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run time 50 minutes

Fayth on Fire likes lingerie and hosiery. She is out to rob a woman with a big collection. She comes prepared with some things to subdue her just in case. She winds up needing them both when confronted by the woman. After making sure she is out cold she comes to in a tall chair, bound with hosiery. Fayth stuffs a dildo into her mouth and leaves her ballgagged while she goes to look at the rest of the house. Her bondage skills aren’t so great and the woman escapes quickly and arms herself waiting for Fayth to reappear, while still wearing the big ballgag. She escorts Fayth to the basement where a lot more real bondage happens. She is taped to a chair, ballgagged, nipple clamped, subdued over and over. The woman removes her pantyhose and puts them over Fayths nose. Then she gets taped into a little ball with those pantyhose shoved into her mouth but of course her captor puts on another pair of pantyhose. The fun isn’t over yet, next Fayth is shown ballgagged and putting on a fresh pair of pantyhose without her satin panties. She is taped back up again, this time tightly hogtaped with more pairs of pantyhose wrapped over her body and a tight cleave gag with a scarf in her mouth making her miserable. What will this woman do next?

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