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run time 16 minutes

A catburglar (played by Rachel Adams) and an ex bounty hunter (played by JJ ) walk into a room together. They are wearing matching catsuits and stilettos. They were once working against each other but now they work together and find themselves in the home of an eccentric millionaire who has booby trapped the house with a bondage robot that will keep them tied up as long as the power is on. They try to be careful not to set off the robot but unfortunately they do…

Fade into the duo tightly bound in matching hogties and gags struggling on the floor together. Later we see them unwrapping their tape gags and spitting out the stuffing. They are pretty embarrassed because they didn’t get to rob the place. They need to leave quickly before the generator kicks on, but at least the power was cut so they were able to get free. They comment about how hot it was to be bound while watching one another. They make out a bit and then get up and head home for some bedroom fun.

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run time almost 34 minutes

JJ comes home early to surprise her girlfriend Cherry only to find her cozied up to Lilith. JJ pulls Cherry away for a private conversation and then the two get to work tying Lilith up. It is obvious to JJ that Cherry does not want to be doing this so she gets her turn next. Tiny Lilith gets a huge ballgag, elbows bound, a hogtie on the couch and then Cherry gets tied in the splits. Lilith then gets her mouth stuffed with a bandana and and her head wrapped with tape. Cherry gets her mouth stuffed with a scarf, tape and rope until later when black vetwrap goes around her head as well. Cherrys arms are tied over her head and Lilith makes her way over to be close to her. She is hogtied and tied off to Cherry before JJ leaves them there telling Cherry she can find a new place to live.

A custom video for Nyxon and I, posted earlier to Nyxons Bondage Files

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56 minutes

Nyxon is working alone at her office when she grabs what she thinks is her cell phone & checks her messages. She realizes that she accidentally grabbed her roommate JJ’s phone when she left the house, but continues to read the messages anyway. She sees one that says something about JJ making sure that she doesn’t forget to sever ties with her roommate Nyxon so that she can have a better option on future business deals that require extreme secrecy. At that very instant, JJ’s boss arrives & catches Nyxon on JJ’s phone. Not wanting to take any chances, the boss tells her to put the phone down, place a chair in front of the desk & have a seat. Not wanting any trouble, Nyxon does as she as told but assures JJ’s boss that she really didn’t see anything on the phone & that it was a total accident that she even had it in the first place. The boss ties Nyxon nice & tightly to the chair & places a cleave gag in her mouth. As soon as he’s finished with the gag, he leaves. A few minutes later, JJ walks in & sees Nyxon all tied up. She walks over & pulls down her gag & Nyxon tells her everything that just happened. JJ puts Nyxon’s gag back in her mouth & tells her that it’s best just to do what she’s told. Then JJ’s boss comes back & tells JJ to sit in a chair. He ties her the exact same way as Nyxon & also places a cleave gag in her mouth. He then leaves again, telling them that he has to take care of some business. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle as hard as they can & end up moving their chairs closer together. JJ manages to get herself untied & tells Nyxon that she’s going to go see what’s going on.

The second scene starts out with JJ Plush hogtied & struggling on the floor while Nyxon is marched into the room by JJ’s boss. He has her get down next to JJ & proceeds to put her into a tight hogtie. He cleave gags both women, and then leaves them there to struggle. Both Nyxon & JJ struggle hard, furiously trying to get out of their binds. The struggle to get themselves back to back & JJ helps Nyxon loosen her knots. Finally, Nyxon gets herself free & leaves JJ, telling her to let this be a lesson not to get involved with the wrong kind of people.

The final scene starts out with Nyxon ungagged & tied to a chair. As she’s struggling, JJ is marched into the room by her boss & sat down in a chair facing Nyxon. The boss ties up JJ onscreen & then places cleave gags into each of the girls’ mouths. He leaves them there to struggle. What will happen next?

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run time over 24 minutes

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Jordan and JJ are roommates and decide to set their friend Lew up on a date with a beautiful t-girl, but they fail to tell she is a t-girl thinking he wouldn’t go for it. In good fun he decides to get a little revenge with his silly friends and he has a masked man tie them up and gag them very well, one looking sexy in yoga pants and sports bra and the other in work clothes and heels. He eventually comes and ungags them but doesn’t set them free.

new model to this site, Judas!

