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 run time over 27 minutes

Jayda walks into her office and removes her blazer. Shortly thereafter an angry older woman (her lovers wife) comes in and starts berating her and tying her up. She puts a huge open mouth ring gag in her mouth, and binds her elbows together. She is tied and gagged and hopes the madness will end there but the woman is not even close to being done yet. She removes Jayda’s scarf and wipes up the saliva from the open mouth gag and stuffs it into her mouth and wraps her head with black vetwrap before helping her to the floor and tightly hogtying her and wrapping microfoam around her head. She is left to struggle for a while before the woman brings in her helper, Dan. to They remove the stuffing gag so he can get a good look at her pretty face and then the open mouth gag is put back in before they take her away.

and I’m wearing a wig ūüėČ

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run time over 21 minutes

 This was shot a while ago now because time flies but this was one of two clips I shot with Steve Villa after many years of us not shooting. He posted the other one of me in a girdle and stockings but I will eventually post that one as well.

A man (Steve Villa) wants a womans safe code but she says she doesn’t know it. He has to restrain her. She can’t contain her excitement. Finally, something other than the mundane day to day… He can’t find rope but he does find plenty of tape. He stuffs her mouth with panties and tapes it up tightly. She wriggles around¬† and moves about despite him telling her not to so he adds more tape to her, binding her elbows and taping her chest. She still struggles about. When he returns he cuts her sweater and lays on the ground. He invites her to use some of that energy bouncing around on him. When he is done he hogtapes her on the floor….

2nd update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

last 17 minutes, mostly struggling

This was a custom video for me shot by Eric Cain February of this year. He happens to be the first person that ever tied me up. You can also find this on the futilestruggles c4s store.

1st update of the week

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full clip, run time over 27 minutes

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some struggling in both ties only, run time 5 minutes

Anna is a beautiful young woman that is naturally dominant and has a way with men. She figured she could have fun and earn some money being a dominatrix, but she goes about it the wrong way. She sets up a session with a known domme and says her name is Dan- a man and she wants to do a rope session. Of course Anna shows up looking pretty dominant herself. The experienced domme assumes the young woman is Dan’s domme and bringing him over, even though that should have been negotiated ahead of time. Anna tells JJ that she is eager to learn from her but didn’t think she would want to teach unless she met her in person first and saw how eager she was. She claims that is why she lied, just to get in the door. JJ doesn’t like what Anna has to say. She tells Anna that the best way to learn is to suffer herself so that she understands what the client is feeling. Anna isn’t so sure about that logic but goes along with what JJ has to say. She gets tied up and ballgagged and put into a strappado. Then she is nipple clamped and crotch roped. Anna is dealing pretty well, JJ talks about what she is doing and asks her questions she has to respond to over the big red ball in her mouth. Her skirt has been removed. JJ is enjoying making the confident girl feel vulnerable. JJ tells her that she is a natural in bondage and perhaps she should do sub sessions. JJ promises to watch to make sure she isn’t hurt….Anna manages to spit the ball out. She gets a break from a bit. She gets down from the strappado, is led to the wall and groped a bit, then she is put into a chair and tied to it. The ballgag has been put back in. Just for fun one side of the nipple clamps is removed and put back on to get a rise out of her and to remind her who is boss.¬† She is gagged with a knotted scarf and some tape and left to think about if she wants to study under JJ at all… When JJ returns she puts on the lace jacket the girl wore over, she decides she wants to keep it as payment for the session. Then she puts the girls black leather skirt on her head and leaves.

What you don’t see is that she was crying at the end, but she was OK with that. You might wonder why I do meaner ties to her but not such harsh gags. She had a couple really bad experiences in bondage, and gags scare her most so I’m trying to earn her trust and not scare her away- I think she will ease into real stuffing gags soon enough… Next time she comes I’ll have her try some real self gags.

