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run time over 21 minutes

 This was shot a while ago now because time flies but this was one of two clips I shot with Steve Villa after many years of us not shooting. He posted the other one of me in a girdle and stockings but I will eventually post that one as well.

A man (Steve Villa) wants a womans safe code but she says she doesn’t know it. He has to restrain her. She can’t contain her excitement. Finally, something other than the mundane day to day… He can’t find rope but he does find plenty of tape. He stuffs her mouth with panties and tapes it up tightly. She wriggles around  and moves about despite him telling her not to so he adds more tape to her, binding her elbows and taping her chest. She still struggles about. When he returns he cuts her sweater and lays on the ground. He invites her to use some of that energy bouncing around on him. When he is done he hogtapes her on the floor….