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Hi everyone, I’m back from up north. I was sick sick sick. I did the shoots but very little else. Luckily it wasn’t catchy stuff so everyone else remains on their feet. Back to Ophelia and up north custom editing and emails tomorrow. I’m so so sorry for getting so behind. I have a lot of edits and messages to catch up on and I thank you for having patience with me. Alba still arrives the 15th, I’ll be responding to you all about her tomorrow as well.

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run time 16 minutes

Payton, Karin, Cherry and JJ are hanging out at a campfire in the woods when JJ comes up to show them a tiktok Chubby Bunny challenge that her friend Frank ILRB  had sent her.   She decides to ask the ladies to give it a try and everyone plays along. They each get handcuffed and sit around a tree. Then their ankles are cuffed together. JJ then goes around the tree stuffing marshmallows in each of their mouths, one at a time, many times around the tree…. (how many, watch and find out 😉 ) until Karin and Payton laugh theirs out and then Cherry follows. Next Karin gets a red ballgag, Payton a white ballgag and Cherry a black leather pillow gag and JJ leaves them there for a while and later hands winner Cherry the key and they all come undone and wave goodbye to Frank.

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Full clip: run time 32 minutes

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Partial clip: leash led, gagged, clamped, struggling  run time 18 minutes

Skinny, busty, leggy, blondie Amanda Fox has been wasting JJs time for months. She is a trustfund lady that decided she wants to develop property in Florida into condos basically just to pretend like she has done something with her life, only she has no vision and probably never intends on doing anything. JJ the realtor who was initially happy to can’t stand the woman and on this final venture into no mans land she cracks and attacks the bitch. She is leash led around the property, cleave gagged with a scarf and then tightly tied to a tree- the huge scarf stuffed in her mouth, vetwrap around that, duct tape around that! She is nipple clamped, another scarf wrapped around her tape gagged mouth and finally a pair of pantyhose put over her head and wrapped around the tree. Now she can hang out there in the Florida countryside and reconsider how she treats people…

*footage at the end of outtakes and her trying to walk back to the car in heels

If you are not a member here for some crazy reason (about 1000 clips & 3 new updates weekly plus bonus clips & bonus photosets) this clip is also available on the futilestruggles clips4sale store #8331   This was a custom sent to Eric Cain for me

I apologize guys, this was entirely ready for posting Saturday night but it sat in drafts until now… 7/19

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run time 16 minutes and 45 seconds

Bad maid JJ is taken outdoors in her 5.5″ heels and maid outfit and taken for a walk on a leash still harness gagged. She is bound tightly to a tree with a tight crotch rope and her big natural boobs are tied up and taped up incredibly painfully tight and completely distorted. Her fingers are taped behind the tree and the harness gag  (harness gag by becomes next to impossible when her boss man Eric Cain stretches vet wrap around and around the tree. She is now completely helpless aside from being able to move her feet just a little bit which does her absolutely no good…Eric is pretty sure she will be much better at keeping the house clean.