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run time over 23 minutes

New model to this site, Joann Belle- the one and only clip I got of her. Thanks to Bondage from overseas for helping it happen!!

A spoiled trophy wife gets bitchy hotel worker JJ fired. JJ is fired up and enters the womans room and grabs her by the neck and ties her up. She seems stunned- is she horrified or turned on? Eventually a ballgag is removed and panties inserted and her head is wrapped very tightly. Her heels come off, a crotch rope goes on and she is left hogtied and trussed up and helpless on the bed. JJ grab the rich bitches bag and leaves the room.

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run time 20 minutes and 40 seconds     this clip should be working fine now 11:31pm EST 10/25

Sahrye hasn’t noticed that a woman has been following her around her beach hotel all day. The woman sees Sahrye enter her room and then goes to the front desk pretending to be her and is given a key without any fuss. Sahrye is sleeping in a babydoll on the bed. The woman puts her out and then she finds herself being tied and talked to in a way that makes her very uncomfortable. Her mouth is stuffed and wrapped with clear tape, later a sock is placed over that gag and microfoam over that and before it is all over more and more microfoam over that. The poor dear makes muffled mmpphs as she finds herself being hogtied with her pretty little toes tied on the bed. Who will come to her rescue?

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run time 35 minutes

Fayth was hitting on JJs girl Adara while they were on a business trip. Fayth knew that the two were in a relationship….so JJ and Adara decide to have a little fun with her- against her will for being so rude. They drag her into the room and get her bound up admiring her reinforced toe pantyhose and red dress. They get her tied to a post in the room and rub their pantyhose clad legs all over her body but they aren’t done yet. Fayth and Adara both appear tied on the bed next. JJ tells them to put on a sensual struggling show, Fayth is confused about the entire situation but does as she is told while Adara really seems to be enjoying herself… Finally the two get stockings caps and get hogtied tightly on the bed. The lesbian couple is really turned on now, but they don’t plan to include Fayth in on the fun.