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run time 22 minutes

A woman (Adara Jordin) is being held captive in a Florida hotel room. She is all taped up and heavily gagged. Her captor (JJ Plush) tells her to keep quiet and shuts the door and leaves. While she is away the maid enters disgusted at the mess, she goes for the bathroom and can’t believe what she finds when she opens the door, a taped up woman! She stands her up and decides to hop her out of the room to safety. When they reach the door they are met by her captor who is yielding a weapon and warning them to stay quiet and get back into the room. The captor tells the maid (fayth on fire) to tape blondie to the chair and then it is her turn to be stripped down to panties and all taped up and gagged herself. The maid writhes around on the floor and blondie in a chair while the crazy woman decides what to do next with them…. The clip cuts to them intertwined and soon a double ballgag is used to connect them, they are blindfolded and putting on a show for the pervy woman who later removes the double gag and puts regular ballgags in their mouths after jamming a dildo down blondies throat…. She tells them about how much fun they will have later before making them go night night

This was a custom and I shot it in low light without a camera person so it is what it is…..

which is perhaps still better than how some producers shoot all the time, lol….

2nd update of the week

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run time 11 minutes

Two women (Erica Cain & JJ Plush 2008) enter their hotel room and one goes to take a shower. A man (Steve Villa) knocks on the door saying he was room service and bring some towels but he barges in and uses a weapon to threaten one of them, bringing her to her knees where he ties her up and gags her. He brings her over to the bed and ties up her elbows and hogties her. A few minutes later her lady friend comes out in a towel and runs over to her to untie her. Of course the man pounces on her and ties her up and gags her in the nude. The two women are left hogtied and helpless on the bed when he grabs their belongings and leaves.

1st update of the week

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run time over 24 minutes

Two busty sisters were at the plastic  surgeon to ask about bigger boobs. They meet a flat chested woman there that wanted boobs. Little did they know she couldn’t get credit approval and she didn’t have the cash or stripper skills to convince a man to buy her a set. She is mad. She befriends the busty sisters in the waiting room and invites them over later that night for drinks and going out dancing, only she has other plans for the busty duo. She has them tied and ballgagged when the scene begins she gropes at them and makes them kiss through there gags. She tells them she sick of big titted girls getting all the attention. She asks them if they’ve ever banged a guy together and she goes on and on. She eventually stuffs their mouths with panties and wraps vetwrap around their heads and hogties them. Then she decides to tape them into a permanent kiss. They roll back and forth and writhe around and finally rip apart from one another but the ordeal is not over. There is no  way they can get one another  untied…..

third update of last week, along with the sock clip

this was a custom Dixie brought me over the summer. It was shot/ produced by Dixie’s Damsels

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run time over 11 minutes


Story by Dixie: Well this is quite the pickle I’ve gotten myself into! All tied up to a pole in just my swim cap and panties. Gagged up with ace bandage and tape and with my tits rubber band bound and clothes pins on my nipples! And worse of all, this tight rope tied right on my crotch making every little movement and struggle interesting to say the least! This is no place for an ace private dick like Dixie Malone. That’s me if you didn’t know. It all started when I was hired to track down a hot dame by the name of JJ Plush who had gone and gotten herself “missing.” Well I found her, boy did I ever. Unfortunately I managed to get myself “missing” as well in the process. Now she’s still tied up somewhere in this creepy lair and if I’m gonna be able to rescue her I’m gonna have to pull out all of the old Private Detective escape training!
Thankfully those goons got a little sloppy with the knots on the rope for my hands! Man! It’s really hard to concentrate with the rope rubbing all over my pussy! But if I need to concentrate on these knots. Finally! It’s easy sailing from here on out to get out of the rest of these ropes. I wish I had time to deal with this crotch rope too, it’s driving me wacky! But I have to find  JJ before any more of those thugs get their hands on her. I’ve got to be careful sneaking around this dump. I don’t really know exactly how many of the creeps are around or if they just left us here.
I finally find JJ, she’s all tied up and strapped to a chair in the same crazy get up as me, swim cap and all. She’s got a crazy tight crotch rope too which I’m sure is also driving her nuts but there’s still no time to deal with that, I’ve just got to concentrate on getting her mobile so we can get out of here! I’ll worry about the rest of this when I know we’re both safe. Now I just need to find our way out of here.
JJ hops along as I struggle not to loose my mind with the crotch rope increasingly making me aroused. Finally, I have JJ untie the rope for me. Finally, I can concentrate on getting us out of here. Which door is the way out? That one, come on JJ . Let’s go, don’t make me drag you! Oh, wrong door, now I see why  JJ was hesitant…we’re screwed. Comply and do as the goon says and play it cool. Panties off and in my mouth, gross. Pesky crotch rope back on, FUCK. And rubber bands back on  JJ’s huge tits. Hands up and walk back upstairs…I will get us out of here because I’m Dixie Malone.
Scene cuts to the ladies dressed and thanking you for rescuing them…