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runt time 37 minutes

Jayda Blayze is a serious inventor and bad people are on to her to steal her thunder. She has a smoking hot body guard named Je C. They are ready to go out and have a great time but a weaponized woman comes in and ruins their day. She makes Je helpless and then has her help tie up her boss. They both get ballgagged and eventually hogtied but they are making way too much noise and moving too much so it is time for stuffing gags and tape and then they get all taped up over the rope bondage while sitting on a chair while the woman makes off with the oh so valuable papers

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run time 33 minutes and 29 seconds

JJ and Izzie/ Izzebella Robbins come for Je C at her office. They get her tied up and ballgagged and then JJ turns on her partner Izzie as well. Izzie is also ballgagged and both women are hogtied and tethered to the desk to keep them near one another. JJ isn’t done with her partner and her enemy and she regags them, Je with two hankies and microfoam and Izzie with part of her satin blouse and a pair of panties with microfoam. The women are tied back to back and left to struggle before a bandage is used over their mouths to tie their heads together. Eventually the young women fall over on their sides, their fabulous booties on display for us but they can’t get away from one another because the ropes are cinched. They stay stuck and helpless mmmphing on the floor.

 In case you have not heard bondage content censorship is way, way ,way up………..

There will be even more preview images I can’t show and even more words I can’t say going forward even though I’m making rated R content almost all with after interviews showing joy.

I’m going to start doing different write ups and additional preview pics that will only be available if you send me an email and ask. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on content they aren’t sure of, I get that and I certainly appreciate the few of you that aren’t pirates or thieves. I don’t steal from your jobs, I truly appreciate those of you who don’t steal from me and I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year

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36 minutes

Je tells her step daughter Jayda that it is time for bed. The two say goodnight and Jayda goes off to her room. Mom doesn’t know that a thief with a weapon has come in, but she has….mom complies and gets all tied up and even hit in the head a few times with her own ottoman. Her scarf is removed and the thief wraps it around her face for a while and then shoves it into moms mouth which is dreadfully inappropriate. Mom has been quieted and  is unable to get up so the woman gets Jayda, the daughter. This makes mom put up and even bigger fight so she must be balltied with her fingers taped to prevent her from causing more problems. Jayda is elbow tied, her little panties that match her baby doll nightie are taken off and shoved in her mouth. A tight ace bandage cleave makes her  drool, She is tightly hogtied with her ankles crossed. The woman goes about robbing them. Jayda tries to pick at her mom Je’s knots but she just can’t get loose.

sooo much fun to shoot two real life bondage loving ladies. This was a custom and they are local and available for more 🙂

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full clip

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hogtie, run time 7 minutes and 40 seconds

Two terrible women JJ Plush and Rachel Adams have captured Diamondly and plan to get a lot of money for her. They bring her into the house with wrists tied and  get her tied in a chair and then leave for a bit before putting her into a tight chicken wing hogtie on the floor. JJ spur of the moment decides to trick her pal into tying herself up a bit for some photos to make it look like the lady taking operation is bigger than it is… She stuffs her own mouth and wraps her head up tightly to make it look real after she ties her ankles.  Her so called friend ties her arms and hogties her next to the other girl.  JJ has suddenly gotten greedy and no longer cares about her pal, she is taking the money all for herself and leaving Rachel there alongside of Diamondly who she ties off to the ceiling so she can not roll over.

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run time almost 29 minutes

A man (Eric Cain) has a woman (JJ Plush) tied in a chair. He shoves a 3inch ballgag into her mouth. A man (Tony) comes down the stairs with a stunning brunette ( Charlie Mancini) and ties and gags her. Groping occurs, their gags are swapped out to something much more intense and they struggle in their chairs before being hogtied on the ground. The bigger woman is punished with tighter ropes, a bigger gag and elbow bondage as the prettier one looks on in terror. She gets duct tape added to her gag and the other one gets a tight hogtaping. They are left on the ground for a while before one of the men unties the pretty one and throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs. JJ is left to struggle in that face distorting hogtie all alone.  * You will notice the vetwrap disappear under JJs hogtaping at some point due to a quick panic situation that was easily resolved. You will also see her remove the gag at the end to see that the panties were still in her (meaning my own) mouth 😉

