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run time almost 29 minutes

A man (Eric Cain) has a woman (JJ Plush) tied in a chair. He shoves a 3inch ballgag into her mouth. A man (Tony) comes down the stairs with a stunning brunette ( Charlie Mancini) and ties and gags her. Groping occurs, their gags are swapped out to something much more intense and they struggle in their chairs before being hogtied on the ground. The bigger woman is punished with tighter ropes, a bigger gag and elbow bondage as the prettier one looks on in terror. She gets duct tape added to her gag and the other one gets a tight hogtaping. They are left on the ground for a while before one of the men unties the pretty one and throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs. JJ is left to struggle in that face distorting hogtie all alone.  * You will notice the vetwrap disappear under JJs hogtaping at some point due to a quick panic situation that was easily resolved. You will also see her remove the gag at the end to see that the panties were still in her (meaning my own) mouth 😉

Written as the footage imported: I waited a really long time to post this because it was a horrible shoot for me and I didn’t want to deal with the memories. I’d hosted and shot this model a few times over the years and she always did well and was a good house guest. I was looking forward to working with her again, it doesn’t hurt that she is hot as hell either. This time around I was very unwell to begin with (not catchy stuff) and then the very first clip I did of her was a hogtie in a satin blouse but she complained that it was way too tight when we were done which gave me anxiety in the condition I was in because it was just a regular tie like I’d put her in other times. I did a mummification to the post next and she was seething afterward. She was so upset that I was in tears, me not her!!! Of course she wound up telling every single producer in town- all people that I had introduced her to so she could make lots of money while she was here, that I intentionally yanked her nipple clamps off and that I was being a huge bitch- bold faced lie. I happily admit when I’m being sadistic and I have no problems being called a bitch but I wasn’t. In fact I’m pretty sure there is footage of me turning to the camera and shrugging in confusion because she was so angry during that mummy clip. I was trying to keep the peace because I was supposed to shoot her again the following day so I was being as gentle as I could be. She also got side slammed on the road while she was in town and said the person took off, her mirror was busted so she was extremely upset saying ” This trip is a huge fucking waste of time I never should have come here”. When we were done shooting she backed down my driveway and hit a huge telephone pole. It was after 12am on a week night and she blew on her horn continually until my husband went outside to see what the hell was going on. This was in my home driveway in a residential neighborhood. She was not hurt she was just pissed and laying on the horn to make everyone else in my neighborhood as miserable as she was…. Misery does love company!! There was nothing Tony could do for her, she just knocked out a tail light, so that was accident #2 in a 24 hour period. Luckily I had stayed at the bank building to clean up and for some alone time because I was sick with the autoimmune problems and hormonal. I’m an empath so I absorb all of the shitty energy around me and I don’t know how to turn it off either. For this clip, which was the third and last of the night my bestie Eric Cain was in town so I asked him to tie me while Tony tied her so she would just stop bitching about everything being too tight or too mean because clearly Eric was going to be way nastier to me than Tony ever would be to her. I just wanted her to stop complaining. I did not shoot her the next day as was planned, Tony shot her for his gotcuffs site instead. That morning on the way out the door to go shoot with him she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go and be tortured by Tony, lol….not one woman in the industry has ever said that he was a torturer. She should have been relieved that I handed my hours with her over to him! We all have off days and I just assumed she and I had fallen in that category the day before so I was regretting not finding a xanex and just sucking it up and doing more content with her the next day until that last comment- that solidified my feelings about shooting her for suuuure.  Plus of course that was before she had talked shit about me to all the guys that I had her write for paid shoots yet either. Previous to her arrival I told her she could stay 3 nights as we were only shooting her 2 days and we have a lot going on with construction in our home and a lot in our personal lives but she came back for a 4th night and stayed without being invited! I have a door code so she just came right in. I guess she thought we owed it to her since she crashed her car twice during her stay. I was on my back sun porch when she left and she didn’t know it, she tossed her enormous suitcase down my curved stairway from the bedroom floor to the main floor and yelped” this is so fucking stupid”  Anyway, I know she is a fan fav based on stunningly unique looks but she and I won’t ever be shooting again, lol, we are clearly not a good match for where we are in our lives and we are both stubborn bitches so game over, lol. Sorry fellas, but oh wells, life goes on!!! On a brighter note just after she left I went to my doctor and got an IV of high dose vitamin c and the myers cocktail and it was incredible. I highly recommend it if you have health problems and money. Would I have written this personal account if over a 30 day period I hadn’t heard from 4 different individuals about how bitchy she said I was- nah, lol, or perhaps this was this just another one of my made up stories meant to entertain you all??!  #bitchesbecrazymyselfnotexcluded!

2nd clip of the week

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run time 30 minutes

Charlie Mancini visits Tony at a dungeon to see what it is like to be tied up!

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 25 minutes

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mostly struggling, over 8 minutes

Charlie Mancini is a determined little reporter. She heard there is a domme in this small town and she thinks it is terrible and wants to get her out, tho she has no problems flaunting her size 2 waist, giant boobs and pretty legs as a news girl. She is wearing a satin blouse and satin mini skirt showing off her garters. She appears at the womans door with a camera man but when JJ doesn’t answer he says he is going to run out for some food. Charlie decides to have a seat in her car. JJ then knocks on her ca door and as Charlie greets her she is grabbed- next scene Charlie is tied and hopped into the room, where she gets a good talking to about minding her own business and how bad it would have been had she run the story since the most powerful and seemingly dominant men around town frequent seeing JJ for stress relief. She is tied while standing and struggles ballgagged before her gag is change out (2 minutes). She gets tightly hogtied with layers of tape added to her gag. JJ is pretty sure that this will scare Charlie away from the story but plans to have another chat with her once she is untied…She clearly hates the bondage.

