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run time over 18 minutes

I saw this cute young girl with a foreign accent at the beach, she was wearing a flowery dress and suntan sheer pantyhose with sneakers. How adorable, you don’t see that much at the beach even in the winter. I watched her and two older men all evening. They seem to be having a great time,  they were hanging on her every word but they were not getting very touchy with her. I wondered if they would all go back to one room together, maybe I could peek in the window…. but she said goodnight and went to her own room at the hotel. I knew she had been drinking all day in the sun and that she would soon be asleep.  I looked like a normal lady so I went to the front desk pretending to be buzzed and said I had lost my room key card. I gave my room number, the front desk girl asked my name and I just said Diamondly as I pretended to have something important happening in my phone. I heard the guys call her Diamondly a few times, but I didn’t get a last name. I entered her room and she was out. If she hadn’t been my plan was to apologize sincerely and say I was in the room next door and wow there must be a problem with the keys. How scary! She was indeed asleep so I overpowered her and tied her up while she was still wearing that cute little dress and pantyhose. She gets her mouth stuffed, head wrapped tightly with vetwrap and white tape. I put her arms up in an unusual way and tie and tape them. I hogtie her on the bed as she writhes around. I pose for photos with her and I leave her there helpless on the bed while I go to the hotel bar to help myself to another cocktail. Hhhmmm what else will I do to this adorable helpless  young tourist?

Side note, this was my last day in Florida which I always end with a night at the beach.  After a lovely day of frolicking it was clear that Diamondly wanted to be tied up and I thought it would be fun to make a last minute clip. I didn’t have any lights with me since I had been using the ones at Eric Cains studio on this trip, so I just used what was available in the hotel. 

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