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run time 49 minutes

Reporter Riley Jane appears to congratulate top selling realtor JJ.  Once she gets there though she tells JJ she knows about her other top secret job from their buddy Stefan. JJ agrees to give Riley the scoop on her side business if she doesn’t mention JJ and just interviews some of her clients. She also says she should experience what JJs clients experience. Riley agrees and JJ gets to work with some ropes and ripping newspaper bits up to stuff into her enormous mouth and wraps clear tape around her head. After some struggling JJ removes the gag and starts to read some headlines to Riley before proceeding to stuff  her own mouth with the paper and then Rileys again. She straddles the leggy reporter while they are both gagged. JJs boyfriend comes in and recognizes the reporter and gets made at JJ for telling her secret. He ties her up on he knees next to Riley and regags  them both and leaves them to struggle for a while before saying to Riley,I will untie you if you sign this nondisclosure agreement. Riley agrees.

The end.

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run time 44 minutes

JJ is about to leave for a fundraiser when an irate woman comes in reading one of her articles out loud. JJ tries to tell her to make an appointment and come back another day but the woman isn’t having it. She is accusing JJ and another writer of destroying her life. She gets to work tying JJ to a chair and stuffing her mouth with the newspaper. She even writes liar on her forehead. She makes JJ call her partner and summon her back before the gag goes in and when she arrives she also finds herself being bound to a chair. Her mouth is also stuffed with newspaper.  JJ is behind the desk as the mad woman ties her partner she is busy untying herself and grabbing a roll of tape from her desk. She crawls under the desk and grabs Rachel Adams by the arms and starts to tape her up as Cherry starts to untie herself. Rachel gets a lot of that packing tape around her body and many pieces of tiny newspaper stuffed into her cheeks. Rachel is taped to the chair until the two women decide to get her hogtape her on the desk. She won’t be able to escape these bindings the way the writers did. What will become of her?