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3rd update of last week

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run time almost 34 minutes

Tony and JJ have Vanilla Sky against her will. They are expecting a good deal of money for her from her boyfriend, only he isn’t coming through for her….Vanilla is tied and groped and nipple clamped. She tries hard to reject a panty gag which just gets layers and layers of various things like vetwrap and microfoam wrapped tightly around her pretty face. Her pantyhose are ripped and finally when it seems like it is time to get out of there Tony turns on his accomplice JJ and hogcuffs her attaching her to a small ladder. He stuffs her mouth and gags her as well. After some time he removes the hogtie rope and escorts Vanilla out of the room. What will happen to JJ????

2nd update of the week

& new model to this site

  -a friend of a friend and now I think a friend of mine! Tony & Fayth shot a clip of her while I wasn’t around one day and I posted it last week as a bonus clip here. That was her first time doing bondage, this was her second time. I didn’t tell her how to act or whether or not to look at the camera or how to struggle. I just let her do her own thing! This is the only clip we shot this day. She is into this for the experience and not the $. It was such a pleasure and reminded me of when I first started tying women on screen. They were friends into bondage and money was icing on the cake and not a career. Eric Cain was over that day and the storyline was his idea when he saw her outfit. He was also the camera person most of the time

She calls herself Vanilla Sky and she is a local weather girl that is always in satin and well made up. She captivates us all always promising mild weather to make us like her even more but she is ALWAYS wrong and it is getting very old and ruining vacations and time off. JJ and her man decide to punish the sexy woman, tie her up and teach her a lesson about days being ruined, although they are clearly smitten with her, flirty, can’t stop groping her healthy long body. Poor Vanilla can’t seem to decide whether she is turned on or terrified. Her mouth is stuffed and clear tape is wrapped around her head, pushing out her very pink lips and giving her a lovely sex doll appearance. She wriggles around disheveled for a while until it is time to hogtie her on the floor, including her toes tied in her fancy silk stockings. She is left wondering what will happen next as the pair has promised they have a few men coming over to have their way with her…. JJ returns, takes her out of the hogtie and removes her gag so she can use her mouth….The end (footage of her discussing the experience after the credits). Find her lingerie at just figures-


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full clip, run time 27 minutes

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stuffing gag- end of hogtie struggling

A friend of a friend, her first time doing this kind of thing, and willing to try again. I wasn’t there that day so I didn’t shoot her but I plan to

You can also find this clip on girlfriendbound at clips4sale

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run time 22 minutes

This was Vanilla’s first time doing a bondage clip and she was excited enough that she came up with the clip idea herself.  She’s had a fantasy about strangers coming and tying her up in the middle of the night so she hires a couple to fulfill her fantasy.  She is so excited she can hardly sleep, but eventually does. It isn’t long before she gets woken up and manhandled by the couple.  They get her arms tied and then gagged before Fayth plays with her and teases her.  Next Fayth ties her legs while her partner adds more rope to to her, then they get her on the floor replace her ballgag with a stuffing gag and black tape.  She gets hogtied and struggles around some before tiring out and wanting out.  The end footage is Vanilla Sky talking about her first bondage experience.