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Parts 1 and 2 are also available on gotcuffs but I thought some of you guys might like to see it here as well

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part 1 arrest in the pop up

run time over 16 minutes

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part 2 spreader bar hogcuff

run time over 24 minutes

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part 3 bondage chair, walking on elbow points, hogtaped

run time over 30 minutes

part 1 Fayth on Fire finds herself in trouble for lying on travel company ads saying her disgusting moldy pop up trainer is a fancy glamping site. She is ripping people off and ruining vacations left and right. One guy decides to tell her that she is under arrest for her false advertising.  She is handcuffed, then leg ironed, then a metal collar is attached and she is hogcuffed. She realizes he is not a cop but what can she do…

part 2 Fayth is taken to a new location. She is hooded, a spreader bar is used on her arms, and she is hogcuffed like that.

part 3 Fayth is attached to a bondage chair when a woman comes in to have some fun with her. Her bright orange socks are removed and revealing pantyhose clad feet. Her arms and legs are wrapped with vetwrap and her mouth is stuffed with a scarf. She is led around on a leash and strung up to a tripod until the woman decides to hogtape her and leave her there for a while until the man comes back for more.

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run time 50 minutes

Fayth on Fire likes lingerie and hosiery. She is out to rob a woman with a big collection. She comes prepared with some things to subdue her just in case. She winds up needing them both when confronted by the woman. After making sure she is out cold she comes to in a tall chair, bound with hosiery. Fayth stuffs a dildo into her mouth and leaves her ballgagged while she goes to look at the rest of the house. Her bondage skills aren’t so great and the woman escapes quickly and arms herself waiting for Fayth to reappear, while still wearing the big ballgag. She escorts Fayth to the basement where a lot more real bondage happens. She is taped to a chair, ballgagged, nipple clamped, subdued over and over. The woman removes her pantyhose and puts them over Fayths nose. Then she gets taped into a little ball with those pantyhose shoved into her mouth but of course her captor puts on another pair of pantyhose. The fun isn’t over yet, next Fayth is shown ballgagged and putting on a fresh pair of pantyhose without her satin panties. She is taped back up again, this time tightly hogtaped with more pairs of pantyhose wrapped over her body and a tight cleave gag with a scarf in her mouth making her miserable. What will this woman do next?

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part 1   15 minutes and 22 seconds

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part 2  34 minutes

If my memory serves me correctly I was supposed to tie Fayth into a very tight hogtie that she would need to endure for a half hour as people passed by. We thought that was too boring for the people watching so we made it not so tight with lots of interaction. Jim Hunter /Hunters Lair approaches and suggests all of those clamps….Fayth is a good sport, I think everyone has a lot of fun. I am deeply saddened that I won’t be able to see my friends at Boundcon this year but many thanks to Fayth for sending this to me to use here!!

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run time 35 minutes

Fayth was hitting on JJs girl Adara while they were on a business trip. Fayth knew that the two were in a relationship….so JJ and Adara decide to have a little fun with her- against her will for being so rude. They drag her into the room and get her bound up admiring her reinforced toe pantyhose and red dress. They get her tied to a post in the room and rub their pantyhose clad legs all over her body but they aren’t done yet. Fayth and Adara both appear tied on the bed next. JJ tells them to put on a sensual struggling show, Fayth is confused about the entire situation but does as she is told while Adara really seems to be enjoying herself… Finally the two get stockings caps and get hogtied tightly on the bed. The lesbian couple is really turned on now, but they don’t plan to include Fayth in on the fun.

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run time 22 minutes

A woman (Adara Jordin) is being held captive in a Florida hotel room. She is all taped up and heavily gagged. Her captor (JJ Plush) tells her to keep quiet and shuts the door and leaves. While she is away the maid enters disgusted at the mess, she goes for the bathroom and can’t believe what she finds when she opens the door, a taped up woman! She stands her up and decides to hop her out of the room to safety. When they reach the door they are met by her captor who is yielding a weapon and warning them to stay quiet and get back into the room. The captor tells the maid (fayth on fire) to tape blondie to the chair and then it is her turn to be stripped down to panties and all taped up and gagged herself. The maid writhes around on the floor and blondie in a chair while the crazy woman decides what to do next with them…. The clip cuts to them intertwined and soon a double ballgag is used to connect them, they are blindfolded and putting on a show for the pervy woman who later removes the double gag and puts regular ballgags in their mouths after jamming a dildo down blondies throat…. She tells them about how much fun they will have later before making them go night night

This was a custom and I shot it in low light without a camera person so it is what it is…..

which is perhaps still better than how some producers shoot all the time, lol….

continued from a storyline published here in Oct of 2017

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run time over 30 minutes

JJ is on a business trip and hanging up the phone with her lover when her drunken boss Fayth on Fire enters the room with her own key. She said she just told the front desk her room number and they made her a key! She is walking towards JJ when she is tripped and lands sprawled out on the floor. Next lesbian pantyhose obsessed boss lady appears tied to a chair and struggling around. A full pair of big tan pantyhose are shoved in her mouth and black hosiery used to keep it in. She struggles about as JJ teases her with stocking feet. Then the gag comes off, only to go back in with plenty of clear tape wrapped around her head. She is stuck in the chair for a bit more until JJ decides to tell her a lie….Let me tie you on the floor with hands in front and I’ll let you lick my pussy AND my size 6 feet in the tan reinforced toe pantyhose. Fayth agrees and she is tied with hands in front and then knocked over with JJs feet. JJ lied of course, she won’t be putting out for the kinky boss lady!!!

Journal Update

Hey everyone, I got behind on the updates, honestly I’m not so sure how behind I am or perhaps I’m legit caught up? I haven’t done the math but I’m gonna say that the one that I posted of Raven, Genevieve and Cinched will start as the first update of the week lets say with a clean slate.