Written as the footage imported: I waited a really long time to post this because it was a horrible shoot for me and I didn’t want to deal with the memories. I’d hosted and shot this model a few times over the years and she always did well and was a good house guest. I was looking forward to working with her again, it doesn’t hurt that she is hot as hell either. This time around I was very unwell to begin with (not catchy stuff) and then the very first clip I did of her was a hogtie in a satin blouse but she complained that it was way too tight when we were done which gave me anxiety in the condition I was in because it was just a regular tie like I’d put her in other times. I did a mummification to the post next and she was seething afterward. She was so upset that I was in tears, me not her!!! Of course she wound up telling every single producer in town- all people that I had introduced her to so she could make lots of money while she was here, that I intentionally yanked her nipple clamps off and that I was being a huge bitch- bold faced lie. I happily admit when I’m being sadistic and I have no problems being called a bitch but I wasn’t. In fact I’m pretty sure there is footage of me turning to the camera and shrugging in confusion because she was so angry during that mummy clip. I was trying to keep the peace because I was supposed to shoot her again the following day so I was being as gentle as I could be. She also got side slammed on the road while she was in town and said the person took off, her mirror was busted so she was extremely upset saying ” This trip is a huge fucking waste of time I never should have come here”. When we were done shooting she backed down my driveway and hit a huge telephone pole. It was after 12am on a week night and she blew on her horn continually until my husband went outside to see what the hell was going on. This was in my home driveway in a residential neighborhood. She was not hurt she was just pissed and laying on the horn to make everyone else in my neighborhood as miserable as she was…. Misery does love company!! There was nothing Tony could do for her, she just knocked out a tail light, so that was accident #2 in a 24 hour period. Luckily I had stayed at the bank building to clean up and for some alone time because I was sick with the autoimmune problems and hormonal. I’m an empath so I absorb all of the shitty energy around me and I don’t know how to turn it off either. For this clip, which was the third and last of the night my bestie Eric Cain was in town so I asked him to tie me while Tony tied her so she would just stop bitching about everything being too tight or too mean because clearly Eric was going to be way nastier to me than Tony ever would be to her. I just wanted her to stop complaining. I did not shoot her the next day as was planned, Tony shot her for his gotcuffs site instead. That morning on the way out the door to go shoot with him she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go and be tortured by Tony, lol….not one woman in the industry has ever said that he was a torturer. She should have been relieved that I handed my hours with her over to him! We all have off days and I just assumed she and I had fallen in that category the day before so I was regretting not finding a xanex and just sucking it up and doing more content with her the next day until that last comment- that solidified my feelings about shooting her for suuuure.  Plus of course that was before she had talked shit about me to all the guys that I had her write for paid shoots yet either. Previous to her arrival I told her she could stay 3 nights as we were only shooting her 2 days and we have a lot going on with construction in our home and a lot in our personal lives but she came back for a 4th night and stayed without being invited! I have a door code so she just came right in. I guess she thought we owed it to her since she crashed her car twice during her stay. I was on my back sun porch when she left and she didn’t know it, she tossed her enormous suitcase down my curved stairway from the bedroom floor to the main floor and yelped” this is so fucking stupid”  Anyway, I know she is a fan fav based on stunningly unique looks but she and I won’t ever be shooting again, lol, we are clearly not a good match for where we are in our lives and we are both stubborn bitches so game over, lol. Sorry fellas, but oh wells, life goes on!!! On a brighter note just after she left I went to my doctor and got an IV of high dose vitamin c and the myers cocktail and it was incredible. I highly recommend it if you have health problems and money. Would I have written this personal account if over a 30 day period I hadn’t heard from 4 different individuals about how bitchy she said I was- nah, lol, or perhaps this was this just another one of my made up stories meant to entertain you all??!  #bitchesbecrazymyselfnotexcluded!

