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Please note, The filming on this is not up to par, it has been discussed and isn’t happening anymore

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run time 40 minutes

A man has hired a woman to try on some of his metal cuffs while wearing tight shiny pants, black pantyhose and a sheer blouse. For some of the time she is wearing her Loubs. She is first cuffed in front and with leg irons and wanders around in those heels. Then she gets on the bed and struggles around after he attaches a spreader bar to her wrists and ankles. After a bit she gets up on her knees and he cuffs her behind the back and pulls her arms up and attaches them to a rope above the bed. Then she walks with hinged cuffs on the ankles and cuffed behind the back. Then the spreader bar goes in her ankles for a bit before things go slightly wrong and the irish8s won’t go on her ankles in an appropriate way. They are painfully tight and down right dangerous and there isn’t an in-between size so big ones go on the ankles and tiny ones on the wrists in front for a little bit before it all comes to an end.

This was a custom video

To answer your email questions before they arrive, Gotcuffs will be posting this in parts at his leisure but he will not be offering it for individual sale. If you are not a member here and want to own this clip get it on my clips4sale store. If you use the link below I get 100% commission for covid relief this month instead of the usual 60%. Please and thank you!–jj-plush–born-to-be-bound/cidef3302820bdcb292365042faa0

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full clip 46 minutes and 50 seconds

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part 1, arrest at the house

Write up coming soon, please see images 😉

A woman ( JJ Plush) is arrested at home in a black dress, garter and stockings. She puts up a fight and is taken to the ground. Then she ends up dressed in a green inmate jumpsuit with long white socks and sandals and an inmate id card. She is in a tiny holding cage. Officer Tony comes to the cage and lets her out and cuffs her with handcuffs and legirons and a nylon spitmask after groping her. She then is brought to a chair where she sits and waits and paces back and forth. The spitmask is removed and she is questioned for trying to steal a knife from the kitchen, which is what got her into big trouble to begin with. After the questioning due to the 0 tolerance in prison against possible violence she is taken up to maximum level security. Then she is uncuffed and told to remove her socks and uniform and to wear a new orange jumpsuit, white socks and sandals. Then she gets cuffed with the tubes, a lockbox, a bellychain with hands in front, a connector chain to her feet and legirons. After this procedure she is searched in a humiliating and inappropriate way. The spitmask is again placed on her head and she is brought to her cell, where she stays for some time without the spitmask. She starts to shout in her cell which is unacceptable, so she is put into the restraint chair and rolled back into a cell.


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walking in heels, getting chained up run time over 5 minutes

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in chains and then hogcuffed run time 8 minutes

I needed some promo photos for the upcoming Boundcon and my ex was in town and took them. I decided we should make a quick clip in the corset which was very very tight. I am indeed out of practice. This is just kind of real life between two now awkward people together. I am wearing the purple leg irons and hand cuffs he had personalized for me on our first real date even.  I have my feet up on the desk, walk out from behind it. Tony removes my lock box and I thread the chain out and then I walk to the desk, slide on oh so gracefully and then I gets hogcuffed which is usually very easy but the corset was digging into my right hip bone so badly I had hip pain for days, lol. I communicate through the ballgag answering some bondage questions he had for me during the clip as well.

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(Full version had error in link, but it is fixed now 12/19)

full clip, run time 59 minutes

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first part, tape

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2nd part, cuffs

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last parts

This was a custom video for Adara Jordin and I.

Adara Jordin thinks she is going to meet a potential roommate, not a the woman of her nightmares… Seeing no way out of the ordeal she is quick to comply with the woman. She is taped up, ballgagged, groped, knocked out, nipple clamped and taped into a little ball with her heel on her face on the floor. Then she is taken away, cuffed into a van at the wrists with hinged cuffs on the ankles and then taken to an office where she is cuffed again on the floor, before being forced to suck on a strap on and banged with it. She has already been forced to strip and her own clothing is being used against her as her wrists are tied with her bra, legs tied with her skirt and her pantyhose are used as a cleave. Once the woman is done invading her holes she is forced to get back into her pantyhose which her soon to be buyer much prefers to bare legs. She is tied with legs spread on the couch and her head has been wrapped with tape. She won’t be moving in with this woman, but she will have a new roommate, the man that is coming to buy her…

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run time almost 9 minutes

I agreed to the milking machine in Spain for Photoro for some reason. I tried it out holding them cuffed in front for a bit before appearing cuffed behind the back and ballgagged on my knees on the floor with them attached to my bound tits hands free. I yelp and contort my face questioning my life decisions, joking of course…Once he pops them off I stand up and attempt to kick him in the face while still cuffed.

