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Two bounty hunters make a great pair but the woman did her partner dirty a while back and it has taken her a while to get back into his good graces. The two are after a woman, luckily she is smoking hot because the female loves to tie people up and play with them before turning them in for the cash. The man gets to work tying the sexy woman up while the female bounty hunter gropes her and talks dirty to her. She strips her of her little skirt and ties her blouse up under her tits, wow, what a female specimen the duo has here!! They put a sock in her mouth and wrap her head and watch her squirm in a crotch rope but then the man turns on his old pal and ties her up explaining that they will truly be even after she endures this…She isn’t happy on the receiving side of ropes and wants to be done with this little game getting with her hands back on their little captive Sunshine, but things aren’t going her way… Her arms are cruelly bound and her mouth has been stuffed and wrapped with a bandana and microfoam. Later her starts to untie Sunshines legs to take her out so the accomplice turned damsel thinks she will be released as well, but she is wrong. He tightens the hogtie and puts wraps upon wraps of vetwrap around her head….

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