2nd update of last week

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run time

JJ and Tony posted bail for Anna and she didn’t come through. They go to the dive she calls home and try to scare her into paying up, if not they will just take her things. They get her all bound up and then Tony turns on JJ upset that she decided on the loan anyway. He hogcuffs her next to Anna (JJs gag scene wasn’t recorded). Then he decides to take Anna away for a little fun.

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run time 27 minutes

Full disclosure: I am importing this footage now so I haven’t seen it.

Months back (April 2016)  Adara had a shoot with this local fella, Bondage from Motown. He was the first person I ever did a paid shoot with in 2006 or 2007, after just shooting pictures with Eric Cain!!! I needed to go to Ikea, which happens to be right by his house. I decided I would join Adara at her paid shoot with him and then she would join me at Ikea. She stays with me while she is in town. I was dressed for real life shopping at Ikea in a not so form fitting dress and pantyhose that were sagging at the waist a bit sadly. I assumed he would use me in the clips as her rigger / the bad guy and that he would watch. I did not bring any damsel appropriate clothing or the attitude of I’m getting tied up today by someone I haven’t worked with in years so any annoyance you see in my face is not me acting. It was real, because as much as I love being tied up I usually know when I need to perform for a clip way in advance, lol. I wasn’t so bothered that I refused to do it of course I just wish I’d stretched that morning and brought another outfit and my damsel game.. Anyway, I agreed to be in the clips free of charge as long as I could use the content. So here we are….It took me so long to post it because I shoot Adara the most-

Now this clip one has been edited and I don’t think I looked annoyed or angry, I’m just not a very convincing damsel, lol. I don’t look scared or angry and I wasn’t even freshly botoxed so I can’t blame it on that… I can do bondage no problem, my acting well- I’m not really an actor. lol. There is an interview at the end with us tied up someplace in the middle of the clip as he does questions/ comments

Watch it to get the plot 😉

I’ll post Motowns clips4sale site here tomorrow when I login to fetlife to look it up.

1st update of the week

This was a custom clip

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full clip, over 30 minutes

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strappado part only

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hogtie 2nd part only

JJ is the weird friend in the bunch and she gets her friends into some interesting situations. The girls have to pace around in tight pants, sweaters and 6″ pumps, then they are put into strappados and tickled, a lot. They are pretty wiped out but there is still more left. They get their mouths stuffed, and heads wrapped with clear bondage tape. Then they are hogtied. They get their soles tickled a little and are eventually left alone to untie one another. Adara manages to get her gag out and bites at the wrist rope to free Caroline. With Caroline’s help she manages to get free but then decides to tie Caroline back up and join JJ upstairs….

1st update of the week

Brand new bondage model! This is how she came dressed, usually they are in yoga pants….my kind of girl!

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run time 20 minutes and 20 seconds

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run time 6 minutes and 45 seconds

JJ’s exboyfriend is mad that her sister Dominica  didn’t warn him that JJ was going to dump him. He thought they were close friends. Naturally Dominica  says her loyalty is to her sister and not to him and accuses him of being abusive. He leaves her tied up on the couch and JJ comes in from a night out and thinks her little sister is about to get into some kinky game. She explains that Tony tied her up. JJ stands her up and hops her towards the door but Tony greets them. He tries to upset JJ saying that he was here fooling around with Dominica but JJ knows better. She isn’t into men like him, though it was obvious he had always had a huge crush on her. JJ assures him he will never have either of them if he keeps it up.  He shoves JJs head into her sister boobs. He ties her up. He takes a pair of yellow panties from his pocket, they happen to be Dominica’s. He stuffs them in her mouth and very tightly wraps vetwrap around her head pulling her eyes down and making the veins on her forehead pop. Her sister is horrified. He goes easier on the cutie pie and puts a knotted cleave in her mouth. He makes them chest ropes and gets them to the floor where he puts them in tight hogties and leaves them. JJ tries to untie her sister but she is losing feeling in her arms and can’t see what she is doing. She gets one knot out but can’t do anything else. Tony eventually returns, removes JJs gag and decides her is going to have fun with her one last time. The end