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run time over 26 minutes

Adara Jordin and her girlfriend JJ are planning a night in. Adara knows JJ likes rope but she has purchased some handcuffs and wants to try something new. She cuffs JJ behind the back and gives her a drink which she sips threw a straw. She puts hinged cuffs on her ankles and she shimmys around to the other side of the bed. Then foot loving Adara starts to go after JJs toes with her big beautiful lips. JJ whines to be let out of the cuffs to truly enjoy it but Adara enjoys JJ in the metal and hopes that all of the attention to her feet makes her forget about the metal…She ends it with JJ hogcuffed, lots more making love to her not so maintained feet with her beautiful mouth. Then she runs off to finish dinner leaving JJ hogcuffed on the bed with no way out.

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