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She is currently unable to work her day job due to Michigan Covid Rules, so she is more than happy to come do customs until that time

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run time over 32 minutes

Jeanette shot with me many moons ago with her mother. She is back now with the restraint chair escape challenge custom, in a sparkling dress with her shiny new Doc Marten boots. She does not escape the chair in the 5 minutes, only gets an ankle loose but not out so I get to bind her up as a punishment. I don’t want her in those boots for the hogcuffing so she appears in pantyhose and high heels. I also fold her dress to show more leg. She gets lots of cuffs on her petite and curvy frame. She wears a ballgag and walks around ankle cuffed and then gets her mouth stuffed and head wrapped. She struggles in a chair and then she is basically ballcuffed sitting up for a while and then I knock her over and let her struggle before changing the position to a hogcuffing. Her heels come off and her soft soles are exposed. Adorable.

New bondage model to this site, Isabella aka Izzie

she is pretty afraid of gags and tight stuff but she did great for me

she is available for customs

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38 minutes and 35 seconds

 Izzie left town with a partners money. She made a life for herself but a couple years later the woman catches up with her. Izzie submits to be taped up in her own office, her scarf being used as a gag, forced to struggle in a chair and then hogtaped on the floor. After that abuse she is cut out of the hogtaped and led over to her desk to get her purse and then she is taken from the building. JJ goes back to Izzies house with her bound. She has been stripped out of her power suit down to her underclothes. Her wrists have been cuffed with irish8 cuffs, her thumbs are cuffed, her ankles are cuffed. She gets a little silver ballgag. She is  told to walk around a bit like this before getting to the floor where she is hogcuffed and her gag is changed. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with vetwrap. Her toes get cuffed up. A helpless, topless, perfect bootied pretty young Izzie mmmmps on the floor in her bindings  along when a man enters and tells her they are going to have a talk about JJs stolen money.

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run time 15 minutes

Not a member here and want to own this clip buy it on her clip4sale store, Rachel Adams fetishes

Rachel Adams came to spend the night on a lovely evening and I decided to take some photos of her on the dock just for her in the outfit she arrived in but then I got ballsy and gave her cuffs since none of my neighbors were out and we were in regular attire. She wanders the beaten up dock cuffed and then hogcuffs herself before undoing it and walking the yard still cuffed. Then she heads inside to the sun porch and removes everything.

This was a custom, interested? jj at

I’ll be in emails tonight.

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run time 51 minutes

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metal bondage 28 minutes

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starting with rope bondage, run time 19 minutes and 37 seconds

Adara was held for ransom.  If JJ didn’t receive the money from Adara’s girlfriend things weren’t gonna go so well for Adara.  Adara is handcuffed to the pole when JJ comes in to remind her that her girlfriend better come through with the money.  She gags her and shackles her while she is handcuffed tot he post with her arms behind her.  She changes her gag then hog cuffs her on the floor with hinged cuffs, regular cuffs and 3 pair of leg irons.  She struggles around as JJ fondles her.She adds more shackles and cuffs to her.  She hoods her and takes her into her jail cell where Adara continues to struggle.  She balls gags her and hog cuffs her in the jail cell and she struggles around. Now it is time for some real bondage, cruel hamburg 8 cuffs and tight arm ropes and leg ropes. Her mouth is stuffed and she gets a nylon hood over her head with a stocking and then a stocking for a blindfold. She is left with throbbing arms absolutely miserable just hoping that her girlfriend comes through.

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run time over 40 minutes

Rachel is a career criminal and changed her name and opened a shadey afterhours joint. A woman is onto her and decides to make a fake arrest to get Rachel out of the way so she can make all the money there for the night. She cuffs her and put leg irons on her and wanders off. Rachel decides to go for her phone but is caught and then gagged and hogcuffed while her captor goes to check out the building. Rachel is thrown the key and manages to get herself free and go for her phone again, which just gets her into more trouble….Now the ropes come out and she is led across the room, tied up and tethered to a post and told to wind herself around it. Then she is tied to the post with nipple clamps attached. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and then clear tape and later vetwrap. She is released from the post and tied with her legs to the post and her body pulled off the floor. Layers of black tape are added to her gag and even some more rope. The poor dear, what will happen next?

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run time 54 minutes, full version

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cuff part

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the rest of it

A crazed woman hires an escort that looks a lot like her missing lover Carissa. The two quickly get into making out and then the woman stands up to get her pretty little visitor a cocktail. Curious about the contents of the bag next to her the escort opens it and is horrified about the bdsm items she sees inside,she isn’t kinky like that and didn’t even want to wear the pvc dress. The woman that hires her is disappointed that the girl isn’t willing to play her kinky game so she makes her go out. Then Adara Jordan (the girl)  is all cuffed up against her will. She is hit with a flogger, pantyhose ripped, panties ripped off and she was given a vibrator and told to try to get herself off. Then she was hogcuffed with a leg of her pantyhose over her head and her bra stuck over her eyes.  Next the pretty escort appears in the basement and tied and gagged in a chair before the woman comes back in for more fun. Her gag is removed and then her head goes into a latex hood connected to latex shorts. She can barely breathe as she is forced to have some fun with her captor. Next a dick on a stick is used on the pretty whore and she is left gagged and hogtied on the floor unsure of whether she was in heaven or hell just waiting to see what will happen next….

BONUS UPDATE from Tony at gotcuffs also available there and on his c4s store

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run time 12 minutes

Amanda Marie is sleeping when a cat burglar played by Adara Jordin breaks in and starts going through her drawers. Luckily Amanda has been prepared for such an event and surprises Adara when she rolls out of bed ready to defend herself. She make Adara handcuff herself behind the back before hogcuffing her on the bed. She calls the police and tells them no hurry she has things under control. She teases Adara and brings out a head cage and attaches Adara to the bed post with the cuffs and head cage. After taunting Adara some more she gets back in bed and tries to get some sleep before the cops arrive.

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full clip, run time 23 minutes

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first part including hogcuff scene, run time 7 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ received a nice package in the mail A petite and big boobed young hottie named Simone to play bondage games with. She is dressed in a purple girdle with satin accents, stockings and satin heels all cuffed up in hinged cuffs. She is hogcuffed for a bit before her owner returns to change things up a bit including nipple clamps on her perfect boobs. She gets a couple gags and a couple positions and is handed the key and told to get out. She gets her ankles out but she cant get her wrists or hands done. After that it is time to put her back into the box for more bondage games tomorrow.

lingerie from just figures


given to me by

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run time 7 minutes

A very blond, very busty full figured woman with nicely manicured hands and feet comes to on a boat with hinged cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She is in a tiny room, just the size of a double bed. She tries to make her way out of there, it is over 90F outside. She doesn’t see anyone below and she moves her feet very slowly as to not hurt herself or fall down. She backs up the steps onto the deck. She scoots across a wet rug from the recent rain, she stands up looking around for help or even her captor- the sun shines brightly in her face. The man sees she is up. He has been enjoying the breeze on the bow. He grabs her and hogcuffs her with a chain, rendering her even more helpless than before.