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run time 11 minutes and 30 seconds

The lovely and graceful Ariel Anderssen struggles in a lace dress, panty girdle and fully fashioned stockings before I come in and add a few more ropes and nipple clamps. Then she struggles even more for us… More to come in a couple of days from this set 😉

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full clip over 25 minutes

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end of the post, run time over 7 minutes

Tall, lean and lovely Ariel Anderssen is a willing bondage bottom and has been tied in the splits with a big leather posture collar on, then a basic quick hogtie and then she is attached to the post with straps in 5 inch heels, glossy Wolford pantyhose and a shimmery bodysuit. Her hair is tied up to the post to assure perfect posture. She gets clover clamps and her mouth stuffed with a bandana and her head wrapped with clear stretchy tape. I know a blindfold puts her in her happy place so I add one. The end shows her gag coming off and then I leave her there with her hair tied to the post digging at her leather mits trying to get them off.

This was a custom video


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run time 36 minutes and 25 seconds

Beautiful dance teacher Ariel Anderssen just found out that her jealous stepsister has been tapping into her phone and showing up at her dates and it isn’t just in good fun. The short chubby stepsister is tired of tall beauty Ariel getting everything in life and instead of working on herself she decides to just ruin Ariels good thing… Once confronted she decides to be a little bit more cruel and ties up her dear sister to be sure that Ariel will not be available to go on this next date. Ariel is tied to the post, forced to pace in front of the bed and is finally tied into a ball and off to the sides so she can’t get up with a pair of teal colored tights tied over her head. She is especially upset at her sister for doing something so intimate as bondage to her when she is into it in her personal life.

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run time 29 minutes

It is Boundcon Munich in May 2019 and I get the chance to tie up tall blond beauty Ariel Anderson for the first time. I am 5’5″ and wearing 4.5″ heels….how tall do you think she is??? She is wearing a beautiful harness gag by allaboutgag, a gift from my friend Jochen. I tie her arms and she poses in her mini skirt, lacey stocking tops poking through and then we wander around the Boundcon floor during a slow time, yes a slow time. My friend from Bondage overseas was kind enough to hold the camera for me. After a nice jaunt around the event I take her up a set of stairs and into a private bathroom where I decide I’ve had enough of her. She is close pals with Eric Cain, my bestie and I’m tired of him always saying such great things about her. This is my time for some jealous girl revenge!! I know she has a stage show soon so I lead her up a set of stairs and try some doors that are usually open but they are all locked so I tether her to the steps momentarily until I can find an open door. The winner is the ladies room so I tie her legs as she stands before leading her into the bathroom We make small talk like all is well. I open her sheer blouse to reveal her black lace bra, then I bring her into the bathroom. She isn’t impressed. She preferred being out in front of people. Then I get her hogtied on the bathroom floor. She thinks it is pretty gross. She can tell I’m annoyed now and she tries to reason with me through her gag. I remove the harness bag and put a pair of panties worn by a man in her mouth. I put vetwrap around her head and then hogtie her and tied her hair. She is very expressive! Hopefully someone goes up to the secluded area and frees her before her show begins, if not oh well maybe she won’t be invited back next year, lol.

All joking aside I was delighted to meet her in person for the first time. She will be coming to visit in November of this year and available for customs!!

run time 28 minutes and 40 second