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run time over 46 minutes

Jayda Blayze shows off her beautiful feet and then her friend enters. Her  friend checks her out and admires her pretty figure. Then her wrists and ankles are hinged cuffs. She struggles standing and on the couch in the cuffs and then she gets hogcuffed. Her friend worships her feet before changing up the bondage fun and replacing the cuffs with rope. She gets a chest harness, crotch rope and her pretty smile is replaced with a little ballgag. She gets hogtied and her friend worships her pretty feet again. Jayda struggles about until her friend returns and releases her from the hogtie so they can head upstairs together.

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run time 34 minutes

JJ is sitting on her bed rubbing her feet when her girl friend Rachel Adams appears. JJ wants to be tied up and Rachel wants to worship her feet so that adventure begins… Rachel worships JJs feet a little before the ropes start to go on and then more foot worship, a hogtie on the bed, a ballgag, more foot worship and Rachel heading off to make them a drink with JJ struggling barefoot on the bed.

This was a custom video request

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34 minutes

JJ removes her heels and rubs her feet before her friend Rachel Adams appears with some ropes and cuffs. She also removes her heels and rests them on her friend once she is all bound up. She hogcuffs JJ with all hinged cuffs and a small red ballgag. JJ rolls around in pleasure enjoying the escape from every day life. Then Rachel decides to change out the cuffs for ropes and hogties her long time friend.


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run time almost an hour

JJ is sleeping in her cell when a new warden comes in and wakes her up. She is angry, she cuffs her and escorts her out of the cell only to search her over her clothes taking a long time at her crotch and breasts. The warden pulls out a knife and pretends that she found it on the inmate, she gets nasty with her and forces her into a waist chain and then into a cage and then back into an open area. She puts a hood on her and escorts her back into the cell for a while before she comes to get her. When she is retrieved the warden has a difference attitude. She has the inmate sit in a chair and she starts to basically make love to her size 6 bare feet. Unsure of what is happening the inmate rubs her feet into the crotch of the wardens pantyhose. After some time the inmate decides to take advantage of the wardens new attitude. She grabs a lot of cuff stuff and gets her all cuffed up standing with her strong legs still in heels. A rag is stuffed in her mouth and then a ballgag goes over it. Then she is put on the floor, more cuffs added and metal nipple clamps and that rag has been stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped tightly with microfoam. The inmate hands the key to the warden and walks off. What will happen next.


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run time 26 minutes

Raven and JJ are friends. JJ told Raven about some extra money she was making as a foot model the last time they saw one another, Raven liked the idea and started applying for all the same jobs which meant JJ wasn’t getting them. JJ pretends to be happy for her friend but wants to get some revenge in a passive aggressive way telling her dommey friend Raven that she could make some money doing bondage clips as well…JJ knew Raven would not enjoy being bound though. Raven is ballgagged and drools all over herself. Her arms are tied tightly while she stands in fetish heels she bought special for her foot modeling gigs. Eventually she is pushed to the couch and her heels removed. Her mouth is stuffed and head wrapped and wrapped and she is hogtied on the couch and finally left with her toes tied…

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video request for Adara. You can find it soon on her shop at or if you aren’t a member here

I’m not a lover of nude bondage, it bores me and I know many of you as well but I liked this tie idea for a change of pace!! 

I’ll post a bonus clip here soon 😉

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run time 20 minutes

A tan blonde girl finds herself tied up naked with her foot in her mouth. Her neck hurts, her other leg is tied. She can’t escape. She can’t get her foot out of her mouth. She writhes around on the floor for a couple of minutes until the woman returns and takes the rope away from her foot giving he instant relief but her ordeal is not over.  The scene cuts to the pretty nude blonde tied at the ankles, knees, wrists and elbows on the couch. The woman strokes her head and tells her that she is sorry her father hasn’t come through with the ransom money. He must not love her enough. She must have made a lot of bad choices in her young life like those bad tattoos. The girl swears he will be in touch soon, or that she can take the woman to him to get the money but that isn’t going to happen…As she strokes the girls hair and grabs her body she talks about all of the ways she could kill the girl and that she never imagined she would actually have to do it….. She isn’t quite sure which method she should use. She weighs the pros and cons of each scenario and decides that perhaps smothering is the way to go. The woman grabs the heel the girl was wearing when she grabbed her and stuffs it in her mouth and wraps vetwrap around her head. She leaves her there. The blonde girl makes her way back up to the sofa and tries to hop to the front door to escape but she is quickly caught and put in a hogtie. Then a bag goes over her head, on and off a couple times and pressed against her face. Finally black tape is wrapped around the bag and the woman leaves her there to expire…however moment later daddy comes though and the woman rips the bag open so the pretty tan girl can catch her breath. Her makeup is runny, her hair is plastered in sweat but she is alive. She is left hogtied while the woman goes to hand the money situation-