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New local, tall and lovely Sky

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run time over 30 minutes

Getting to know leggy and lovely spanking lover Sky. Sky is sooo shy and quiet, at least right now in the getting to know her phase. She ballgags herself and gets tied up and crotch roped while standing in 5″ heels. She never ever wears heels so this may have been the most challenging part for her….so next visit expect some high heel training to happen.

After the ballgag, nipple clamps and crotch rope sky gets to the floor and her shoes are removed. She is tied frog style and then struggles before I put 2 socks in her mouth and use microfoam tape over those. Her legs are tied together and her long arms are moving all around so I pull them over to the side to get them out of her way. A pair of panties goes over her head and then she struggles around on the carpet.

At the end I show her unwrapping her gag