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part 1   15 minutes and 22 seconds

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part 2  34 minutes

If my memory serves me correctly I was supposed to tie Fayth into a very tight hogtie that she would need to endure for a half hour as people passed by. We thought that was too boring for the people watching so we made it not so tight with lots of interaction. Jim Hunter /Hunters Lair approaches and suggests all of those clamps….Fayth is a good sport, I think everyone has a lot of fun. I am deeply saddened that I won’t be able to see my friends at Boundcon this year but many thanks to Fayth for sending this to me to use here!!

2nd update of the week

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run time 12 minutes

Storyline by Jim Hunter:  Busty JJ has been on the lam since she skipped bail and has had the bounty hunters on her tail. They finally caught up with their elusive prey and have decided that they will have a little fun with her for all the time and trouble she has caused them. So instead of using handcuffs for restraints they have decided to go with rope. JJ’s poor arms are welded cruelly together behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows completely together and her wrists tightly tied. The Hunter throws her onto the bed then pulls out an old bandanna from his pocket and balls it up. He stuffs the bandanna deep into poor JJ’s mouth to keep her quiet, JJ’s jaws are spread painfully open as she chokes on the gag. Then an old torn sheet is pulled between her lips, wrapped twice around her head and tied off behind her neck to keep her from spitting out the bandanna. Then to insure that there is no chance for her to dislodge the gag he wraps shiny black electrical tape over her gag, packing the gag deeper and tighter into her mouth. Poor JJ can barely make a sound now with the brutal gag filling her big mouth to capacity. Next he wraps ropes around her slender ankles and ties them tightly together. The Hunter leaves her struggling on the bed to get more restraints, JJ wriggles off the bed onto her knees and tries to crawl to the door, but she doesn’t get very far at all before the Hunter comes back with a handfull of nylon zipties. He pulls her huge tits out of her bra then wraps one of the zipties around the base of one of her tits. JJ begs and cries into her gag as he pulls the ziptie tight. The brutally tight ziptie slices deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tit causing it to swell and bulge. Then he grabs another zip tie and wraps it around the base of her other tit then pulls it tight. JJ huge tits are choked in a nylon tourniquet and are already beginning turn colors. JJ’s eyes go big as she sees him pull out a another ziptie and wraps it around both of her bound swollen tits. He then zipties both of her poor throbbing tits tightly together. He pulls her to her feet and hops her back over the the bed and tosses her onto the mattress. He grabs more rope and brutally hogties her attaching her bound stiletto heels to her tightly bound wrists. Leaving poor JJ helplessly bound on the bed he tells her that he has to go get the van ready for transport and tells her that the boss, Gigi will keep her company. He leaves and Gigi comes in, she looks down at her helplessly bound captive and can’t resist grabbing, groping and playing with her bound swollen tits. JJ begs and cries into her gag as Gigi molests her helpless body. She closes her eyes hoping that her nightmare will end. (12:00 minutes)

1st update of the week

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run time 17 minutes

Gigis perspective: JJ Plush was staying at a local beachfront hotel for a few days so Jim Hunter and I went down to have dinner with her.  After dinner she took out her rope and began tying me up after shoving a big red ballgag into my mouth.  My elbows were tightly crushed together and JJ taunts me about coming on to her man.  Of course I deny everything but calls me a slut and holds my head still as she kisses my ballgagged mouth.  JJ wraps my face with many, many layers of duct tape as I stomp my heels in protest.  She ties my arms off to a post so I can’t run away then has some fun groping my tits.  I struggle in the chair but I can’t loosen any of the ropes.  JJ takes some selfies of us then pulls me up and makes me hop over to the bed and lays me down then peels off her panties.  She un gags me and I beg for mercy but she stuff her panties into my mouth sealing them in with tons of vet wrap then watches as I struggle on the bed.  She adds even more vet wrap effectively gagging me then pits me in a tight hogtie and adds even more vet wrap.  JJ removes my high heels and puts them on her feet using them to poke at my bound bound and pantyhose feet.  When JJ tires of taunting me she tells the Hunter to take over and he begins to fuck with me by moving my bound body to the edge of the bed threatening to let me fall of my face.  I curse them both through my massive gag but they laugh as the bald bastard lifts me up onto my knees and lets me fall onto the bed.  He knows he’s scaring the out of me but they both find this very humorous.  Finally they decide to un gag me and I say I want to go home … they both know I am now role playing and he smacks my ass until I admit I had so much fun and wind up laughing my ass off.

