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run time 24 minutes and 39 seconds

 A homeowner  with an ouchie neck and fluffy ugg boots on, (Je C) comes in and finds herself being taken down by a stranger (JJ ) who is there robbing the place. Next she wakes up in a chair, bound to it with hands to the sides and legs to the side. The woman is adding more wrap to be sure the homeowner can’t get up. A fancy napkin is stuffed in her mouth and a scarf is used to seal it in. The homeower has been wearing a black neckbrace. The burglar finds another box with a neckbrace in it and changes the black one to a white one and then puts the black one on herself. The homeowner seems feisty so the burglar wraps her hands up. The burglar robs the place and the home owner struggles hard to get out. The burglar returns, annoyed that the homeowner is trying so hard to escape so she decides to knock the chair over. Now she is still attached to the chair, face first down on the floor. She spits the napkin out but the scarf is still across her face. She pulls hard and gets her hands out and finally frees herself, humiliated and disgusted at what has just happened.

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full clip, run time 31 minutes and 40 second

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struggling while in a stocking cap, encased and hogtaped and encased


Je C comes home from work a little scared about being in a new town with a bad man on the loose. She changes into comfy leggings, a sweater and two pairs of slouch socks and makes herself comfortable. A woman sneaks up on her and before she realizes it she is taped up with a pair of socks on her hands. She struggles like this before a stocking hood goes on, she struggles like that and then she appears entirely encased in two pairs of nylons. Then the woman reappears and hogtapes her and ties her stocking hood back before wandering away and reappearing to watch her while laying on her couch.

This was a custom that I decided to change a bit for this site after we had gotten going. The actual mouth stuffing and gag scene was not filmed

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36 minutes

Je tells her step daughter Jayda that it is time for bed. The two say goodnight and Jayda goes off to her room. Mom doesn’t know that a thief with a weapon has come in, but she has….mom complies and gets all tied up and even hit in the head a few times with her own ottoman. Her scarf is removed and the thief wraps it around her face for a while and then shoves it into moms mouth which is dreadfully inappropriate. Mom has been quieted and  is unable to get up so the woman gets Jayda, the daughter. This makes mom put up and even bigger fight so she must be balltied with her fingers taped to prevent her from causing more problems. Jayda is elbow tied, her little panties that match her baby doll nightie are taken off and shoved in her mouth. A tight ace bandage cleave makes her  drool, She is tightly hogtied with her ankles crossed. The woman goes about robbing them. Jayda tries to pick at her mom Je’s knots but she just can’t get loose.

sooo much fun to shoot two real life bondage loving ladies. This was a custom and they are local and available for more 🙂