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Sorry I’m not “shoot ready” I was unaware that I was even shooting on this particular day. Part 2 of this clip includes her boyfriend getting caught and sloppily tied up with her. It will be posted on the men in bondage area of this site within the next few days.


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run time 17 minutes and 34 seconds

A cute young woman finds herself ballgagged and tied at the wrists for trespassing at a womans rental cabins up north. She is led to a chair where more ropes are applied to her and her feet are tied to the sides of the chair. Her braids are tied, the ballgag is removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with vetwrap.  She struggles wide eyed and unable to free herself.

Next she is shown tied on the floor upstairs, braids tied off to the sides of bunk beds, ballgag back in her mouth. Soon her boyfriend will find her this way (not shown in this clip but it will be available on the men in bondage portion of this site soon).