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Welcome Polly back, it has been 5 years or so!!

The file is working now 7/18/19

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run time 29 minutes

This clip was the models idea!!

Polly is JJs little but she is way too naughty. She drinks the vodka and wears the grown ups clothing, so she gets a nice over the knee spanking, bright pink ballgag, ropes, nipple clamps that go on and off several times, and an arm tie that makes her arms go purple and numb quickly. She is tied in a little ball and then a hogtie. Her pretty  little mouth has been stuffed and wrapped with microfoam, hopefully she will be let out soon.


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run time 0ver 45 minutes

Polly knew her coworker liked to tie girls up and she wondered what it was like. She definitely got to find out-

Description coming soon


Photos of local lovelies Kimberly Sinical and Polly Glamorus

Video updates from these shoots will be posted soon!

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31 photos

Bonus Update


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68 photos

Photos of Polly in and out of bondage. This video clip has already been posted. If you’d like to see it type Polly in the search function on the right hand side of the page.


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run time 30 minutes

Polly has been taking JJs domme clients. She shows up for a session but is tied up instead. Polly wanders through the basement in leather pants, leather bustier, leather bolero jacket and leather heels. She has a crotch rope and her hands have been tied to it. She is wearing a 2 inch black ballgag. She wanders around trying to find a way out but the doors are locked. JJ comes down and finds her and takes her upstairs where she is set on a table and tied up even more. After more ropes are on her her harness gag is removed and a pair of panties are shoved in her mouth and ace bandage is wrapped tightly around her head. Then her bustier is pulled down and her boobs get a few clothespins on them. After some time the pins are removed and she is laid on her stomach and hogtied, then turned on her side and her gag changed again…to another pair of panties and an entire roll of vetwrap that brings out the color of her pretty eyes. She is left, and then when JJ returns she adds another rope to Pollys back pulling her up so she can’t turn on her side anymore. Then she gets a stocking cap over her head with electrical tape over that and the cap is pulled back tightly forcing her head up and making it hard to breathe from the tape under her chin. Polly is left there struggling.


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65 photos total

Here are a few images of Polly outdoors and then well gagged on the boat and images of Coral at Fetishcon this year. Both of these video clips can already be found posted on this site.


New model to this site, Detroit Burly Q girl (Detroit Dizzy Dames) and bondage loving Polly Glamorus

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run time 20 minute

Polly got a little off course and is a bit lost outside of her marina. She calls her friends and tell her that she should catch up with her soon, but feels like she is being watched. A man comes out of the brush and puts his arm around her mouth to keep her quiet. She soon wakes up disoriented with her wrists tied off to a boat trailer. A woman soon approaches her and ballgags her to keep her quiet. She unleashes her from the boat trailer and walks her down the dirt road and eventually onto her own boat. This little blue eyed cutie was left a boat load of money and the two that were stalking her intend on running off with a lot of it.  More rope is added to her. Her ballgag is removed and she is forced to make a call telling her friend that she went home. The scarf the female captor was wearing is shoved in her mouth and duct tape wrapped around her head. Her perky boobs are pulled out of her tank top and she is eventually put into a snug balltie and left there while the two rob her.