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This was a custom for Ophelia who will hopefully be returning by the end of the year

Not a member here and want to own this clip….you sure can not buy it from c4s but you can get it here  live 10/24

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run time 47 minutes and 22 seconds

JJ is absolutely obsessed with her pretty neighbor and the feeling is NOT reciprocated. Ophelia loves to surround herself with college girls and not grown ass women. JJ isn’t the most stable woman so one day she decides that she is going to have some fun with her pretty pantyhose wearing neighbor even without consent. She enters through the back and sees Ophelia reading at her kitchen table. She empties some fluid onto a cloth and then approaches Ophelia from behind…

Ophelia finds herself being taped in the chair, a ballgag goes in her mouth, nipple clamps go on. The woman puts the rag to her face a couple times and also to her own face.

Then the two appear in Ophelia’s basement and a few more rag over the face instances occur. Ophelia is taped with her legs crossed and arms overhead stretched out beautifully struggling in silky pantyhose on the day bed. Two hankies go in her mouth and pantyhose keep them in place.

Next her elbows are taped up, mouth stuffed with a silky scarf and lips sealed with tape. She is helped into the cage where JJ puts her pantyhose clad feet all over Ophelia and then she knocks Ophelia and herself back out. Ophelia gets knocked out with her own curly hair clip just for a little bit of humiliation and JJ used the rag to knock herself back out.

Where will the evening go from there?