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run time over 33 minutes

Dahlia and her curves that don’t stop struggle hogcuffed and ballgaged on the sofa until I enter and decide to get her all tied up with pink rope. Once she is boxtied and crotch roped the pink ballgag comes out and a pair of satin panties go in her mouth, clear tape seals them in. Next I put a bright pink stocking over her body and tie it off at the bottom. She rolls around for a bit before I remove it. I hogtied her, I tie her pantyhose clad toes, I put a silver stocking over her head to match her blouse. Next stretchy pink fabric goes over her gagged mouth and eyes. She is stuck on her belly so after some time I roll her over for another view.  A little bit of her coming undone at the end is shown.

I just glanced over the site and realized that there has been a lot of sweaters and tape, so here is something a little different.

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run time over 15 minutes

Dahlia Lark with her perfect peaches and cream skin struggles sensually in a strappado wearing an armbinder and spreader bar with a harness gag for a while before I come in and remove the armbinder. Next she is shown struggling on the floor in leather straps. I put a pair of panties in her mouth, wrap her head and watch her struggle before putting the lace cap on her head and pulling her bustier to the side and watching her enjoy her bindings.

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run time 22 minutes and 30 seconds

Pretty blond Dahlia Lark finds herself cleave gagged with her hands taped being led into a room. She is feisty and needs a time out after being told to read the label on the amber colored bottle…. She wakes up and more tape goes on her gorgeous figure. Her mouth is stuffed and that stretchy blue fabric is pulled over her face very tightly for a while, until it is time to take that off. Next a big USA bandana goes into her mouth and then her pretty face is wrapped very tightly with tape. She gets tightly hogtaped with that huge gag in her mouth and moans in misery until one more lights out.

Some footage of her coming out of the tape. It REALLY stuck to her and she was a very good sport!!