Friday evening I’ll be shooting Je C who happens to be the first woman I ever tied up in a clip many, many, many moons ago on a roof top at Eric Cains old studio.

If anyone would like a custom please send me an email with what you’d like to see so I can quote it right away since there isn’t a lot of time to get organized. There is a section that says customs here for more info, email is jj at

The 22nd Cherry Busom had to cancel. I don’t have a replacement day just yet.

I have LOTS of emails to get to tomorrow.

And tomorrow I’ll be posting a clip of Rachel Adams in a tight speaker wire tie wearing the black out contact lenses, it is uploading now. She did great, of course!!

The next clip I’ll be posting will be a new model to me, Kitty Kilmore.

Sunday the 22nd I’ll be shooting solo with Tony

Also I just picked up prescription glasses yesterday so if you’d like clips of me in real glasses, that is now an option.

The 24th a newbie cutie pie lifestyler comes

Goodnight! Getting up early for my trainer, haven’t lost any lbs since I’m in one of those low thyroid lulls but definitely getting stronger so I can man handle people in clips and in real life a little bit better, lol 😉





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