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run time over 17 minutes

So I’m trying to leave Jim and Gigis house after a long day of shooting in Florida and I had decided that I deserved a few pairs of heels from their model wardrobe because I truly felt like they had ripped me off by keeping too much custom video money and not telling me the extent of what they were going to do to me in the custom. On my way out the door Gigi asks if I’ve seen a specific pair of pink heels that just so happen to be showing through my bag. Oops. As I open the door to leave Jim comes in and Gigi immediately blabs that I’m accusing them of taking advantage of me and that I am stealing from them. Of course this is the perfect opportunity for him to lump up my big battered body one last time. He starts at the elbows because he is an asshole like that and moves on to my boobs. I yelp a lot, for some reason bound elbows with tight breast bondage makes me feel like I’m being choked which I’m really only halfway complaining about.  Gigi removes her panties and gags me with them and wow they match my heels, how nice (rolling eyes). Now I’m on the floor and pushed over, gggrrrrr I hate being stuck on one side.  After a while instead of being decent humans and letting me out they tie me into a terrible little ball which is suuuuper annoying because I’ve already been on that side for too long for my limited bondage capabilities. My shoulder is wrecked from several other situations that week. Gigi proclaims that this is her favorite tie and I’m thinking good for you, you are obviously way more tough than I am because I  realllly hate this, why couldn’t he have hogtied me????  I’m super stuck and legit miserable. I won’t even get any new heels to take home and poof one more bridge burned- may this fire light my way, just like the rest of em!!

make believe(ish) of course! 😉

Journal Update

Hey everyone, I got behind on the updates, honestly I’m not so sure how behind I am or perhaps I’m legit caught up? I haven’t done the math but I’m gonna say that the one that I posted of Raven, Genevieve and Cinched will start as the first update of the week lets say with a clean slate.

Although I’m in fairly good physical health for me, lol and doing my best to keep on track the situation I mentioned in December is still occupying much of my mind, body, soul….but life must go on just very carefully-  I’m sorry to be cryptic I’m generally pretty freaking honest about things but this isn’t just about me, it is just screwing up every single aspect of my life.

Sooo I’m off to Florida tomorrow. I had been wanting to go because I NEED vitamin D and a change of scenery but didn’t really set anything up since I booked the ticket last minute and I haven’t been in my emails since December but my pal Eric Cain got a couple customs that I believe I can do which provided my way down without having to contact a bunch of people. I’ll be staying with him a few days and Gigi and Jim Hunter. I won’t even have a vehicle and since I’m  a control freak in some ways that is going to be interesting.

Soooo as of tonight I have contacted recent Florida transplant Sahrye. I like her a lot.  If you’d like a custom please email jj at borntobebound dot com and say SAHRYE. I haven’t been in my emails since December and I’m EXTREMELY anxious about it….I’ll be starting with the potential Florida custom emails. We don’t have anything solid set up but she did say she had a couple of available days while I was there.

I’ll be shooting Whitney Morgan the 28th and that day I do have access to the outdoors, weather permitting . I shot her in 2011 or 2012 and she handled A LOT of MEAN ties in a row with zero complaints. I never ran into her again but thought of that day fondly and saw her photo appear one day when I logged into instagram soo I instant messaged her on instagram and she agreed to meet up. I like easy interactions!!

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle anymore Eric clips but I will be with Gigi and Jim Hunter and those are also potential custom people too!

Also I will be seeing Fayth on Fire and she can do customs happily

So I’m alive, maybe not kicking but treading water and trying to be grateful for what is good!

Oh and yup tons of snow melted here in metro Detroit and then it rained for two days so the bank basement was flooded when I got over there this morning. Luckily what little that we have downstairs now Tony put up on blocks last night- but there is still a matter of sanitizing and it is still heart breaking. The building is gonna go….it will be bittersweet.

So anyway I know I am the worst webmistress out here. I am very detached from the internet and just trying to deal with what is in from of me physically or with the few people I text with or see in real life. I’m very present and friendly and affectionate in person actually but that little bit with people in real life seems to be all I’ve had to give for a while now.  I am however very appreciative of you guys that have remained members and continued to buy clips and I know there are so many incredible relationships I’ve been missing out on…

I’m optimistic that I’ll be back to regular contact with everyone soon and apologize about these anxiety and boundary issues I’ve had.

I’d like to session again as well…I’m just sooo emotionally involved,  I need to be in the right headspace to give you your monies worth-



Oh and my only appearance on social media as of now is on my instagram account which is private

plush1 but I’ll add adults that ask –

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run time almost 14 minutes

This is a bonus clip. I’m not sure if it was ever posted here…..shot circa 2010 before I started this site Jim Hunter does his thing to Carissa Montgomery and I, perhaps the first day Carissa and I ever met!!

Not a member here and interested in the clip it can be found on my archive clips4sale store 79717


I just reformatted this for my archive clip site. It was shot before I opened this site  and I don’t seem to see it listed as an update so hopefully it is new here- but if it is already here someplace, no harm it was just a bonus clip-


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run time about 12 minutes

Kelliann sits waiting for JJ the spy. The man (Jim Hunter) shoves JJ to her knees and the two begin to gag her with a rag and clear tape. Her arms have already been bound tightly and Jim crosses her legs and starts to rope them up. Kelliann starts to slap her around a little and pushes to her to her side and harasses her. Jim gets more rope and begins to put the woman into the most uncomfortable hogtie after he puts his foot on her head. Once she is in the hogtie Kelliann starts to kick her with her heeled feet and then Jim brings her a leather strap and Kelliann begins to slap the womans tits with the strap. She can’t move away from the strap to get any relief. Jim comes back into the scene realizing that Kelliann has double crossed him and that both women are spies. He takes her down and ties her up, and gags her with vetwrap. Once Kelliann is sufficiently hogtied he leaves them there to struggle together…