2nd update of the week

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run time 21 minutes

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shorter, starting with the regagging scene

run time over 8 minutes

JJ knows of a catburgar that has been striking locally. She is prepared to stop the person in their tracks should they come in. She settles down for bed and shortly after a catburglar appears! She is caught and tied up as the home owner asks her about her fancy outfit. With elbows bound, a hole is poked in the stocking mask she is wearing, big lips and tape added for humiliation. She is left struggling helplessly on the bit before the woman comes back and takes the nylon hood off. She stuffs her mouth with panties, wraps tape around her head and hogties her, even pulling her hair back into the tie. Now that the woman has her all tied up what will she do with her?

side note Rachel could not roll over and needed me to push her over in able to shoot more angles (which I did off screen)

This was a custom video

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run time 25 minutes

JJ is dressed casually in leggings, sweater and socks when her man Tony comes home. She asks that he ties her up so he does. She stuffs a sock in her mouth and is cleave gagged with another and then her elbows are tied. She bounces across the room for fun to retrieve her phone and then gets to the floor where she struggles around getting the feel for her bindings and then that gag is replaced with a sock and another sock to hold it in. Later Tony wraps lots and lots of black tape around it to secure it all into place. She has been hogtied and now she is where she wants to be!


Sample images from the enclosed photoset

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35 images

In July I went to LA to see my best friend Dixie Comet marry the love of her life. While I was there I didn’t accomplish much because I was dealing with that insanely low temperature, adrenal exhaustion and thyroid thing however I was sure to to keep my shoot scheduled with the first man to ever suspend me in 2007 (Don Sir) who much later become a lover and loved one. Although the relationship was not meant to last we’ve always had a beautiful relationship with rope. There was never any expectation to create bondage clips or do something that sold because it wasn’t a business for him. There was never any acting or pretending to be mad or sad or in pain like there is often times when making clips. It was always just two people that truly enjoyed bondage and hosiery challenging one another and making memories simply with a camera. I had no worries that I would ruin the shoot if I got too sick and weak. I had no worries about putting on a show. I HOPED that I had what it takes to withstand the types of ties I always enjoyed with him but I knew that even if I bailed on the first tie there would be no hard feelings and we would still enjoy the evening catching up. There were others I wanted to be tied up by on the trip, but they are in the business of DID clips and I wasn’t willing to try and fail and get myself all worked up about it. This day I laid in the bed until he arrived conserving energy. The next day I stayed in the bed almost day recovering (temperature was in the 96.4 range) not conducive to physical and mental challenges but I’m happy to say I did pretty ok and I felt good because my dear from Suzi came and did my makeup. The hardest part for me was that suspension- simply the rope digging into my plush flesh above the knee and oddly enough not the elbows bound with breast bondage, which makes elbow bondage more challenging (for me).

For those of you who have been emailing about my doctors appointment, some of you even curious about my condition because of a loved on that seems to be suffering similarly I’ll elaborate more about the get well process in a journal update very soon. I did the right thing not making any rash decisions and waiting for the specialist. I can see and feel myself coming back to life shall we say, although there are often disheartening reminders that I have a long way to go but that is life.

This was a custom video- the dress, the fishnets, the story, my attitude- interested in one? jj at

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run time 38 minutes full clip  (elbows tied for about 16 minutes of this clip)

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 run time 15 minutes Рshorter version, both gag changes & all of the hogtie scene

A woman comes into her bedroom and a man¬† pops up from the other side of the bed. He is there to rob her but he seems much more interested in getting her tied up… He adds a ton of rope to her legs, her arms. She seems more angry with him than whiney. He ballgags her but then stuffs her mouth with panties and uses black wrap to keep them¬† in there. Her nose is pulled to the side and her eyes look droopy. He adds more rope and then swaps that out for a scarf he finds in her drawer and clear tape when she doesn’t tell him the code to her safe and give him the key to her safety deposit box. He has her big boobs all tied up and then hogties her leaving her angry and in pain on the floor. He isn’t done yet, he returns and slides her over to the bed and attaches a rope to the bedpost so she can’t even roll around to get any pressure off of her shoulders, lucky for her those tits aren’t smashed into the wood floor anymore but he has added black tape to assure him she can’t yell for help when he leaves…