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run time 35 minutes

JJ is a call girl and at a dates house waiting for him to get home, only she has been set up by his wife who found out about his wrong doings because of a foreign pair of panties found in her home. JJ lays down on the sofa for a little nap awaiting his arrival. His woman comes in with cuffs and leg irons and chains up the sleeping woman who wakes up thinking it is her date but its too late she is almost hogcuffed. The woman explains her distaste for JJ and then shoves the panties she had left behind on another occasion in her mouth and wraps it tightly with an entire roll of vetwrap. She leaves JJ with her dirty panties in her mouth hogcuffed on the couch. JJ drops off the couch and makes her way to the forgotten bag of bondage goodies to retrieve the cuff key, which she does escaping the bondage and waiting for wifey to come back in. When she does she is waiting with cuffs and ropes. Je C is tied up while cuffed, cleave gagged and drooling all over. Her nipples are clamped. She struggles and gets balltied and then later her mouth is stuffed and wrapped and she is hogtied so tightly she can’t even roll over without assistance.

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