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This was a custom video

To answer your email questions before they arrive, Gotcuffs will be posting this in parts at his leisure but he will not be offering it for individual sale. If you are not a member here and want to own this clip get it on my clips4sale store. If you use the link below I get 100% commission for covid relief this month instead of the usual 60%. Please and thank you!–jj-plush–born-to-be-bound/cidef3302820bdcb292365042faa0

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full clip 46 minutes and 50 seconds

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part 1, arrest at the house

Write up coming soon, please see images 😉

A woman ( JJ Plush) is arrested at home in a black dress, garter and stockings. She puts up a fight and is taken to the ground. Then she ends up dressed in a green inmate jumpsuit with long white socks and sandals and an inmate id card. She is in a tiny holding cage. Officer Tony comes to the cage and lets her out and cuffs her with handcuffs and legirons and a nylon spitmask after groping her. She then is brought to a chair where she sits and waits and paces back and forth. The spitmask is removed and she is questioned for trying to steal a knife from the kitchen, which is what got her into big trouble to begin with. After the questioning due to the 0 tolerance in prison against possible violence she is taken up to maximum level security. Then she is uncuffed and told to remove her socks and uniform and to wear a new orange jumpsuit, white socks and sandals. Then she gets cuffed with the tubes, a lockbox, a bellychain with hands in front, a connector chain to her feet and legirons. After this procedure she is searched in a humiliating and inappropriate way. The spitmask is again placed on her head and she is brought to her cell, where she stays for some time without the spitmask. She starts to shout in her cell which is unacceptable, so she is put into the restraint chair and rolled back into a cell.



Trying to get out of the chair in leather boots and a huge ballgag without damsel whining was the custom

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run time 13 minutes and 49 seconds

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cell only, 5 minutes

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chair only, 8 minutes

5 minutes in the jail cell with hinged cuffs and leg irons and the rest struggling to get out of the restraint chair while wearing the big ballgag. I was able to get one boot out, only because of the heel, barefoot or flat shoes would have made that impossible. The wrists did not loosen at all, even when I tried to dig at one with my heel, the shoulder straps did loosen but that is it. The one across my gut did not move either. This was not a like a wild animal writhing around or senseless moaning, but it was a legitimate irritated escape attempt. I am wheeled out in the end.