This was a pretty unique custom!

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run time 43 minutes and 38 seconds

 JJ has always longed to be published in a major newspaper. She hasn’t had much luck in life in that regard so she decides to start writing some naughty articles in hopes of being discovered by the big guys. Jayda Blayze and Je C allow her to interview them. They think that she is going to write a story about how hard working bondage models are, but instead she throws them under the boss and talks about how they should be good girls and get so called real jobs. They aren’t happy so they come to get revenge. They tape her with clear tape, stuff her mouth with their own panties and search her house. They take her hard drive with all of her articles. They change her follow up article on them to an apology piece and email it off. They take the newspapers she was reading when they came in and tapes them to her entire body with the clear tape. They take off her gag only to stuff her mouth with newspaper! They come back in the room and make her an extra humiliating little hat only to be met by a cop friend who sees her video camera footage on his phone. He gets them cuffed with zipcuffs and helps JJ a bit before letting them up and leading them to the station for questioning.

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