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full clip, run time over 27 minutes

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some struggling in both ties only, run time 5 minutes

Anna is a beautiful young woman that is naturally dominant and has a way with men. She figured she could have fun and earn some money being a dominatrix, but she goes about it the wrong way. She sets up a session with a known domme and says her name is Dan- a man and she wants to do a rope session. Of course Anna shows up looking pretty dominant herself. The experienced domme assumes the young woman is Dan’s domme and bringing him over, even though that should have been negotiated ahead of time. Anna tells JJ that she is eager to learn from her but didn’t think she would want to teach unless she met her in person first and saw how eager she was. She claims that is why she lied, just to get in the door. JJ doesn’t like what Anna has to say. She tells Anna that the best way to learn is to suffer herself so that she understands what the client is feeling. Anna isn’t so sure about that logic but goes along with what JJ has to say. She gets tied up and ballgagged and put into a strappado. Then she is nipple clamped and crotch roped. Anna is dealing pretty well, JJ talks about what she is doing and asks her questions she has to respond to over the big red ball in her mouth. Her skirt has been removed. JJ is enjoying making the confident girl feel vulnerable. JJ tells her that she is a natural in bondage and perhaps she should do sub sessions. JJ promises to watch to make sure she isn’t hurt….Anna manages to spit the ball out. She gets a break from a bit. She gets down from the strappado, is led to the wall and groped a bit, then she is put into a chair and tied to it. The ballgag has been put back in. Just for fun one side of the nipple clamps is removed and put back on to get a rise out of her and to remind her who is boss.  She is gagged with a knotted scarf and some tape and left to think about if she wants to study under JJ at all… When JJ returns she puts on the lace jacket the girl wore over, she decides she wants to keep it as payment for the session. Then she puts the girls black leather skirt on her head and leaves.

What you don’t see is that she was crying at the end, but she was OK with that. You might wonder why I do meaner ties to her but not such harsh gags. She had a couple really bad experiences in bondage, and gags scare her most so I’m trying to earn her trust and not scare her away- I think she will ease into real stuffing gags soon enough… Next time she comes I’ll have her try some real self gags.

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