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My memory is terrible but I do believe this is the most helpless/ damsel like I have ever felt by women in a clip ever!!

Welcome back Sahrye and a newbie who hasn’t told me her stage name yet for my site!

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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ Plush is new in town and excited to be a part of a local foot night with her size 6 feet. Two regulars welcome her in, or so she thinks. They really don’t want to share their clients with her so they decide to scare her out of town. Glittery socks are removed and stuffed in her mouth and then Sahrye takes off her red lace panties and shoves them in her mouth. Her elbows are tied, feet are shoved in her face, she is leaned over the couch and humiliated, she is crotch rope and finally very very tightly hogtied. Her eyes feel like they are about to burst out of her head and she can’t move much at all. She thought she was about to make new friends and make some money but really she was having one of the worst days of her life instead.

Journal Update

Hey everyone, I got behind on the updates, honestly I’m not so sure how behind I am or perhaps I’m legit caught up? I haven’t done the math but I’m gonna say that the one that I posted of Raven, Genevieve and Cinched will start as the first update of the week lets say with a clean slate.

Although I’m in fairly good physical health for me, lol and doing my best to keep on track the situation I mentioned in December is still occupying much of my mind, body, soul….but life must go on just very carefully-  I’m sorry to be cryptic I’m generally pretty freaking honest about things but this isn’t just about me, it is just screwing up every single aspect of my life.

Sooo I’m off to Florida tomorrow. I had been wanting to go because I NEED vitamin D and a change of scenery but didn’t really set anything up since I booked the ticket last minute and I haven’t been in my emails since December but my pal Eric Cain got a couple customs that I believe I can do which provided my way down without having to contact a bunch of people. I’ll be staying with him a few days and Gigi and Jim Hunter. I won’t even have a vehicle and since I’m  a control freak in some ways that is going to be interesting.

Soooo as of tonight I have contacted recent Florida transplant Sahrye. I like her a lot.  If you’d like a custom please email jj at borntobebound dot com and say SAHRYE. I haven’t been in my emails since December and I’m EXTREMELY anxious about it….I’ll be starting with the potential Florida custom emails. We don’t have anything solid set up but she did say she had a couple of available days while I was there.

I’ll be shooting Whitney Morgan the 28th and that day I do have access to the outdoors, weather permitting . I shot her in 2011 or 2012 and she handled A LOT of MEAN ties in a row with zero complaints. I never ran into her again but thought of that day fondly and saw her photo appear one day when I logged into instagram soo I instant messaged her on instagram and she agreed to meet up. I like easy interactions!!

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle anymore Eric clips but I will be with Gigi and Jim Hunter and those are also potential custom people too!

Also I will be seeing Fayth on Fire and she can do customs happily

So I’m alive, maybe not kicking but treading water and trying to be grateful for what is good!

Oh and yup tons of snow melted here in metro Detroit and then it rained for two days so the bank basement was flooded when I got over there this morning. Luckily what little that we have downstairs now Tony put up on blocks last night- but there is still a matter of sanitizing and it is still heart breaking. The building is gonna go….it will be bittersweet.

So anyway I know I am the worst webmistress out here. I am very detached from the internet and just trying to deal with what is in from of me physically or with the few people I text with or see in real life. I’m very present and friendly and affectionate in person actually but that little bit with people in real life seems to be all I’ve had to give for a while now.  I am however very appreciative of you guys that have remained members and continued to buy clips and I know there are so many incredible relationships I’ve been missing out on…

I’m optimistic that I’ll be back to regular contact with everyone soon and apologize about these anxiety and boundary issues I’ve had.

I’d like to session again as well…I’m just sooo emotionally involved,  I need to be in the right headspace to give you your monies worth-



Oh and my only appearance on social media as of now is on my instagram account which is private

plush1 but I’ll add adults that ask –

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full clip, run time 44 minutes

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lots of struggling scenes, 9 minutes and 30 seconds

 A continuation of a storyline posted in January where Sahrye and Adara haze JJ… JJ has gotten revenge and has the girls in metal bondage and girdles she plans to sell the cute ladies off but not until she has a lot of fun with them, so much struggling, a mouth stuffing gag, layers and layers of tape and plenty of metal bondage on their girdled bodies.

2nd update of the week

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Sahrye is cleaning house for a woman she despises. The grown ass woman comes in wearing a sleezy little number much more appropriate for a college girl. The maid asks her what the dress is for and JJ replies that she is throwing her daughter a 19th birthday party the next day and it is the dress she plans to wear. Sahrye doesn’t skip a beat and starts to call JJ every name in the book for wearing such an outfit to her daughters party. JJ fires back that the daughter is well adjusted and that since she had her at 19 years old she didn’t get to have a carefree youth the way most women do. When JJ tells her she has spoken out of place and she needs to leave Sahrye grabs a statue from the table and knocks JJ out. When she comes to her wrists are tied. Sahrye is tired of living on a maids wage and she has a plan to get rid of the mom and her precious daughter. Sahrye removes her panties and gags the woman! She is all tied up when her daughter comes home from cheerleading but it is her turn now to be bound and gagged just like her mom. JJ protests through the gag to let her pride and joy go, but that just makes Sahrye add more layers to her  gag.  Eventually both women are hogtied next to one another and Sahrye runs off to steal from them and to get some help to get them out of there. Mom frantically works on the hogtie rope and eventually gets it, realizing he daughters arms are discolored and in pain she starts to untie them…What happened after the clips ends? Did they make the escape or did the maid get her way?

