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run time over 40 minutes

Rachel is a career criminal and changed her name and opened a shadey afterhours joint. A woman is onto her and decides to make a fake arrest to get Rachel out of the way so she can make all the money there for the night. She cuffs her and put leg irons on her and wanders off. Rachel decides to go for her phone but is caught and then gagged and hogcuffed while her captor goes to check out the building. Rachel is thrown the key and manages to get herself free and go for her phone again, which just gets her into more trouble….Now the ropes come out and she is led across the room, tied up and tethered to a post and told to wind herself around it. Then she is tied to the post with nipple clamps attached. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and then clear tape and later vetwrap. She is released from the post and tied with her legs to the post and her body pulled off the floor. Layers of black tape are added to her gag and even some more rope. The poor dear, what will happen next?

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