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run time 44 minutes and 26 seconds

Ms Adams wants to wear black out lenses, be led around and then tightly tied with speaker wire.  She gets her way. JJ leads her around first calmly earning Rachels trust and then throwing her around a bit while blind and wearing 5″ heels. Her legs are tied with plenty of speaker wire, elbows tied and arms cinched to her body. She is given a pair of scissors to hold in her mouth and JJ lubes her legs up with coconut oil to make them shine as though she had hosiery on. She moves to the ground and gets an enormous red harness gag and then a tight hogtie with her hair braided back in it. She spends time struggling still blind in that hogtie.

Gotta be honest as a rope switch those contacts absolutely freak me out. I don’t think I could ever wear them!!

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