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run time 29 minutes and 49 seconds

Ms Adams is hogcuffed and harness gagged on a bed. A perverted female cop is using her for some fun. After a bit the woman comes in and adds zipties and sucks on the bound womans toes and then watches her struggle for a bit. She has added a bigger ballgag, she removes the cuff that keeps her hogcuffed and has her get up and make her way down the hallway still restrained. She shows up in the living room and has to walk around more and then gets rope added to the irish 8 cuffs and zipties. She is hogtied on the floor still wearing the enormous ballgag. Will this woman ever let her go?


an apology for late updates, shot by Tony and available soon at the girlfriend bound

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run time 12 minutes and 40 seconds

Anna was dru gged at a Halloween party and ends up bound in an unusual hogtie by a masked man with a harness gag in her Xena costume

A friend of a friend, her first time doing this kind of thing, and willing to try again. I wasn’t there that day so I didn’t shoot her but I plan to

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run time 22 minutes

This was Vanilla’s first time doing a bondage clip and she was excited enough that she came up with the clip idea herself.  She’s had a fantasy about strangers coming and tying her up in the middle of the night so she hires a couple to fulfill her fantasy.  She is so excited she can hardly sleep, but eventually does. It isn’t long before she gets woken up and manhandled by the couple.  They get her arms tied and then gagged before Fayth plays with her and teases her.  Next Fayth ties her legs while her partner adds more rope to to her, then they get her on the floor replace her ballgag with a stuffing gag and black tape.  She gets hogtied and struggles around some before tiring out and wanting out.  The end footage is Vanilla Sky talking about her first bondage experience.

If you are not a member here for some crazy reason (about 1000 clips & 3 new updates weekly plus bonus clips & bonus photosets) this clip is also available on the futilestruggles clips4sale store #8331   This was a custom sent to Eric Cain for me

I apologize guys, this was entirely ready for posting Saturday night but it sat in drafts until now… 7/19

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run time 16 minutes and 45 seconds

Bad maid JJ is taken outdoors in her 5.5″ heels and maid outfit and taken for a walk on a leash still harness gagged. She is bound tightly to a tree with a tight crotch rope and her big natural boobs are tied up and taped up incredibly painfully tight and completely distorted. Her fingers are taped behind the tree and the harness gag  (harness gag by becomes next to impossible when her boss man Eric Cain stretches vet wrap around and around the tree. She is now completely helpless aside from being able to move her feet just a little bit which does her absolutely no good…Eric is pretty sure she will be much better at keeping the house clean.