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run time 13 minutes and 36 seconds

I decided to start this out in lousy lighting before venturing into the light. Sorry about that.

I’m in a leather armbinder, catsuit, posture collar and big spider gag for one of those special $100 birthday customs I offered, but a little personalization was taken out. I’m a little what I refer to as ropey dopey right away. I move around the bedroom and show off the bondage and then head down the hallway and the steps to the main floor. The steps prove to be very scary in the posture collar and 5″ boots but I make it safely, with just a few collar bone bruises from trying to look down. Before heading down the stairs  my gag is changed to a big ballgag (off screen). I pace around and show off the bondage and then appear hooded in a bit gag and waist chain. Next I’m on the floor with the waist chain connected to my ankles and finally I appear in a hogtie. Next time I’ll vacuum up the pup hair before wearing a cotton catsuit on the floor 😉

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run time almost 40 minutes

Dakkota is having the worst day ever and has gotten into trouble with two men that claim to be cops (clip soon to be on gotcuffs if it is not now). They are done with her for a while and leave her for their lady friend JJ. JJ has Dakkota change into an outfit more to her liking. She uses layers of vetwrap and then tape to secure the womans upper body. She cleave gags her with a bandana and then vetwrap. She has her pace around in her new outfit and high heels. She sits her down on the couch and then frogtapes her so she is helpless. She removes the gag, stuffs her mouth and then puts tape on her face before adding a harness muzzle gag. She struggles on the ground and then she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with a scarf and wraps her face in more tape and then puts a stocking cap on her face and hogtapes her with a nylon hood on her head. She rolls around helplessly on the floor before JJ asks her which cop she would like to come back to continue her punishment…

2nd update of the week

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run time over 17 minutes

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run time over 7 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

Mizz Amanda Marie is standing with cuffs over her head, leg irons, shiny pantyhose a black leather teddy and 5″ pumps and a huge ballgag (hottbonds). She struggles around all sexy like (not like a damsel). I appear and spank her, caress her and leave her again. Shortly after that she is shown in more bondage pacing around with a huge pair or lace panties in her mouth and a leather gag ( I undo the gag and she spits out the huge pair of panties, then the scene cuts to her hogcuffed on the floor in a harness gag. She struggles hogcuffed before I connect her to the ceiling above so she can’t roll over. I rub on her a little more, stand up and poke at her in my brand new leather boots from Fernando Berlin and leave her there to struggle

1st update of the week

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run time 12 minutes and 55 seconds

JJ is a reporter without much of a brain and decides to investigate a local domme she suspects is hooking and selling drugs. She gets into her bedroom drawer and Terra the domme sees her and pulls a gun. She is a statuesque woman wearing shiny tan pantyhose, a leather body suit and tall leather boots. She looks striking.  She doesn’t  know the strange woman is a reporter, she thinks it could be an angry wife of a client but anyway she isn’t happy. Terra ties JJ up at the wrists and ankles and then removes her long scarf and stuffs it in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with tape. When Terra leaves the room JJ stands up and shimmys out of the ropes once she slips her heels off. Then she gets out of her wrist ropes. She grabs the gun and ducks behind the bed still gagged. The reporter wasn’t using her brain when she got herself into this mess but she seems to be thinking more clearly now. She pulls the weapon on the domme and handcuffs her with some cuffs that were on the bed. She uses the rest of the cuffs there too, hogcuffing her and putting cuffs over her elbows even. She can’t take any chances that the woman can get to a key. She pulls her gag out and uses a big metal one in the dommes mouth. She packs up her things and leaves. She wipes down all of her finger prints and says she has to get out of there because she can not lose her job or get in trouble with the law herself. Terra is left there struggling and furious until her next client arrives who seems a little turned off that his mistress is all bound up so he turns around and leaves her there…