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run time over 18 minutes

I saw this cute young girl with a foreign accent at the beach, she was wearing a flowery dress and suntan sheer pantyhose with sneakers. How adorable, you don’t see that much at the beach even in the winter. I watched her and two older men all evening. They seem to be having a great time,  they were hanging on her every word but they were not getting very touchy with her. I wondered if they would all go back to one room together, maybe I could peek in the window…. but she said goodnight and went to her own room at the hotel. I knew she had been drinking all day in the sun and that she would soon be asleep.  I looked like a normal lady so I went to the front desk pretending to be buzzed and said I had lost my room key card. I gave my room number, the front desk girl asked my name and I just said Diamondly as I pretended to have something important happening in my phone. I heard the guys call her Diamondly a few times, but I didn’t get a last name. I entered her room and she was out. If she hadn’t been my plan was to apologize sincerely and say I was in the room next door and wow there must be a problem with the keys. How scary! She was indeed asleep so I overpowered her and tied her up while she was still wearing that cute little dress and pantyhose. She gets her mouth stuffed, head wrapped tightly with vetwrap and white tape. I put her arms up in an unusual way and tie and tape them. I hogtie her on the bed as she writhes around. I pose for photos with her and I leave her there helpless on the bed while I go to the hotel bar to help myself to another cocktail. Hhhmmm what else will I do to this adorable helpless  young tourist?

Side note, this was my last day in Florida which I always end with a night at the beach.  After a lovely day of frolicking it was clear that Diamondly wanted to be tied up and I thought it would be fun to make a last minute clip. I didn’t have any lights with me since I had been using the ones at Eric Cains studio on this trip, so I just used what was available in the hotel. 

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full clip

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hogtie, run time 7 minutes and 40 seconds

Two terrible women JJ Plush and Rachel Adams have captured Diamondly and plan to get a lot of money for her. They bring her into the house with wrists tied and  get her tied in a chair and then leave for a bit before putting her into a tight chicken wing hogtie on the floor. JJ spur of the moment decides to trick her pal into tying herself up a bit for some photos to make it look like the lady taking operation is bigger than it is… She stuffs her own mouth and wraps her head up tightly to make it look real after she ties her ankles.  Her so called friend ties her arms and hogties her next to the other girl.  JJ has suddenly gotten greedy and no longer cares about her pal, she is taking the money all for herself and leaving Rachel there alongside of Diamondly who she ties off to the ceiling so she can not roll over.

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run time 36 minutes

Oh my god that thigh rope was the killer and everything else was tolerable. I should post the photo of the bruise I took days after….

written by Eric: It has been a few years since I have tied JJ, so to get back in the groove, I do a quick hogtie in the basement. We chat as I bind her, but just because we are chatting and laughing does not mean that the ropes are not tight. In fact, the ropes are tight, the gag is tight and JJ’s tits are bound and clamped, and I even manage to tie her big toes. Not a lot of movement after I put her in this tie, as she really could not move. I also left in the footage after I release JJ and remove her gag.

This little beauty is coming from Europe to spend a week with me in September and she is coming with Little Red Girl.

You should consider ordering a custom video 🙂

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run time 19 minutes and 35 seconds

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stuffing gag/ end of struggling run time less than  9 minutes

 Teen beauty Diamondly stands tall in a pantyhose outfit and ballgags herself before I begin to tape her up. This is her first time in tape bondage! She gets all taped up and struggles around on the couch. She keeps picking her arms up basically asking for a chicken wing so I give it to her but it is a big struggle because I didn’t tape her arms thinking it would end that way so its extra tight. She doesn’t complain. Her mouth gets stuffed, layers and layers of vetwrap go on and then black tape. She rolls around on the floor for us before I hogtape her and put a nylon over her fresh young face. She mmmphs about and moves around in her tight bindings. I cut her out on film and she struggles to remove her gag with her limp arms.

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run time 29 minutes

It is Boundcon Munich in May 2019 and I get the chance to tie up tall blond beauty Ariel Anderson for the first time. I am 5’5″ and wearing 4.5″ heels….how tall do you think she is??? She is wearing a beautiful harness gag by allaboutgag, a gift from my friend Jochen. I tie her arms and she poses in her mini skirt, lacey stocking tops poking through and then we wander around the Boundcon floor during a slow time, yes a slow time. My friend from Bondage overseas was kind enough to hold the camera for me. After a nice jaunt around the event I take her up a set of stairs and into a private bathroom where I decide I’ve had enough of her. She is close pals with Eric Cain, my bestie and I’m tired of him always saying such great things about her. This is my time for some jealous girl revenge!! I know she has a stage show soon so I lead her up a set of stairs and try some doors that are usually open but they are all locked so I tether her to the steps momentarily until I can find an open door. The winner is the ladies room so I tie her legs as she stands before leading her into the bathroom We make small talk like all is well. I open her sheer blouse to reveal her black lace bra, then I bring her into the bathroom. She isn’t impressed. She preferred being out in front of people. Then I get her hogtied on the bathroom floor. She thinks it is pretty gross. She can tell I’m annoyed now and she tries to reason with me through her gag. I remove the harness bag and put a pair of panties worn by a man in her mouth. I put vetwrap around her head and then hogtie her and tied her hair. She is very expressive! Hopefully someone goes up to the secluded area and frees her before her show begins, if not oh well maybe she won’t be invited back next year, lol.

