The link should be correct now  6/17 10:47AM EST

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run time 30 minutes

This is the very first time I tied up the lovely young lady! There were some issues with her camera battery dying and then her card being full so I eventually had to go get mine which I should have demanded we used from the get go because I knew it was charged with an empty card. Live and learn. She will be visiting me from Europe in Sept. Order a custom, I promise she is worth it!!

So beautiful young Diamondly is brought in wearing a ballgag from with an open bottom girdle, fully fashioned stockings and lacy bra. She gets tied at the elbows and put into a strappado with a crotch rope and then one leg is pulled up. She balances on a platform heel making it look like a breeze. Her hair gets roped up and pulled back, she sways back and forth making lovely noises until she is shown getting her legs tied differently and then a chicken wing elbow tie still wearing the same ballgag. She stands tall as the ropes go on making adorable faces and drooling. Next she gets a pair of my thong underwear shoved in her mouth and vetwrap for a tight cleave. She gets to the ground and then is hogtied before being tied off to the ceiling above. A ballgag is added over the cleave but I  decided that it wasn’t such a good look, so much more vetwrap goes around her angelic little head. She mmmphs about all doe eyed…

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