on the bar. They laugh at me and he roughly puts a hand over mouth while I struggle and beg them to stop. Once JJ finishes binding my chest and my legs, Tony lays me down on the ground.  JJ straddles me and adds a super tight knotted crotch rope exposing my panties. I beg them to just take the money and leave, but JJ shoves two socks into my mouth to shut me up sealing it in tightly with elastic tape. I sob into my gag and JJ bends over and tells Tony to fuck her while I watch. I am appalled watching him handcuff her to the post and grab her big tits. The tables quickly turn when Tony calls JJ a bitch and adds rope to her body tying her to the post. JJ realizes he is pissed off at her as the ropes get tighter and tighter. I am struggling and screaming into my gag watching this turn of events unfold. Tony removes the huge scarf from her neck and balls it up pushing it entirely into her mouth and then seals it in gagging her completely with the elastic tape. JJ’s head is bound to the pole and Tony pulls out her big tits. He bends down to me and exposes my tits and finishes me off in a hogtie. He takes all the money from the bar and leaves the two of us bound and struggling unable to barely move in the tight bondage.

2nd update of the week

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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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struggling portions only, run time 5 minutes

Adara has been spending a lot of time up here so I thought we would get on the webcam, it was kind of a last minute thing. I offered a discounted group rate to watch a live bondage shoot then we were available for private chats. I didn’t have anything planned when we started rolling….Tony filmed with the real camera so you aren’t stuck watching the stationary one on the computer. Adara is tied and struggles, she is ballgagged, then pantygagged. She gets mean nipple clamps and various bondage positions, some spankings and finally a heel taped to her face. It was all in good fun….at least for me 😉

This is something I am interested in doing more often with girls that visit regularly. Please write if you are interested in watching a live bondage cam OR seeing your custom shot live. Of course Tony would film it with the real camera as well. It would be a challenge for me (because we can’t just say cut and that sounds like something interesting to me right now). Just remember I am very slow with email communication.

1st update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

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– starts when she gets gagged, run time 17 minutes 20 seconds

Dakkota is all dressed up and ready to go to an event. She had high sales this year. She talks to her friend on the phone about how excited she is and gets ready to go. She hears a loud bang and another woman enters. A woman that is also in sales and angry that Dakkota gets to go hang out with a bunch of heavy hitters and potentially get a bunch of new clients. She decides to tie Dakkota up. She has a little fun with her pulling up her dress, underneath she is wearing a long line bra attached to a crinoline and black seamed pantyhose. The dress is tossed over her head for a little while as she gets more tied up. The woman gropes her, talks nonsense to her and even flirts with her. JJ takes out a pair of pretty panties she says belong to her exgirlfriend. She gags her with them and then wraps her pretty head with black vetwrap tightly. She claims she watched youtube videos to learn how to do these things to Dakkota. She laughs at Dakkota because the athletic thin woman is now sporting a double chin because of this gag. Her pantyhose are ripped open at the crotch but she is wearing panties. She is eventually hogtied and then JJ rips open her pantyhose and starts to tickle her small cute feet. Dakkota laughs and laughs and is all out of breath. JJ adds packing tape to her gag and doesn’t like the look so she adds tan vetwrap. JJ ties her toes and tickles her more. She grabs her event pass for the night and heads out the door….