2nd update of the week

Her first time mummified she said

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full clip: run time 24 minutes

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 3 struggling scenes: run time 7 minutes and 45 seconds

Charlie Mancini looks incredible as she slithers around the post in a bodysuit, shiny hose and 5″ heels. I come and wrap her up with saran wrap and some tape and nipple clamp her then she puts on anther struggling show before I return and add more tape to her until she is mummified, now she gets a black stocking cap and a couple wraps of tape attaching her head to the post, then she puts on another struggling show for us, eventually I remove the clamps she wanted off and then she mostly stops moving…

My intention was to tape up her breasts and cover her face but sometimes shit doesn’t go as planned


Sorry for the delay! I’ll post a freebie soon as an apology…

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Charlie is on the phone with her boss who happens to be her boyfriend. She is holding a package that is very important to him. She promises that she is on the way to get it delivered to the police station. She doesn’t know what is in the package. She hangs up the phone and bends over to adjust her high heel. A woman comes into the room carrying a gun. She points it at the pretty brunette and she makes her put her hands up on the wall. She woman with the weapon searches the girl and then starts to tie her up. She tells Charlie that she was once the girlfriend of the guy she is with and that soon she would be cast away as well. It turns out the guy committed a major crime and was going to pin it on JJ. The evidence is in the box. JJ makes sure to take liberties tying up the pretty girl, groping her, cutting off her bright lace panties and shoving them in her mouth. She leaves with the package momentarily and Charlie wriggles around, hopping up and down trying to loosen the ropes. Finally she leans against the wall and sits. When JJ returns she adds more ropes to Charlie and watches her squirm more before putting her into a hogtie and adding more to her gag. She even tapes up her feet. Lastly she takes off her heels and puts on Charlie’s pink ones. She gets down on the ground and points the gun at Charlie and tells her not to breathe a word to anyone once they come and let her out and she leaves the startled, disheveled woman there helpless on the floor.


Sorry for the delay. Mondays update should be up later today as well, and later this week I’ll add a bonus.  JJ

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run time 27 minutes

JJ sits tied up on the couch when Dixie brings in a new model, Charlie Mancini. The creepy couple is bound to make some money on her. They put a big red ballgag between her perfect teeth and get her tied up.  As Charlie gets tied up Tony adds breast bondage to JJ. They remove JJ’s harness gag and stuff her never ending mouth with a big pair of blue satin panties and wrap microfoam tape snuggly around her head. They stuff Charlies mouth with black panties and wrap her head with the same tape. They make the women get on their knees to display their ample behinds to the camera and then they get to their stomachs where they are hogtied and left struggling for a while but they aren’t done with JJ she gets panties tied over her head and left to struggle before Tony returns and takes off Charlie’s gag. He has other plans for her…


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47 photos

Constance in a straitjacket and leather bondage, the video was previously posted and still available here

Charlie Mancini in a straitjacket. This video can not be found here at borntobebound, but is available at or


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run time almost 27 minutes

Charlie Mancini stands before me dressed in pink lingerie from girdlebound. I boxtie her and gag her with an open mouth gag. She isn’t a fan so to be a good sport I gag myself with one that is much larger. I keep tying her up and then we cut the camera to get her into position on a chair, upside down. Once she is in place I tie her ankles to the chair and her neck to the chair.  She hangs out like that for a while and then she gets to the floor. I gag her with a pair of yellow panties and clear tape, then I wrap pink vetwrap around her head and pull her chest down. She isn’t very comfortable in that position but she looks great…


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run time over 20 minutes

A burglar has been terrorizing a neighborhood. JJ is head of the neighborhood watch and determined to catch the crook. She is talking on the phone when she hears a noise so she quickly hangs up and hides. Her weapons of choice (rope) in hand. The burglar is shown creeping down a set of stairs and opening a door to a dark room. The woman grabs the girl and shoves her down on the floor and gets to work tying up her wrists. She has her on her stomach and notices her stocking cap so she pulls it off revealing her beautiful face. Her good looks and banging body won’t get her out of this mess though. The burglar gets ropes around her elbows a crotch rope, a sock stuffed in her mouth and clear tape wrapped around her head. JJ calls her cop friend to come and get her, but to scare the girl she told her she had a group of friends that were going to come by and rape her as her punishment. She struggles for a bit and then is put into a tight hogtie. The stocking cap is placed back over her head and a black cloth is wrapped around her mouth. She mmmphhs in agony until finally the man shows up. He ungags her (shown)and she pleads with him to not fuck her. He says that she is fucked because he is a cop and she is going to jail. He gets her back on her stomach and handcuffs her (untying not shown). He helps her up and takes her away. The final scene is of her being but into a jail cell.


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run time over 14 minutes

Charlie is tied to a chair in a dark basement with a ballgag between her lips. She tries had to get up and out of the chair, she finally finds success and hops across the long room and finds a door. She opens it and hops out, resting momentarily against a bar a woman sees her and grabs her and puts her on the ground and starts to tie her up more, bringing her knees to her chest and tying them there. She removes the ballgag and puts a pair of panties in her mouth and then wraps her head with ace bandage to keep them in. The pretty girl is miserable as the woman adds even more ropes to her body and ties her up into a little ball, leaving her there helpless. After a while a man comes in. He likes what he sees- her removes her gag and asks if she is ready to satisfy him…