My memory is terrible but I do believe this is the most helpless/ damsel like I have ever felt by women in a clip ever!!

Welcome back Sahrye and a newbie who hasn’t told me her stage name yet for my site!

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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ Plush is new in town and excited to be a part of a local foot night with her size 6 feet. Two regulars welcome her in, or so she thinks. They really don’t want to share their clients with her so they decide to scare her out of town. Glittery socks are removed and stuffed in her mouth and then Sahrye takes off her red lace panties and shoves them in her mouth. Her elbows are tied, feet are shoved in her face, she is leaned over the couch and humiliated, she is crotch rope and finally very very tightly hogtied. Her eyes feel like they are about to burst out of her head and she can’t move much at all. She thought she was about to make new friends and make some money but really she was having one of the worst days of her life instead.

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