Although I’m in fairly good physical health for me, lol and doing my best to keep on track the situation I mentioned in December is still occupying much of my mind, body, soul….but life must go on just very carefully-  I’m sorry to be cryptic I’m generally pretty freaking honest about things but this isn’t just about me, it is just screwing up every single aspect of my life.

Sooo I’m off to Florida tomorrow. I had been wanting to go because I NEED vitamin D and a change of scenery but didn’t really set anything up since I booked the ticket last minute and I haven’t been in my emails since December but my pal Eric Cain got a couple customs that I believe I can do which provided my way down without having to contact a bunch of people. I’ll be staying with him a few days and Gigi and Jim Hunter. I won’t even have a vehicle and since I’m  a control freak in some ways that is going to be interesting.

Soooo as of tonight I have contacted recent Florida transplant Sahrye. I like her a lot.  If you’d like a custom please email jj at borntobebound dot com and say SAHRYE. I haven’t been in my emails since December and I’m EXTREMELY anxious about it….I’ll be starting with the potential Florida custom emails. We don’t have anything solid set up but she did say she had a couple of available days while I was there.

I’ll be shooting Whitney Morgan the 28th and that day I do have access to the outdoors, weather permitting . I shot her in 2011 or 2012 and she handled A LOT of MEAN ties in a row with zero complaints. I never ran into her again but thought of that day fondly and saw her photo appear one day when I logged into instagram soo I instant messaged her on instagram and she agreed to meet up. I like easy interactions!!

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle anymore Eric clips but I will be with Gigi and Jim Hunter and those are also potential custom people too!

Also I will be seeing Fayth on Fire and she can do customs happily

So I’m alive, maybe not kicking but treading water and trying to be grateful for what is good!

Oh and yup tons of snow melted here in metro Detroit and then it rained for two days so the bank basement was flooded when I got over there this morning. Luckily what little that we have downstairs now Tony put up on blocks last night- but there is still a matter of sanitizing and it is still heart breaking. The building is gonna go….it will be bittersweet.

So anyway I know I am the worst webmistress out here. I am very detached from the internet and just trying to deal with what is in from of me physically or with the few people I text with or see in real life. I’m very present and friendly and affectionate in person actually but that little bit with people in real life seems to be all I’ve had to give for a while now.  I am however very appreciative of you guys that have remained members and continued to buy clips and I know there are so many incredible relationships I’ve been missing out on…

I’m optimistic that I’ll be back to regular contact with everyone soon and apologize about these anxiety and boundary issues I’ve had.

I’d like to session again as well…I’m just sooo emotionally involved,  I need to be in the right headspace to give you your monies worth-



Oh and my only appearance on social media as of now is on my instagram account which is private

plush1 but I’ll add adults that ask –

3rd update of the week

The last and favorite of the Fayth clips, although I do have one of us tying up Tony….

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run time 29 minutes

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Fayth struggling spread eagle 4 minutes

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stuffing gag until the end 14 minutes

Fayth on Fire comes home from a Halloween party talking to a love interest on the phone about a woman at the party she had just come from. The woman followed her around but refused to speak to her. She thought perhaps the woman was deaf. She promises the fella on the phone some selfies in her sexy costume so she takes them and then dozes off. Shortly thereafter that woman from the party approaches the bed…. Scene cuts to Fayth bound spread on the bed. She is ballgagged and a crotch rope is added. She begs the woman to speak to her but she doesn’t make a peep…. She come back and gets on the bed and gropes and pets at Fayth and then magically Fayth is bound sitting in a chair. The woman stuffs her mouth with a hankerchief and wraps her head with red vetwrap to keep her quiet. Fayths hands quickly turn purple from the way she is bound. She gets to the floor and is hogtied shortly thereafter, nipple clamps added and especially painful due to the zipper on the zentai suit. The woman adds layers of microfoam tape to the gag, watches Fayth writhe around in pain for a while and then takes off one of her nylons and wraps it around Fayths head. What the heck is going to happen next and why isn’t this woman talking????

find JJs girdle at just figures

A friend of a friend, her first time doing this kind of thing, and willing to try again. I wasn’t there that day so I didn’t shoot her but I plan to

You can also find this clip on girlfriendbound at clips4sale

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run time 22 minutes

This was Vanilla’s first time doing a bondage clip and she was excited enough that she came up with the clip idea herself.  She’s had a fantasy about strangers coming and tying her up in the middle of the night so she hires a couple to fulfill her fantasy.  She is so excited she can hardly sleep, but eventually does. It isn’t long before she gets woken up and manhandled by the couple.  They get her arms tied and then gagged before Fayth plays with her and teases her.  Next Fayth ties her legs while her partner adds more rope to to her, then they get her on the floor replace her ballgag with a stuffing gag and black tape.  She gets hogtied and struggles around some before tiring out and wanting out.  The end footage is Vanilla Sky talking about her first bondage experience.

2 updates in one!! Happy Friday!!


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full clip: run time  almost 38 minutes

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part 1 at the desk

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part 2 at the bed


Fayth is JJs boss and comes on to her all the time. JJ doesn’t appreciate the advances. One night Fayth comes in being forward as usual and JJ is prepared…She has ropes and gags and is ready to take the bitch down. Fayth ends up tied and gagged, not sure how much of this is real or if it is some kinky game… She is obsessed with pantyhose and pantyhose feet on women and she really wants at JJs feet. She makes an effort while tied up even. Fayth is eventually hogtied with a black stocking cap and left to think about her behavior. Then she is taken to JJs home where she is put into pantyhose encasement bondage, including the most perfect sheer stocking cap. She struggles around on the bed until JJ decides it is time to attach her to the post….