All joking aside I was delighted to meet her in person for the first time. She will be coming to visit in November of this year and available for customs!!

run time 28 minutes and 40 second

Welcome Polly back, it has been 5 years or so!!

The file is working now 7/18/19

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run time 29 minutes

This clip was the models idea!!

Polly is JJs little but she is way too naughty. She drinks the vodka and wears the grown ups clothing, so she gets a nice over the knee spanking, bright pink ballgag, ropes, nipple clamps that go on and off several times, and an arm tie that makes her arms go purple and numb quickly. She is tied in a little ball and then a hogtie. Her pretty  little mouth has been stuffed and wrapped with microfoam, hopefully she will be let out soon.

The link should be correct now  6/17 10:47AM EST

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run time 30 minutes

This is the very first time I tied up the lovely young lady! There were some issues with her camera battery dying and then her card being full so I eventually had to go get mine which I should have demanded we used from the get go because I knew it was charged with an empty card. Live and learn. She will be visiting me from Europe in Sept. Order a custom, I promise she is worth it!!

So beautiful young Diamondly is brought in wearing a ballgag from with an open bottom girdle, fully fashioned stockings and lacy bra. She gets tied at the elbows and put into a strappado with a crotch rope and then one leg is pulled up. She balances on a platform heel making it look like a breeze. Her hair gets roped up and pulled back, she sways back and forth making lovely noises until she is shown getting her legs tied differently and then a chicken wing elbow tie still wearing the same ballgag. She stands tall as the ropes go on making adorable faces and drooling. Next she gets a pair of my thong underwear shoved in her mouth and vetwrap for a tight cleave. She gets to the ground and then is hogtied before being tied off to the ceiling above. A ballgag is added over the cleave but I  decided that it wasn’t such a good look, so much more vetwrap goes around her angelic little head. She mmmphs about all doe eyed…

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run time 30 minutes and 30 seconds

Rachel Adams doesn’t know what is happening when a very angry woman barges into her office and cuffs her behind the back. She makes her stand up and brings her out in front of the desk ballgagged. Her arms are hoisted up cuffed, she is slapped with ropes and her pretty stocking clad legs get all roped up. She is nipple clamped and then her mouth is stuffed and head wrapped. The cuffs are removed and her arms are tied up tighter. She is left to struggle in humiliation, making her way to the floor and sticking her nice satin panty clad ass out. Her captor returns and puts her into a chicken wing hogtie and then wraps plastic over her head and makes her eyes big and green..

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run time over 40 minutes

Rachel is a career criminal and changed her name and opened a shadey afterhours joint. A woman is onto her and decides to make a fake arrest to get Rachel out of the way so she can make all the money there for the night. She cuffs her and put leg irons on her and wanders off. Rachel decides to go for her phone but is caught and then gagged and hogcuffed while her captor goes to check out the building. Rachel is thrown the key and manages to get herself free and go for her phone again, which just gets her into more trouble….Now the ropes come out and she is led across the room, tied up and tethered to a post and told to wind herself around it. Then she is tied to the post with nipple clamps attached. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and then clear tape and later vetwrap. She is released from the post and tied with her legs to the post and her body pulled off the floor. Layers of black tape are added to her gag and even some more rope. The poor dear, what will happen next?

New model to this site, Sunshine!



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run time over 35 minutews

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Two bounty hunters make a great pair but the woman did her partner dirty a while back and it has taken her a while to get back into his good graces. The two are after a woman, luckily she is smoking hot because the female loves to tie people up and play with them before turning them in for the cash. The man gets to work tying the sexy woman up while the female bounty hunter gropes her and talks dirty to her. She strips her of her little skirt and ties her blouse up under her tits, wow, what a female specimen the duo has here!! They put a sock in her mouth and wrap her head and watch her squirm in a crotch rope but then the man turns on his old pal and ties her up explaining that they will truly be even after she endures this…She isn’t happy on the receiving side of ropes and wants to be done with this little game getting with her hands back on their little captive Sunshine, but things aren’t going her way… Her arms are cruelly bound and her mouth has been stuffed and wrapped with a bandana and microfoam. Later her starts to untie Sunshines legs to take her out so the accomplice turned damsel thinks she will be released as well, but she is wrong. He tightens the hogtie and puts wraps upon wraps of vetwrap around her head….