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run time 31 minutes

Judas is talking with her new boss when they are interrupted by her violent exboyfriend. He demands the boss tie Judas up and gag her and then he takes over. When he leaves them for a bit the boss hops to get a pair of scissors and tries to cut the ropes but he returns and grabs them from her before she can stab him. Eventually the two women end up helpless in hogties with their mouth stuffed with bandanas and heads wrapped with microfoam tape. He even tosses them the scissors to try to escape. JJ grabs them but they are way to dull and her hand is working correctly, she cuts a rope but it is not enough. The crazed ex returns and gets his girl off from the floor and escorts her out leaving JJ there.

Maxine is a new model to this site and tho she wasn’t a good fit for borntobebound she was for my ex at gotcuffs



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run time 26 minutes

JJ is a detective and goes sneaking around a building that two suspected creeps hang out in, janitors that are up to no good. Unlucky for her she is caught and tied to a post and ballgagged. One janitor stays off screen saying terribly disturbing things while the other ties the thick woman up. Her friend Maxine (new model to this site) comes looking for her and meets the same fate, tho she is tied sitting in a chair and also ballgagged. The two janitors know that they’ve been caught and that they need to leave town so they leave the two damsels down there fighting to get free. They try and try but they just can’t escape.

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run time 35 minutes

Fayth was hitting on JJs girl Adara while they were on a business trip. Fayth knew that the two were in a relationship….so JJ and Adara decide to have a little fun with her- against her will for being so rude. They drag her into the room and get her bound up admiring her reinforced toe pantyhose and red dress. They get her tied to a post in the room and rub their pantyhose clad legs all over her body but they aren’t done yet. Fayth and Adara both appear tied on the bed next. JJ tells them to put on a sensual struggling show, Fayth is confused about the entire situation but does as she is told while Adara really seems to be enjoying herself… Finally the two get stockings caps and get hogtied tightly on the bed. The lesbian couple is really turned on now, but they don’t plan to include Fayth in on the fun.

3rd update of  last week

NEW models to Borntobebound and a legit biological mother/ daughter duo!! See more of them on Cinched and Secured

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run time 39 minutes, including a few minutes of an after interview that addresses most people would have about a mom/daughter bondage duo

Seemingly wealthy and classy Genevieve is in debt to JJ who is fed up with being avoided. JJ finally decides she is going to take what rightfully belongs to her. She barges in on Gen at work while her college aged daughter Jeanette happens to be there begging for money to go to a concert. JJ assumes the girl is her young lover but she is told otherwise. A weapon and some harsh words get the two pretty ladies to do as told. Moms tie up your kids ankles while I tie up her wrists– then I’ll get you! Both ladies are ballgaged and tied sitting in chairs with their necks tethered together while JJ takes everything she wants including the keys to Gens Mercedes which will be going to get chopped up. Then they are regagged- kiddo with moms scarf and moms with JJs well worn yellow panties. They get clear tape wrapped around their faces and thick pretty hair. They struggles about on the floor as JJ looks around more before they get tied back to back. Conveniently Jeanettes elbws are bound and fit nicely in the small of moms back. JJ returns not yet convinced they are uncomfortable enough and she gets clear tape wrapped around both of their heads. They are tossed a pair of scissor from the desk as JJ leaves-


2nd update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

Raven and Lucy Purr have been strung up out in a shop strappado style. Their lean bodies looking incredible. After a while they find the remote to lower themselves from the position they were in and they try to make their way out of the building in their 5 inches heels, wrist ties and gags. Once they get to the door they are sad to see their captor is there. She dutifully leads them to a set of chairs. She ties them, stuffs their mouths and wraps their pretty heads with clear tape. She rips the crotch of the pantyhose on one. She leaves them there and the girls struggle hard and mmph and really try to get out of their bindings. Once they get their arms free they are still stuck to the chairs, their little t-rex arms remove their gags as they worry about whether the woman got what she came for or not.

3rd and last update of the week

first appearance at borntobebound- Lucy Purr

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run time over 20 minutes

Raven and Lucy Purr are office lovers, they have recently managed to have JJ fired. She has come back for revenge and caught the petite busty women stroking each others hosiery clad legs. She gets them bound with hands behind their backs after they are simply cleave gagged. They are led through the office and shopped and tied off simply while JJ prepared something for them outside. The skinny petite ladies stand tall in their 5 inch heels and hosiery and try to untie one another wrists….They don’t succeed. They are taken out back and have their legs bound while standing. Then they sit and their gags are swapped out for something more substantial- their mouths stuffed, vetwrap around the head some struggling and then some microfoam tape is added assuring they won’t be able to get the gags off. They get chest harnesses, giant tits pulled out from their pretty old fashioned bras and are finally hogtied and left outside in the dark helpless.