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48 minutes

Cherry is a newbie secretary at JJs Escape Room, a special place where stressed out people can come and get tied up and choose to attempt to escape or just enjoy their time off from real life. Cherry suggests being hogcuffed and trying to escape. During that time the first girl of the day appears, Rachel Adams and JJ gets to work tying the business lady up while Cherry escapes. Cherry enjoyed it and wanted more and Rachel didn’t mind so Cherry strips from her clothes down to a girdle and cuban stockings. She is tied in a chair and Rachel in a sort of reverse prayer hogtie on the couch but Rachels confused boyfriend followed and comes in. He is a bit jealous that she went to service for this to happen and he wants to prove that he knows the ropes so he gets to work tying the business owner up. Eventually JJ and Rachel are hogtied with their mouth stuffed and wrapped and Cherry remains bound in the chair, not the way these three ladies thought the day would go.

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