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run time 35 minutes

JJ is a call girl and at a dates house waiting for him to get home, only she has been set up by his wife who found out about his wrong doings because of a foreign pair of panties found in her home. JJ lays down on the sofa for a little nap awaiting his arrival. His woman comes in with cuffs and leg irons and chains up the sleeping woman who wakes up thinking it is her date but its too late she is almost hogcuffed. The woman explains her distaste for JJ and then shoves the panties she had left behind on another occasion in her mouth and wraps it tightly with an entire roll of vetwrap. She leaves JJ with her dirty panties in her mouth hogcuffed on the couch. JJ drops off the couch and makes her way to the forgotten bag of bondage goodies to retrieve the cuff key, which she does escaping the bondage and waiting for wifey to come back in. When she does she is waiting with cuffs and ropes. Je C is tied up while cuffed, cleave gagged and drooling all over. Her nipples are clamped. She struggles and gets balltied and then later her mouth is stuffed and wrapped and she is hogtied so tightly she can’t even roll over without assistance.

This is only her second time/ clip in bondage! She will be back at the end of the month if anyone would like a custom 🙂

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run time 17 minutes

Dawn Isabella just uses too much tape, as well as dressing like a tramp so her office mate JJ decides to use up a bunch of tape on Dawn. She gets her mouth stuffed, black vetwrap and then later lots of tape. When she is left alone she gets up and hops behind her desk and reaches for the scissors, only to be met by JJ who turns her around, pulls her boobs out of her shirt and leads her back to the sofa for more tape. Then she is hogtaped and her hands get all taped up. She is left mmmphing and helpless on the office floor with her massive boobs exposed. The only thing she can manage to do is rip off some of the tape on her beautiful hands. Who will get her out of this mess?

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run time 30 minutes

Apologies for the terrible lighting and camera quality, it was during the I lost the good but very hard to use camera in the divorce time. Many thanks to my dear friend Jochen for getting me a new one so there are fortunately not many clips shot with the old one- life saver you are!!

Je C thinks she is up for a part in a play. The heroine has to be tied up in the play so the casting director needs to tie her up. Je is told that she escapes and is a heroine for all women so she reluctantly agrees, but she has no idea just how difficult this will be. She is ballgagged and tied up. Her tits are tied and she is absolutely miserable. Then her mouth is stuffed and beautiful head wrapped. Later even more tape is added. The poor dear is yelping and crying. She is hogtied on her side, her beautiful hair all bound up. She is totally stuck there helpless. Will this woman ever untie her? Is there even a play she is auditioning for?

Aside from the lousy camera Je really could not deal with laying on her bound boobs, see the outtake at the end…she truly was a damsel in distress


posted to gotcuffs and still available there from 2015. I just enjoyed her makeup and outfit and thought some of you may as well

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run time 13 minutes

In this clip Tony puts a lot of chains on petite done up beauty Monica Jade and locks her in the holding cell. She talks to the camera some while alone and then at the end he has her come out of the cell and walk around in her heels and lingerie…

late 3rd update of the week

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 51 minutes

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cuff strappado, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

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crotch rope, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Tony found the green eyed cutie stealing from the porn studio she had been working at and as always she was given the choice to play a bondage game or have the cops called. She went for the bondage game. When we begin she has been strung up in a strappado in cuffs, legs spread, harness gag on. She is stuck bent over and drooling. JJ appears delighted to have someone to play with and is in a playful mood. The studio has been slow do to all of the pirated fetish content on the internet. Je C  begs for her to let her go through the gag. She tries to make deals even but JJ pulls her head back with a leg iron. Now she is even more uncomfortable. Her dress is pulled up. Her hands are used to grope the security guard. She is left to struggle. She is let down, forced to strip to her girdle and stockings and tied up. Her saliva is put all over her boobs. Her boobs are slapped, her nipples are pulled. Then she is put into a sort of strappado with a tight crotch rope. Next it is time for the gag to come off. She gets her mouth stuffed with panties and a tight tape cleave gag over it. She is forced to scoot over to the wall with a crotch rope leash. She is spanked for stealing and then put on the floor where she is hogtied and vetwrap is put over her gag. Eventually a pair of lace panties go over her head. She is left there on the basement floor to think about her crime.

footage at the end of a couple laughing outbursts. She was gag talking so much and I was guessing what she was saying, some of the guesses were far fetched and some other funny moments. There was a time she was crying from laughter, not that it was only 51F down there.

3rd update of the week

Guest bad guy Eric Cain from futilestruggles, just like old times!!

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full clip, run time 36 minutes

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coming soon- jec solo

The maintenance man saw what he thought was kinky fun between two ladies at work. He happens to love bondage so he thought he would have some fun of his own. He kidnapp Je C bringing her in over his shoulder. He is obviously in control and she is no match for him. He stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with microfoam tape. His big hand covering much of her face. She is crotch roped and left writhing on the floor when he brings JJ, Je C ex-boss into the room already tied a bit. He gets to work stuffing her mouth full and tying up her big boobs. These thick ass women get their elbows tied, they get frogtied and they are helpless and at his mercy. His hand feels like lead on their ample butts and boobs. Je C is crying and JJ is stunned. He ties her head back so she is even more helpless. What the hell does this guy plan to do to them?

1st update of the week

5:25am Eastern Standard time: the full clip was still loading & failed twice but I must go to sleep. If it doesn’t play all the way it will be corrected later today but I thought I would post the link in hopes that it works this time-

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full clip, run time 43 minutes

The shorter version below appears to have uploaded entirely

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shorter version- scarf gag, struggling, hogtape & more struggling  13 minutes

Je C was fired from her job for wandering in late, being rude, doing things all wrong. She is pissed and on some kind of drug binge. She decides she is going to take revenge on her previous employer. She plans to tie her up and rob her safe and take whatever else she can. She barges into the room yielding a weapon. She starts telling the boss lady how terrible of a boss she was. She ties her up and stuffs her mouth, gags her with her scarf and then some tape to hold it in place. She ties the womans wrists to her ankles, takes her expensive handbag and heads towards the safe. She forgets the gun and her bag of trips. The boss lady goes to work untying herself knowing the gun is just within reach. She gets out, grabs the gun and hides. Je comes back disappointed to say the least but now it is her turn for some bondage. She gets all taped up. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf from her bag, medical tape around her head. Boss lady can finally remove her own gag.  She tries to struggle and struggle but there is too much tape and now her hands are all taped up. She seems to be running out of energy but the boss lady is enjoying herself way too much, just when Je thinks she is going to be cut out she gets hogtaped. She can’t even roll over without being shoved. JJ (boss lady) is satisfied and suddently realizes that weapon wasn’t even real…Why didn’t Je put up more of a fight? Did she think the weapon was real….what is going to happen now?

4 minutes of aftermath at the end- I was going to end the clip without the hogtape. I figured she had been through enough but Eric Cain futilestruggles was in the background telling me to finish it off…