3rd update of last week

This was a custom

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full clip, run time 24 minutes

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starts at the mouth stuffing gag, run time almost 13 minutes

JJ is a bored married housewife with a lover who happens to be married. He leaves her for the night and she dozes off only to be awakened by a woman (Sahrye) that knows everything about her affair and her life. The woman plans to rob the ungrateful greedy housewife and leave all the evidence behind of the lover. She ties the big buxom woman up, shoves a ballgag deep into her throat, drool coming out everywhere. Her elbows are tied together, she is manhandled, talked down to, threatened. The woman leaves her bound and gagged on the floor to do the stealing. JJ doesn’t think it could get any worse but she returns. JJ makes the mistake of rubbing the drool from her mouth on the robbers pants but the woman grabs up the spit and rubs it all over the housewifes cheeks, eyes, mouth and tits. She takes out the ballgag and shoves a scarf into her mouth and wraps her head tightly with vetwrap. It hurts, she isn’t done yet, she hogties the woman on the floor and takes off with the goods. The housewife is horrified about being robbed, but more horrified to realize that her husband may find out about the affair. What will she tell him about that evidence? Hopefully he will be too caught up in her being tied up and robbed to notice much. She frantically tries to get the ropes off, but that little elbow rope is digging into her flesh and her fingers just can’t do the job she needs them to do. She gets the hogtie rope down and the wrist rope, but not long after that she realizes the rest is a futile struggle and her body is telling her to rest…..


Tony, my fella shot this for gotcuffs and told me to use it as a bonus update, so here you go!

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run time 11 minutes

A woman (Jane Lyn) comes into Sahrye’s office and demands to know where the safe is-


previously posted as a wmv in 2013 but a member complained that it wasn’t working. He was correct, reformatted as an mp4 and moved to the front.

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run time 40 minutes

find her lingerie at just figures….

Sahrye is such a great little damsel it is hard to want to do the consensual clips with her but it was time. She is wearing lingerie from my friend at and I tie her up. She gets the 2 inch ballgag and then the clover clamps. The first time I nipple clamped her in the cold basement of our studio she cried. This time she did not, but we still get a pretty great reaction from her. Her chest is tied down to her legs with the clamps and eventually I make her get to her feet and tell her to walk in this position or hop, but it isn’t really possible. She gracefully tumbles forward and rips off one of the clamps. Poor baby…. So I take the other one off too, another nice reaction. I stuff her mouth with two pairs of socks and wrap her head with microfoam tape.  She gets a crotch rope and hogtied. It is a tight hogtie so she can’t put her chest down like in post clips you’ve seen her in. She said it upsets her that most people don’t pull that hogtie rope tight enough compared to how tight they put the other ropes. My theory is that they want a lot of movement to keep the video interesting, but I’m just fine with little movement. I use a rope to pull her head back too and help her roll… She is spent at the end of the clip, but still looks smashing.


This was a custom video clip for Sahrye

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run time 29 minutes

Sahrye is taken into the cell. The coat draped over her shoulders is removed. She has already been cuffed. Her jewelry is removed and she is left there. Instead of keeping quiet she carries on a lot, so she gets punished. The woman enters and puts hinged cuffs on her ankles and a ballgag into her mouth (after 10 minutes). She comes back later and adds microfoam tape and eventually hogcuffs her on the bench. She is left like that for a while before the guard comes in again and makes her get to the filthy floor before hogcuffing her and leaving her there for the night.

2nd update of the week

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run time 25 minutes

This might be the first clip I have done of a girl without hosiery on aside from custom videos since 2008. Isn’t that wild? For those of you upset about that- the next clip I post will be of a girl in a girdle and stockings.

Sahrye works at a tanning salon. It is a slow night so she decides to take advantage of the facilities. She is on the phone with a friend lotioning up her body when the clip begins. She gets into the tanner, puts her headphones on and puts goggles on. She doesn’t know a woman came in and saw that the place looked empty, robbed the front and then got ballsy and decided to tie up and rob the girl that worked there. She doesn’t even hear the bed open because of her music. She is grabbed from the bed and tied up. The two make snide remarks about each other about being over weight and bad tattoos. It isn’t doing the tanning bed girl any good though. She is soon gagged with the little towel meant to wipe down the bed after use. She is REALLY groped, she even gets the womans head mashed into her boobs. She is left struggling before bed being told to get back into the bed and hogtied with the light on. Safety first though, her goggles are taped over her eyes. The woman leaves her there tied up and not being able to see in the tanning bed and walks off with her clothes and purse.

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2nd clip of the week

run time 31 minutes

Sahrye is JJs problematic step daughter who was recently banging one of her father business partners.. Now she has gotten into her mother private things and is webcamming with some perv. She thinks her step mom is out of town but she comes home and finds Sahrye in her personal items. She doesn’t realize there is a life webcam show happening but she still isn’t pleased to find Sahrye in her bedroom fooling around with her private things. She gives Sahrye a spanking, with her hand and a paddle. She makes her walk around in the impossible heels as a punishment. She has her sit in a chair and gag herself and then she ties her up, restuffs her mouth, uses vetwrap as a cleave and watches her struggle before hogtying her, adding more to her gag and leaving her there. Maybe some cruel bondage and gags will make her less into the bondage…