The end.

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run time 5 minutes and 25 seconds

I’m already cuffed and clamped and ballgagged wearing a pet shock collar that I agreed to for another fellas site, for free some ungodly known reason but hey at least I have this content! He turns it up and up as time progresses. Enjoy me hating life in a lovely outdoor environment.

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run time 35 minutes

JJ is a call girl and at a dates house waiting for him to get home, only she has been set up by his wife who found out about his wrong doings because of a foreign pair of panties found in her home. JJ lays down on the sofa for a little nap awaiting his arrival. His woman comes in with cuffs and leg irons and chains up the sleeping woman who wakes up thinking it is her date but its too late she is almost hogcuffed. The woman explains her distaste for JJ and then shoves the panties she had left behind on another occasion in her mouth and wraps it tightly with an entire roll of vetwrap. She leaves JJ with her dirty panties in her mouth hogcuffed on the couch. JJ drops off the couch and makes her way to the forgotten bag of bondage goodies to retrieve the cuff key, which she does escaping the bondage and waiting for wifey to come back in. When she does she is waiting with cuffs and ropes. Je C is tied up while cuffed, cleave gagged and drooling all over. Her nipples are clamped. She struggles and gets balltied and then later her mouth is stuffed and wrapped and she is hogtied so tightly she can’t even roll over without assistance.

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run time over 42 minutes

Constance is back in jail again, cuffed behind the back and with leg irons on. Her parole officer decides to take her out and teach her a lesson…. She wears her inmate outfit until she gets herself out of a cuff situation and JJ gives her  a sexier outfit, black tights with red seams, a red hobble skirt, red bra and red blouse. She gets a white ballgag, a red ballgag. She is tied to the couch, told to bend over the couch, hogtied, nipple clamped, her mouth stuffed and head wrapped with vetwrap and then microfoam tape… She isn’t very happy and won’t be getting into trouble again.

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run time 36 minutes

A reporter by the name of Dakkota Gray is cuffed in front and at the ankles inside a cage in a way that makes it impossible to stand tall. She is also ballgagged. She tries to bust out of the cage but she isn’t having any luck. A woman appears and starts to threaten her not to run a story about her having an affair with a senator. She opens the cage of the door and makes the pretty woman scoot out and across the room all cuffed up before removing the leg irons and letting her stand. Now her long legs are on display for us as the brunette ties her up and makes more threats trying to scare her. She is attached to a post for a bit with a bit gag and then a pair of little Victoria Secret panties are pulled out. The brunette explains that they were retrieved from the reporters daughters dorm room. They are then stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear cellophane over and over and over. The reporter is then untethered from the post and told to hop around the cage that had once contained her… then she gets to the floor and is thrown some scissors to try to free herself even though that will prove to be a futile struggle. Now it is time to hogtie the pretty woman once many many wraps of packing tape go right over her gag. Hopefully she will take the hint not to run the story and mess with a politician and his mistress….

My first time tying Judas!!

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full clip, run time over 30 minutes

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hogcuff part, run time 10 minutes

Judas has been terrorizing the neighborhood, robbing women of their jewels at night. One lady is ready for the thief and much to her delight she is a tall busty beauty. Met with a rag to her face the pretty girl soon finds herself helpless on the floor and handcuffed and leg shackled- hogcuffed and helpless. Her mouth is met with a ballgag and the homeowners pantyhose clad foot finds her way into the pretty girls cleave and crotch. After watching a struggling show for a bit she is brought back up onto her feet in her 5″ heels and roped to the bed post, with her hands cuffed behind her back. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with vetwrap and later black tape, oh what lovely posture the pretty little thief has now!!! Soon the cop friend of the home owner awaits, what will happen next??